Septarian Stone

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Septarian crystals are made up of seven different minerals that come together to create one unique crystal. They are found in places where volcanic activity has occurred, and the seven minerals grow into large rock formations. The name “septarian” comes from the word “septum,” which means a dividing wall or partition because these rocks divide like walls through layers of rock. These stones can be used for everything from healing to meditation. This article will discuss what septarian are, how they work with energy, and more!

What is Septarian Stone?

Dragon Stone or Septarian is a calcite concretion with aragonite (the brown), calcite (the yellow), and limestone (the gray). The name comes from the Latin word “Septaria,” which usually refers to any concretion with internal chambers or fissures.

How were Septarian Crystals Formed?

Between 50 and 70 million years ago, septarian nodules were formed when water rushed through cracks in the limestone. During this time molten rock from these massive volcanic eruptions drew sea life.

Over time, as sea life died and their chemical makeup evolved in sedimentary rock, nodules formed. As the water inside dried out, deep fissures developed within the oceans.

These mudballs were left exposed to the air following the oceans’ retreat, drying out and causing shrinking and cracking. This fracturing causes the exquisite designs inside septarian nodules.

Where Is Septarian Stone Found?

Most Nodules are from Utah, where the Gulf of Mexico formerly extended, as well as Madagascar, which was subjected to similar circumstances around the period Septarian started forming.

But more deposits be found in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, and England.

Septarian Metaphysical Properties

The ancients stones have a wide range of metaphysical capabilities. Many people think that septarian is a healing stone as well as a protective one. It is also knowns to aid in the development of mental acuity and self-knowledge.

The wearer of Septarian is nurtured and grounded, bringing about feelings of joy and comprehension. This adaptable stone is also a conversational stone that is supposed to boost the holder’s communication abilities.

Septarian Nodule & Chakras

The lower chakras, including the root, sacral, and solar plexus, are linked with Septarian.

When you do work with this stone, your root chakra will become activated, as well as vital life force energy is distributed throughout your body.

The esoteric energy passing through you is ancient in origin, consisting of three strong minerals that aid in the realignment of the chakra column.

When you come in touch with this stone, you may have an “inner awakening,” which causes significant change and new habits to take the place of your old daily routines.

Septarian Nodules & Meditation

The Septarian nodules are excellent at purifying the mind when it is cluttered with unimportant things and generate a favorable mental atmosphere, making them ideal meditation stones.

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Who Should Use Septarian?

Septarian is a wonderful stone for anyone going through any sort of the significant change in their life. It can assist you to repair your emotional body if you carry it with you every day. Carrying this stone will help to form a protective shell around your aura full of strength earthen energy that will assist you to heal from the inside out over time.

One can effectively heal their emotional body and move beyond any remaining trauma by persevering and using this stone.

This potent talisman is also an excellent tool for accessing past-life energy and memories. This stone may help you achieve vivid recollections of your previous life, as well as increased comprehension of your present one, by meditating with it over your third eye on a regular basis.

Every individual who uses Separian is affected by it in a significant way. The minerals that may be found in the stones have their own set of benefits and individual effects.

Septarian Physical Healing Properties

Septarian promotes wound healing and prevents infection. It will also assist to relieve pain and improve your immune system. It may also assist with nighttime twitch and muscular spasms.

It’s excellent for seasonal depression, and it can aid in the removal of tumors that might develop into significant or life-threatening problems.

It’s also good for the gall bladder and spleen, as well as the circulation system. It can help your tissues heal faster while also retaining minerals in your veins.

Septarian also aids in the treatment of open sores, hysteria, terrible dreams, dementia, and senility.

Septarian Emotional Healing Properties

Septarian has the ability to eliminate negative energies from your surroundings and all remaining emotions of sadness, hurt, or animosity

It will help you relax and will teach you how to be more discerning about life’s experiences. It acts as a conduit for your thought transmissions, which is very useful in regulating the energy in your body, heart, mind, and spirit.

This stone’s soothing energy will promote both serenity and understanding on an emotional level. This stone will enhance your emotions, as well as your wellbeing, allowing you to merge and amplify your own energies.

The septarian emotional healing energies are also helpful in determining the path you want to take. Because it emits a caring, delicate, and kind energy pattern, this stone loves to be held.

The use of septarian as a grounding stone will help you be more tolerant, patient, and emotionally flexible. If you utilize this stone in meditation, it will be able to determine what’s wrong and enable you to heal on your own. Your energy will be absorbed and converted into something you require in order to become stronger by Septarian.

Septarian will encourage you to let go of your emotional stress, unpleasant ideas, and turbulent emotions.

How to Use Septarian for the Best Results

It’s wonderful to travel with Septarian to calm your nerves and eliminate any signs of anxiety from your body. When you’re about to go on stage in front of a big audience or audience, for example.

It’s also a helpful tool for meditation. Be careful to concentrate on the events you wish to see fulfilled in your life while clutching the stone in your hand.

Septarian is great for opening chakras that have been restricted or blocked. To assist them open and allow the flow of energies, place a septarian in your afflicted chakras!

The healing properties of these stones are said to be activated by wearing them as jewelry. They’re best worn as a necklace, pendant, ring, bracelet, or anklet. It’s essential that you keep it close to your body so that you can absorb its energies on a daily basis.

It’s also possible to wear it around your neck, slip it inside your purse or pocket, or hide it in your bra if you don’t want to wear septaria jewelry.

How to cleanse or take care of Septarian

To cleanse the septarian, gently wash it in warm water. Before wearing or storing jewelry containing septarian, it must be fully dried. It is not suggested that you use any harsh chemicals, ultrasonic equipment, or steam cleaners on this geode.

The low Mohs hardness of 3-1/2 to 4 for septarian specimens means they are easily chipped, gouged, and scuffed as well as fractured. Keep the geode out of reach of harder substances, such as diamonds, by storing it in a soft pouch or separate bead tray.

Crystal Pairings For Septarian

When paired with Novaculite you can experience benefits to your health and well-being. It can help you relax by reducing stress and anxiety. It’s a great stress reliever and calming stone in meditation since it also aids in concentration.

Septarian can also assist you in enhancing your communication by using it with Zebra Stone. This will be quite beneficial, especially if you have to give a lot of speeches. It may help you when presenting information to clients and teaching others how to get knowledge.

Quartz is a well-known energy amplifier and can be used with Septarian. Septarian can assist with metabolism and kidney, blood, and skin ailments when combined with Snow Quartz.

You can improve your sense of seclusion by adding a combination of Septarian and Black Star Sapphire. But be warned you might suddenly realize that you’re revealing too much information on social media, and it will make you want to retreat into your shell!

Physical Properties of Septarian

It’s a combination of yellow calcite, brown aragonite, grey limestone, and white/clear barite that’s been mixed with sodium carbonate. As a result, it possesses characteristics of each mineral in the rock formation.

Septarian belongs to the rock Family includes Sedimentary Rock. Betonite (volcanic ash), brown aragonite, and yellow calcite are the major minerals. Bartite is a minor mineral. Color: Yellow, brown, white, and clear are the colors available. This stone has varying degrees of hardness from 1.5 to 4 on the Mohs scale.

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