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Red crystals have been used for thousands of years to heal and cleanse. They are a powerful tool in your healing journey, so it’s important to know which ones will work best for you! In this blog post, we’re going to discuss 10 red crystals that can be beneficial for different types of ailments. We’ll also go into detail on how they can be used – from wearing them as jewelry or carrying them with you in a pouch, all the way to mediating with these powerful red crystals!

Why Red Crystals?

Crystals reflect the color of beauty, and the colors that ripple across their surfaces convey the healing powers of each gem. Healing stones provide comfort, encouragement, and a greater feeling of well-being just by being in our presence.

Red is one of the fiercest, energetic, and passionate colors in all of nature. It can represent anger or warmth depending on how it’s used. The red-colored stones are similar. They may provide us with motivation, determination, and the inner fortitude we need to be more brave and bold.

Benefits of Red Gemstones

Red is associated with enthusiasm, passion, and life. It stimulates us. It’s a powerful hue—the color of fire and blood. It is emotionally stirring and affects us by raising our blood pressure and speeding up our metabolism.

As a color, red is often associated with passion and energy. This makes it perfect for those who are looking to unlock their passions or take on new challenges in life! Red gemstones help keep you standing strong through moments of turbulence because they provide a great deal of warmth that can be found nowhere else but within yourself. 

Healing Properties fo Red Stones


According to folklore, red gemstones can help you build muscle, raise your spirits when they’re low, and charge your mind, body, and spirit. Red gemstones are also commonly associated with motivation and a thirst to achieve your ambitions.

You need more red if you’re having trouble with energy, sluggishness, or a low emotional state. The scarlet ray, like the crimson ray, instills in us confidence that is founded on bravery. Use a crystal infused with a brilliant red fiery ray of light when you require action without hesitation or self-doubt.


Red crystals can help people who have pelvic problems, reproductive difficulties, or PMS-related issues. They also aid in the treatment of rheumatism and keep your lower organs like the bladder and bowels under control.


The connection of red gemstones to the root chakra is one of the most useful aspects of them. Setting firm groundings for your entire being is critical, and sparkling gems can help you do it.

The Root Chakra, which is positioned at the base of the spine and governs energy for kinesthetic sensation and movement, is the seat of physical and spiritual energies.

When the body is out of balance, you may feel sluggish, inactive, apathetic, and want constant stimulation. You could experience lower back discomfort or leg pain or have an immune system condition.


These precious red stones aid in the development of your basic foundations (the ideal structure for building successful relationships) by boosting your sense of strength and stability. They also stir up your vitality chi, enticing you to say yes to yourself and startup relationships that have been dormant.

13 Best Red Crystals

We all need a little help sometimes, and luckily we’ve got just what you’re looking for. The power of red crystals can strengthen the root to raise your passion or replenish energy with these soul-warming stones that speak directly towards you. Here are some of our favorites:

Ruby Red Stones

The most well-known red gemstones are rubies, owing to the popularity of the Wizard of Oz. They’ve acquired a cult following due to Dorothy’s ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz.

Rubies are a type of Corundum, a mineral that contains chromium. The latter is an extremely rare element that causes the stone to take on its distinctive scarlet hue. Rubies, being one of the world’s rarest gems, are frequently subjected to heat treatment in order to enhance their red hues.

Rubies have long been thought of as a royal stone by cultures around the world. The dark red gemstones are linked to passion, purity, and aristocracy. Rubies, as a protective stone, are supposed to bring joy and enthusiasm into your life.

The wearer of a ruby ring or bracelet on the left hand is believed to be safe from harm under the protection of rubies since it is on the side of the heart.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is an excellent stone for individuals who are recovering from illness since it is so full of vitality and strength. Red Jasper influences both the physical body and your spiritual sense of self-identity.

It’s a stone about tenacity, strength, endurance, and mild force. Every time you get close to giving up, it pulls you back from the edge.

It’s a reddish-brown. It’s a popular stone that aids with everything to do with blood, from anemia to the creation of healthy blood cells, menstruation to circulation issues.

It should be worn during fertility therapies and heart operations because it gives quiet strength and emotional stability.

Red Carnelian

This bright-red to orange stone is frequently available and has a distinct hue. It aids in tiredness (both physical and mental), male sexual problems, potency, gall bladder conditions, spleen problems, bladder problems, rheumatism, and arthritis. It is quite beneficial to our overall constitution.

This Carnelian gemstone is a root chakra and sacral chakra healer, sweeping away any obstructions so that your energy may flow freely. Carnelian is not just a stone of power and personal strength, but it’s also known as the artists’ stone.

Carnelian wishes to extend a kind welcome to you into a world of creative expression. It encourages singing, dancing, writing, and dreaming – all of which aid in your reconnection with your wild free spirit.

Red Calcite

This stone is usually a less bright shade of red. However, it might also be reddish pink with transparent streaks. This is a fantastic jewelry stone for those who suffer from panic attacks, self-harm, or inexplicable bursts of rage and irritation.

The red calcite, on a physical level, aids in the treatment of menstrual problems, irregular ovulation, and kidney and pancreas strengthening.

It’s a wonderful gem for getting you back on track emotionally. Red Calcite can help you defuse without losing your enthusiasm if you’re quick to anger and annoyance.

It also has the opposite effect, calming and strengthening people who are nervous or prone to panic in social situations.

Red Agate

Red agate stones are quite popular all around the world for a variety of reasons. Agate deposits are most commonly discovered in large rocks, such as boulders.

These stones take approximately 50 million years to form, so they are definitely worth it!

The Red Agate stone is associated with passion, love, and perseverance. It’s no surprise that this gem exudes light and flickering energy, given that it has been bathed in a range of fiery red hues. The Red Agate will rekindle your fire for those who believe their flames have gone out.

This stone invigorates your enthusiasm while purging negative energy, allowing you to take action with confidence. 

Red Garnet

Garnets are another popular red gemstone. Garnets, unlike rubies, are plentiful and inexpensive, no matter how big they get. These dark crimson gems are best recognized for their distinct brown and red tones, but did you know that garnets can be found in almost every hue? It all boils down to the stone’s specific chemistry.

Garnets were highly valued in ancient Egypt. The stones were often placed with them in the tombs so they might appreciate their beauty after death.

Garnets are believed to have the power to attract others and offer a sense of charm, as well as bring about a lot of joy, self-assurance, and love that lasts forever.

Red Aventurine

Red Aventurine is a stone that balances everything properly, and it’s an amulet that protects you while also allowing you to dwell in the light of harmony. It not only maintains your aura and surroundings peace, but it’s also recognized for assisting with metabolism to give you a little boost of energy and the ability to heal all sorts of physical ailments.

The energy of Red Aventurine is all about ridding your body of impurities and keeping you on your feet.

The red stone also increases metabolism and aids in proper digestion. It can also aid in the treatment of skin disorders such as eczema, fungal infections, and low blood pressure.

This gem was traditionally worn around the neck as an amulet to protect its wearer from fire, accidents, and disharmony in the family and life in general.

Red Tourmaline

Red tourmaline, or ‘the rainbow that fell into the ground,’ was first discovered by a Portuguese team of explorers in Brazil in 1500. The stones were discovered to flicker with vivid neon colors. Red tourmaline is highly prized by jewelry makers because the stones are both lovely and valuable.

The red color of tourmaline is brilliant and vivid, thus it is connected with happiness and jubilation. Many people believe that the gemstone helps to open one’s mind and horizons.

Red tourmaline allows you to accept love as well as give it, which may help you heal emotional scars. For a long time, this stone has been known to help with depression.

Red Coral

The name derives from the Ancient Greek term – sea daughter, which is formed from dead sea creatures. It’s thought to be beneficial for cells, tissue, bone marrow, inflammation, and rashes. Coral is a wonderful healing stone that may be used to treat cuts, bruises, and ear ailments.

The Aztecs wore coral to boost their confidence and self-esteem. Wear any sort of coral jewelry if you have a lot of adverse experiences or trauma. It is thought to heal wounds, tissue, and bone. It also increases strength and resolve.

Red Quartz

Rose Quartz is a breathtaking, rich pink. With its beautiful rose-hued surface and delicate veins of pink and white, it looks like stained glass and exudes an air of spirituality.

The Rose Quartz stone is all glittering brightness and gentle beauty.

This gem is ideal for empowering your heart chakra, connecting you to those you care about. Rose Quartz is soothing, contemplative energy that stimulates intuition and encourages self-love.

It’s one of the most significant stones for learning to say yes to self-compassion.

Red Apatite

Red apatite gemstones are quite popular since the color is very vivid. As a result, these gems are ideal for making eye-catching jewelry items.

Red apatite is as common as its namesake. Because of its brilliant hue, the stone has been compared to fine rubies.

Red apatite is often regarded as a stone of manifestation, allowing one to more clearly see things. The stone is said to aid us in recognizing any issues or barriers that might be preventing us from achieving our goals.

It’s thought that once you’ve acknowledged this, red apatite can assist you in gaining the self-assurance needed to achieve your goals in life. Furthermore, red apatite is believed to provide motivation and remove any bad or pessimistic emotions from the wearer.

Red Malachite

The wise old energy of the Red Malachite stone tranquillizes and reflects. Swirled in therapeutic energy and adorned with bands of protective power, Red Malachite is great at maintaining your aura clean and safe from outside influences.

Malachite is a stone that can boost your energy and bring you stability while also assisting to expand your awareness. It shares the strength and endurance that are common among all Malachite gems, ensuring that you are carried every day.

Red Citrine

The Merchants’ Stone, also known as the stone of good fortune, Red Citrine is associated with light, warmth, and vibrant vitality. This stone is for people who wish to accept luck, attract wealth, and say yes to opportunities that propel the soul.

Citrine exudes enthusiasm and a ravenous desire for pleasure. Red Citrine is your guide to color, comfort, and calling in all that you deserve, splashed in the sun and ever eager to fill your spirit with the endless summer.

Dark Red Crystals Vs Light Red Crystals

In darker colors, red is tinged with brown or black. The color ray’s power here is not muted, but it is combined with darker and more earthy, powerful overtones of brown or the power and mystique of black.

The deep, rich colors of fall are characterized by bright red stones that represent the energy and passion of a relationship. Strong sentiments necessitate a strong red crystal with depth and power. Dark crimson is a masculine hue.

The deep crimson rays of influence have a wide range of applications. The dark red stones, in particular, aid in the growth of devotion and the recognition of life’s responsibilities.

In lighter tones of red (often with some light orange added in), such as pink, the strong passion and power are tempered to softer, more delicate feminine characteristics. The color ray of bravery, will, and caring is represented by this hue.

How To Use Red Crystals For Healing

Keep On You

Carry these red gems with you to call on their therapeutic energy and passionate vibrations. Keeping these stones close at hand, and especially if you can keep them in touch with your skin, is one of the most essential methods of welcoming in all that fiery light.

Leave it around your home

The most powerful method of absorbing Red Crystal energy and communicating its energetic vibrations is through gemstone jewelry. You may also include red crystals around the home and get ideas from Feng Shui for powerful protection and attracting wealth and prosperity.


For those who want to enhance their intimacy skills using red crystals, place crystals next to your bed.

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