11 Best Birthstones For Virgos

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The 6th sign of the zodiac, Virgo, is represented by the maiden with Mercury as its ruling planet and Earth its element. People born between August 23rd and September 22nd share the Virgo sign. Virgos are perfectionists, analytical, and hardworking with a knack for details.

Exploring the Maiden 

Virgo is the sign of the Virgin. Therefore, to fully explore and understand what all a Virgo is about, we’d need to dig a little deeper. The Earth sign is associated with stability, sensation, and practicality in life.

The goddess of agriculture and wheat represents Virgo. Her influence instills an association with the earth, grounding and deep-rooted presence in this world. This historical attachment gives Virgo the practical, logical, and systematic approach in life. They’re governed by the messenger planet of communication, Mercury. Which makes them great at relationships and problem-solving.

August/September-borns are naturally positive and orderly in their lives. They miss nothing! If you have a Virgo friend, parent, or partner in your life, be sure that you can never hide your conundrum from them. They’re excellent observers, taking in everything around them.

They’re one of the most modest signs in the zodiac. The maiden has an insatiable desire for knowledge. They’re quite humble about all their achievements. In addition, they possess great organizational skills and a very no-nonsense zeal for completion and detail.

These sweet summer-born souls have an unflinching kindness and zeal to seek the good in others. Virgos are very reliable, solid, and understand their responsibilities quite seriously. If you want anything done, tell a Virgo! 

They make great friends and partners. The dutiful Virgo is a loving star that believes in gestures and actions for expressing their love. You can rely on the maiden sign for compassion and commitment anytime and anywhere.

Further, the keen intelligence and critical eye can also lead to overthinking at times. Certainly, Virgos should use a break every once in a while to attain a healing balance. They’re intuitive beings and should learn to trust their intuitions more to save some headspace.  

Birthstones For Virgo

Learning about birthstones for your star sign will help you incorporate them into your daily life to reap bigger and better benefits. Each birthstone has its own unique properties, but pair them with the right zodiac and see the magic! You’ll unleash their true power and influence in your life.

Virgo birthstones promise inner healing, balance, and a helping hand to steer them clear of the dark sides of perfectionism that they often fall prey to.

Blue Sapphire

The September birthstone, Blue Sapphire, is the mainstay stone for everyone belonging to Virgo star sign, It’s a stone of clarity, focus, and inner voice. It amplifies their integrity and conscientious approach to projects. The gemstone primarily radiates honesty, truth, and loyalty, which are all important to Virgos.

Moreover, this supreme birthstone can conduct all the energies of Mercury for the benefit of the wearer. The creative radiance from Mercury joins hands with the thirst for knowledge and wisdom within the Virgo to bring order.

In the same vein, the beautiful Blue Sapphire promises the fruition of goals and greater levels of discipline in life. In all of these ways, the Blue Sapphire birthstone augments Virgo’s strength. It doesn’t only help them navigate better in life but it also saves them from potential harm and misfortune. Conversely, it will mellow down their weaknesses to a much manageable level. 

The fastidious Virgo often tends to overanalyze things, wearing Blue Sapphire will heal the mind and bring more-directed focus. Thus, Virgos can benefit from calming peace and deflection from negativity by wearing Blue Sapphire. 


This stone comes in a mesmerizing warm orange tone and represents passion and creativity. Time and again, the contemplative Virgo will get lost in thought. Carnelian is also known as a singers’ stone. It helps the wearer to let out emotions and built-up trauma.

So, Carnelian gemstone is a nice grounding element for such times. This bright gemstone stimulates a sense of inner heat and warmth for Virgos. The maiden star sign already is ripe with creativity and love for others, but Carnelian can help them seek better self-belief and confidence.

As Virgos are prone to imposter syndrome, birthing from perfectionism, this gemstone helps them to reignite the fire within. 

Moss Agate

Moss agate is a breathtaking stone with its light green shade, deep green streaks, and earthy tones in between. This gemstone is representative of nature and self-love.

This stone helps Virgos strengthen their connection with their element earth. It promotes the exploration of softer sides of nature. Certainly, this stone will save you if you from work-life imbalance or jumbled thoughts.

This is to say moss Agate invites Virgos to take it easy, and enjoy the little things around them. Similarly, the green store works to open up the heart space. This means Virgos will feel reassurance and support in taking things slow/easy.


This is a bright, shiny white stone that boosts motivation and self-control in Virgo. Sardonyx gemstone is known for its ability to protect. The banded shades of this radiant stone give optimism, balance, and voice to your inner needs.

The stone gifts Virgos the strength, inner belief, and protection they need to achieve their goals. The Sardonyx birthstone streamlines your path to success by removing distraction and giving you a laser focus.

It eases Vigo’s pursuit of harmony and happiness. It’s also referred to as a stone of stabilization. Virgos can benefit from this stone and mend broken relationships with clear-headed communication.

Green Jade

The birthstone for the harvest’s maiden, jade is an excellent stone for success in all things. It encourages everyone who wears it to accept responsibility for their own joy. It reminds you that you got to where you are because of your own efforts—or lack thereof—and that by acknowledging this, you may reach your goals in the future.

You can take charge of your life with this stone. Don’t leave things to chance. Act with free will and a sense of aim. Green jade is one of the greatest gems for Virgos since its energy immediately improves all of their best qualities. It sharpens their acute eye and enhances their attention to detail. It amplifies personal objectives and speeds up manifestation.


Peridot is a greenish-yellow-colored stone that represents hope and positivity. The glimmering green of this stone helps Virgos in attracting positive energies from around.

Oftentimes, Virgos seek a good luck charm when they get too worked up about their future. This gemstone ensures a flow of all the fine things in life for Virgos. Just like Virgos, Peridot is also ruled by Mercury. This commonality works well to cancel out the negativity absorbed unintentionally by a perfectionist Virgo.


The deep red stone with subtle purple undertones is representative of spontaneity and courage. The glowing Garnet is an excellent talisman for all those careful Virgos out there, as it is flushed with life-giving energy and emits a fiery radiance that reaches right down to the heart.

Further, Garnet encourages Virgos to inch towards spontaneity with matchless courage and confidence. This is a stone of commitment that amalgamates perfectly with Virgo’s need to see things through. 


A variety of different colors is available for tourmaline, which is a semi-precious stone and a useful gem for Virgos. It has a vitreous luster and is classified as crystalline boron silicate in the mineral kingdom. Tourmaline belongs to the hexagonal crystal system and has a translucent opacity.

It comes in a variety of hues, including black, pink, green, purple, rainbow, watermelon, and others. The name Tourmaline derives from the Greek word meaning “protection and grounding.”

The heart chakra through the third eye, Tourmaline keeps the energy flowing in full force from root to crown. While different hues work with various chakras, the heart and root chakras are generally most associated with Tourmaline.

When our heart energy chakras are closed, we have trouble giving and receiving love freely and may become a little closed off and ready to shut people out. This can be especially useful for Virgos who struggle with expressing their emotions.


Citrine is a stone that encourages Virgos to let go of their need for perfection. It’s not always about being flawless, because sometimes you can’t see the positive in your current situation if everything isn’t just how it was imagined or planned out beforehand.

The inner peace that shines through its cheerful and optimistic color invites you to look for the good in every situation, not just when things are going well.


Fluorite is a wonderful Virgo stone since it has light and airy energy. Because Virgos are frequently serious due to the amount of activity going on in their lives, they may be overly so. Fluorite encourages them to take their time and enjoy the little things.

It adds enjoyment to tasks that wouldn’t otherwise elicit a smile. It provides inner calm by relaxing the mind and preventing thoughts from vying for your attention. It’s referred to as a natural stress reliever.

Virgos are constantly striving to advance themselves, motivated by their own critical gaze inward. Whoever wears Fluorite is able to take in new information faster and store it longer. It enhances memory and is an excellent learning tool.


Amazonite is a stone that helps Virgo’s communication reach its mark. The gem has strong earth vibes and can be used to help balance out one’s tendency towards judgmental attitudes while still maintaining an honest, good-hearted demeanor.

Amazonite, in general, is said to be a balancer and promoter of personal integrity. Its harmonizing qualities and encouragement of individual ethics. As a result, Amazonite may be an excellent alternative for individuals who are about to encounter some significant challenges or issues. It will assist you to eliminate the feelings of regret and boost your self-assurance.

How To Use Virgo Birthstones For Healing

Wearing It

One of the most effective methods to absorb all that potent healing energy is to have stones pressed directly onto your skin in the form of birthstone jewelry. It’s possible for a stone to connect with your vibrations and deliver healing where it’s needed when it touches the skin without any barriers.

Just keeping your birthstone around won’t do it. You need to figure out your body’s pressure points that will respond to the stone’s energy. For instance, Blue Sapphire energizes the third eye and throat chakra, so it’s suggested that you wear it as a necklace to keep it near the neck and head.

Similarly, all Virgo birthstones require continuous skin connection to optimize maximum benefits. 

Meditation & Stones

You may also utilize tumbled stones in meditation, create altars, scry with crystal spheres, and hold worry stones in the palm of your hand whenever you are called to mull something over.

How To Choose The Best Crystal For YOU

There are several inquiries you may ask to discover the real nature of the healing crystal you require. Be honest with yourself and keep an open mind while doing so. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a crystal:

  • What type of energy do you wish you had right now?
  • What’s the most beautiful stone on this list that called out to you more than the others?
  • Do you want to connect with your intuition and intuitive abilities, or would you like to have something that can be used in chakra work?

Virgo Birthstones Chakras

The throat and third eye chakras are the most associated with Virgos. These two chakras, which are mostly connected by their hue, are both linked to concepts of divinity, higher powers, truth, communication, and knowledge.

The throat chakra, represented by a deep blue hue similar to that of the sapphire stone, is said to represent the inner voice. The throat chakras control our capacity to express ourselves clearly and without prejudice, which is comparable to the true blue sapphire’s ability to connect with reality.

The third eye chakra is represented by dark indigo, which is recognized as the color of foresight and connection with our higher selves. For a more clarity-driven and intuitive way to live, wear or use sapphire stones to help strengthen both throat and third eye chakras.

Final Thoughts

All birthstones for the maiden sign target and reap different benefits for the Virgo sign. These stones can immensely influence lives, mental states, and matters of the heart.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you learn a little more about your zodiac and how elements of earth can be used for healing and prosperity.

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