Taurus Birthstones

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Taurus, represented by the mighty bull, is a perfect indication of the firm, dedicated, hardworking people born between 21st April and 21st May. The earth sign is the second in the zodiac and is ruled by the planet of Venus. 

Exploring the Bull

Firstly, if you want to learn more about any zodiac sign, knowing its element and modality is integral. We’ve told you Taurus is an earth sign, but what does that mean? Naturally, they’re the most grounded people, so if you want an instant reality check, they’re your go-to. 

Earth signs are dependable people that you can rely on to get you out of any sticky spot in life; they’re quick on their feet and usually pretty street smart too. 

People with this star sign have a fixed modality – meaning they’re usually the go-getters that always have a plan down. Once again proving that they’re reliable and serve as an anchor in the lives of others. 

An anchor not just for their friends, but in relationships too. They like to make their partners feel secure, loved, and stable and mostly opt for meaningful long-term partnerships. The feeling of comfort goes both ways; Taurus’s love to feel loved and comforted too; they’ll settle wherever they feel warmth and compassion.  

Sometimes they can get a little too comfortable in their ways and find it hard to change and mend their ways. Their stubborn nature can get in their way to improving or compromising, while they’re also opposed to being bossed around. 

These ambition-driven people will go hard after their careers but equally love to spend and enjoy the fruits of their labor. When they have vacation mode on, you’re unlikely to snap them out of it unless they seem fit. 

Overall, they’re big on love and friendships. They strongly believe in going big or going home and remain steadfast in their beliefs and values. 

Birthstones for Taurus

It’s equally important to learn about the birthstones for the star sign to help incorporate these stones in daily wear and keep them close. Birthstones are gorgeous gems in their own right but paired with their zodiac; they can help unleash certain powers like never before. 


The gorgeous deep forest green stone is a top favorite among all jewelry lovers, while it also happens to be the primary birthstone for a Taurus. Emerald is being used to create natural pigments and colors since the time of the ancient world where it was considered a stone for the emperors and ruling elite. 

This sparkling green gem is rather alluring to the eye, and it aligns perfectly with the luxurious taste of an Aquarius. While it’s an excellent stone to invest in, an emerald proves to be a sign of positivity and good luck for a Taurus. Whether they want to start a new job, grow their family, or finally build their dream home – it’s good to keep an emerald near and dear. 

Great news for the partners of these strong-headed and stubborn people, an emerald can help cool a Taurus down and help them let go of control. While green is associated with calm and serenity, an emerald helps enhance all these emotions. 


Another beautiful stone to look at, an aquamarine, exudes elegance and class, precisely what a Taurus is going after. The cool blue stone is also a tool that can help a Taurus gain inner peace and let go of things they may hold on to too tight.

As this stone is associated with the flowing ocean, it can also aid in washing away any feelings of doubt and negativity from their mind. If they’re looking to reset their life, buying aquamarine is a worthy purchase.

Instead of spending a fortune on a beach vacation, a Taurus needs to opt for this calming stone to rejuvenate, refresh, and recharge their mind and soul. 

Blue Topaz

Since Taurus is an earth sign and a Topaz is an element of the earth, these two pair together like a lock and key. Topaz will help enhance and polish all the qualities of this earth sign, including assisting them to stay grounded, in touch with their emotions, and driven towards their goals.

If a Taurus is feeling lost and looking for a way to reconnect with their soul, a topaz can prove to be the perfect bridge. It not only helps bring out the best in them but will prove to be a good luck charm in the long run.

Most people consider a blue topaz the ideal stone for manifesting their dreams and goals – what better stone to bring a Taureans dream to life than this. 


Intricately designed by nature with shades of the golden sun, streaks of molten lava, and hints of flowing water, an Agate is a breathtaking stone. It’s the perfect amalgamation of mother earth, and it can help bring back the calming caress of peace back into the life of a Taurus.

This stone will help keep the evil eye and negativity at bay, while it helps Taurus regain their footing and peace of mind. 

Known for its healing properties, agate is a perfect remedy for a wounded soul. Whether a Taurus is going through a rough patch in their life or generally needs a mood booster, this stone is the way to go. 


Another wonderful option for individuals wanting a Taurus stone for their birthplace jewelry is malachite. Malachite is fantastic for bringing equilibrium to the left and right sides of the mind, thanks to its vibrant pop of green that serves as a guardian of the heart.

Malachite is effective as a massage stone to help the chakras line up, which lowers tension and aids in the release of perfectionism. This swirled green stone gently nags Taureans to abandon self-limiting ideas that may prevent them from going out and letting their entire inner light radiate brightly.


This millennium-old stone comes with a wealth of healing properties and intriguing tales woven into its name, which is why the pretty twinkle of Peridot might be what you need to calm those pesky Taurus types. Another gemstone worn by Cleopatra and supposedly discovered in the remnants of crashing stars, Peridot is a natural relaxer for the bull-headed Taurus!

Black Spinel

If you’ve been working with high vibration stones for a long time, it’s likely that you’ve become ungrounded as a result of being in the higher chakra energy so much. With this black Taurus birthstone, it will go through the base chakra and earth star chakra before reaching Mother Earth.

For anyone who feels frequently enraged and finds it difficult to deal with, this stone is excellent. If you don’t control your anger, it can lead to relationship difficulties. Keep a small piece of it on your body to help you relax when you’re angry.The energy of this black stone can also help to repair and renew relationships that have issues that cause conflict.

Blue Muscovite

The unique Western Australian gemstone known as the Blue Muscovite is a deep green-blue muscovite. This stone may improve your mind’s telepathy, intuition, clairvoyant abilities, and ESP. It will also help you to activate your thinking and stimulate your brain to seek aid from the higher planes of existence.

It allows for direct communication with God on a daily basis. This might help you make decisions about the small things in life, which you may find to be significant in determining how the larger events will play out. The qualities of this Taurus birthstone are similar to those of other colors of Muscovite, and it has a good ability to stimulate your problem-solving skills.


Carnelian stones have the ability to boost motivation and help you gain the confidence needed to achieve your objectives. They will also assist you in making good decisions about your future by providing sound guidance.

They have a beneficial influence on the entire lower chakras, with a significant impact in the area of sexuality and reproduction, and they may raise feelings of warmth and vitality throughout the body. The brilliant orange color orange vibrates strongly at the sacral or navel chakra, so these orange stones will have their greatest effect there.


Iolite stones have an appealing energy that stimulates the imagination and broadens your intuitive skills, making them a powerful combination. It promotes the development of additional psychic talents as well. This Taurus birthstone activates both the throat and third eye Chakras. This could help to bring forth strong clairvoyant abilities with vivid psychic experiences emerging through.

Iolite is a stone that helps to balance emotions, as well as provide protection from negative energies. If you have past lives in King Arthur’s time, it could assist you to release related karma. This stone’s vibration also aids in your awareness of life lessons connected with these karmic circumstances, allowing them to be released.

They’re a wonderful stone for meditation since they assist to quiet the mind, allowing you to connect more easily with spirits and other beings you may come into contact with.


Taureans are encouraged to cease fighting the current with Aquamarine’s ocean flow. The strong surge of this fortunate stone ensures that Taurus energy learns to let go, although it is more likely to get caught in its ways. Wearing the Aquamarine connects the wearer to the elixir of life and encourages them to wash away negative emotions in order to be bright and pure once again.


The poetic color scheme of Lapis Lazuli is ideal for releasing the firmly clenched tension that can build up in the system of those born under the star sign of Taurus. Lapis Lazuli is also a stone that aids in developing one’s thirst for more knowledge and increased intellect.

Taureans are known for their hard-working nature, and this gemstone also encourages deeper thinking, giving them something to work out both physically and mentally.


Agate, like a gem discovered in the depths of a crystal-clear lake, is a stone that sings a lullaby of blissful silence. It’s the ideal healing crystal for the Taurus zodiac sign since to its relaxing qualities and capacity to ward off negativity and restore calmness to the mind.

The greatest feature of mild Agate is its low-pressure technique, which means it doesn’t contribute to perfectionism’s weight.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a Master Healer with Goddess Energy and may help to repair the higher chakras. This includes both the heart and thymus chakras, which are known as the higher heart and thymus chakras.

This lovely pink stone is a manifestation of strong spiritual love and is one of the most popular stones associated with the Feminine Principle. Its energy is focused on the vibration of ‘love,’ not just on a physical level, but also on an emotional and spiritual level.

The throat, third eye, and crown chakras all vibrate to the energy of this lovely Taurus birthstone. It aids in the alignment of these chakras with the heart’s energy, which pulses as one with love and compassion.


Scapolite helps to soothe your emotions while also assisting you in releasing any undesirable behaviors that you have been struggling to release. It’s available in a variety of hues, and while each color has its own set of characteristics, all stones from this family have some traits in common.

The Taurus birthstone has a strong energy that aids in the creation of objectives as well as self-control and willpower. The higher chakras are fueled by the lavender, purple, and white forms. Their energy may assist you connect with your spirit friends and provide psychic insight.

Yellow Scapolite’s energy at the solar plexus chakra can help you attain your financial goals, thanks to its Sun prana. Blue Scapolite is known to stimulate the throat and third eye regions, which may help you tap into your psychic abilities while also enhancing your analytical skills.

Charging Your Stone

Just buying the stone isn’t enough; it’s integral to note the pressure points around your body where the stone will be most beneficial. 

For example, an emerald is known for its heart chakra, so we suggest it’s worn near the chest, preferably as a necklace.

Similarly, any other stone should also be worn to stay in contact with the skin to optimize the connection and benefits. In contrast, the rocks for manifestation are exceptionally significant to meditate with while keeping your targets and hopes in mind. 

Final Thoughts

Plenty of gorgeous birthstones can be beneficial for this earth sign, out of which any would reap several benefits for them. 

We hope you’re able to learn more about this loving zodiac sign and its precious stones. 

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