Orange Calcite Healing Crystal

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Orange calcite is a beautiful stone that has been used for centuries. It’s known to be the stone of self-confidence, creativity, and success. This blog post will cover everything you need to know about orange calcite, including its meaning, properties, chakras, uses, history, and more!

What Is A Calcite?

Calcite is a rather complex crystal. It’s a carbonate mineral with a variety of colors to choose from. Calcite can be clear, white, brown, red, orange, blue, green, and yellow (among other hues). Strength of spirit and energy are both represented by the term calcite.

What is Orange Calcite?

Orange calcite is a variation of Calcite crystals but comes in a beautiful orange color!

Orange Calcite’s bright burst of joy can be found in its soda pop hues and sacral chakra connection. This stone is brimming with energy and optimism, and it may be used to enhance both

Orange calcite is very rare in its crystalline form, but it’s quite common in massive clusters. This calcite variety is most often found in Mexico, Canada, and South America.

Orange Calcite Meaning

The sun brings us warmth and happiness. Orange Calcite is not only a positive stone but also one of the most uplifting ones out there! This variety has rays that are orange just like fire itself; it produces endorphins in your body which can help you find inner motivation again when needed most.

Orange Calcite is a stone that can help you find your balance. It’s particularly effective at balancing emotions and clearing out feelings of fear or anxiety, which are common when it comes to dealing with challenges in life!

Orange Calcite is also known to unlock one’s creativity and sexual prowess. When used, it helps circulate energies throughout the body to remove blockages from being released in order for you to feel more comfortable with yourself as well as what action at hand may be happening now (whether it’s creatively or sexually).

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Orange Calcite Properties

Spiritual Properties

Orange Calcite brings you from a daze into the light of your mind’s true nature. This stone is linked to those on their spiritual journey, and it can open up new doors for meditation or rituals designed just that: expansion into higher consciousness. It will also allow people who practice channeling with this crystal in order more easily enter other worlds where they might have never been able before through out-of-body experiences as well!

Physical Properties

Calcite has been found in a variety of locations across the globe, from sedimentary rocks to metamorphic and igneous. It’s soft enough for jewelry making but it also occurs naturally as columns on mountainsides. Calcite is a carbonate that has a Mohs hardness of 3 and a chemical formula of CaC03.

Calcite is a mineral that can help the body absorb calcium and break down calcification to prevent arthritis. This crystal also promotes beautiful blood circulation, healthy immune system function (it helps keep people growing in strength), encourages strong bones with their skeletons as well so they don’t get hurt or break too easily!

Emotional Healing Properties

Calcite is known to help with emotional healing, mental clarity, and building your motivation levels. Calcite is the perfect stone for anyone who’s looking to get out of their head and into reality.

Calcite is a stone of healing that can help you sort through your emotions and work on building self-esteem. It has the power to brighten any space it’s in, but also keeps its wearer balanced so they don’t become too focused or lost internally during moments of deep thought.

Calcite is a stone that increases your motivation levels in order for you to get things done. It makes your mind feel sharper, but it also keeps you grounded and peaceful. It’s a highly stabilizing stone that encourages you to reconnect with your inner monologue and figure out what matters most at this time.

Metaphysical Properties

Calcite is a highly purifying stone, which means it’s ready to get rid of the negative energy and trash that has been stored away in your mental closet on a spiritual level. The calcite is a spiritual stone that understands that in order to be ready for higher levels of thinking and discovering your purpose, your mind must first be cleansed and clear. Calcite might help us reconnect to our core spirit and even encourage us to explore latent psychic talents.

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Zodiac Connections

Calcite is a great match for those born under the banner of Cancer. The crab sign can be sensitive and sweet at once, making them perfect candidates to help others process their feelings without getting caught up in what’s going on themselves! That being said though- it’s just as important not only to feel all your emotions but also to take time out from thinking too much so that you don’t end up hurting more than helping yourself when things get tough.

Crystal Combinations

When it comes to increasing one’s sexual desires and fertility levels, we recommend using a Shiva Lingam in conjunction with Orange Calcite. Shiva Lingam is a symbol of masculine and feminine energies. When surrounded by Orange Calcite, it can help you to open up your heart chakra as well as increase sexual desires in both men or women who are looking for more than just physical pleasure from their lover!

Orange Calcite and Iron Pyrite are the preferred materials for healers when it comes to treating the reproductive system. It can also help you get more calcium and nutrients into your body.

For grounding, combining Orange Calcite with other colored Calcites, Citrine, Carnelian, or darker stones such as Obsidian or Black Tourmaline is a great idea.

Orange Calcite Chakras

Orange Calcite is a powerful stone for centering yourself and healing your body. Orange calcites resonate with the Sacral chakra, which lies above all other bodily energies in our bodies; it also works well to energize the Base or Solar Plexus Chakras when they become imbalanced and out of balance or blocked.

Orange Calcite may help you regain your balance, harmony, and harmony with your energies by lifting your mood, encouraging you to create new things, especially relationships, and allowing you to reconnect with the things that make you happy.

How To Use Orange Calcite

Whether you wear gorgeous gemstone bracelets and jewelry or choose tumbled Orange Calcite or worry stones to absorb all of your energy, the important thing is that you create room for this sparkling gem to bring a spellbinding mystery to your life.

Orange Calcite may be used as a meditation tool due to its peaceful and joyous nature. You can sit with the burning fierce ambition of Calcite while pondering a problem or creative notion, allowing it to connect with you and lead you towards the solution. Here are some more ways you can use orange calcite in your life:


Orange Calcite has a soothing and calming effect on the mind and body. When utilized for meditation, it attracts beneficial energies from the universe towards you and makes room for them, allowing you to focus on constructive ideas instead of poisonous ones.

The consequences of working with Orange Calcite are not limited to your personal life. This is a stone that embodies energies that radiate out to your environment, bringing peace and optimism to the area and people around you.

At Home

Calcite in the house is likely to improve the spirits of everyone who enters. Bringing in the Feng Shui energy of Calcite might be just enough to create fresh air circulation for those who have been feeling stagnant air or just need a dramatic change in energy at home or at work.

Calcite, in particular, is great for creative places and homes that need more warmth and sunniness, as it provides a brilliant burst of joyful energy. When we experience the basic pleasure Calcite gives out into the world, moving away from environments of anxiety and downward spiral becomes considerably simpler.


Choose to wear Calcite as gemstone jewelry to show your appreciation for all things Calcite. Having the stone pressed directly onto the skin, whether it’s an energizing Orange Calcite Energy Bracelet or a soothing Blue Calcite ring on your finger, is certain to allow those therapeutic vibrations to penetrate right into your body.

Healing Grids & Stones

This beautiful calcite can be utilized in healing grids, either alone or in combination with other stones, and it’s especially helpful in removing negative energies and blockages from the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras. You may also keep a piece of this sunny stone on you to give your creative abilities a boost throughout the day.

How To Cleanse & Recharge Your Orange Calcite

Keeping your Orange Calcite clean and charged, as well as overflowing with positivity is the greatest way to get the most out of its upbeat amplifier states. Although it seems to have an infinite amount of energy, like all crystals, it will be more effective if washed from time to time so that it can discharge all of the bad vibes that may accumulate.

  • If you want to recharge your Calcite so that its internal battery is full, place it in the sun so it may beam up all of those lovely vibrations.
  • To remove negative energies and pollutants from your stone, submerge it in brown rice for at least 48 hours.
  • Passing your stones through the smoke of burning white sage will revitalize their positive energies while also absorbing more negativity in the air.
  • Salt should not be used to clean or clear your Orange Calcite, since salt crystals’ abrasive qualities might harm it.

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