Libra Birthstones

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The famous sign represented by scales, fair and just, placed seventh in the zodiac sign, is rather powerful. This air sign comes from September 22nd to October 23rd and is ruled by Venus- the planet of love, money, and passion.

They’re a diverse bunch of people with a Cardinal modality, making them an assertive figure of power and authority, great to keep around for a rainy day.

Justice Lovers

The symbol for this mighty sign is an accurate depiction of the love of harmony, symmetry, and balance in the life of a Libra. Not one to back away from fighting for what’s right, you’ll find these driven people chasing after the truth even when others may shy away from doing so.

They not only love to live lavishly, but they have a keen eye and appreciation for anything art. You’ll find most of the creative and intellectual people in your clan being Libras, even though their personalities vary according to their birth chart too.

Given their laidback and calm nature, you can expect this air sign to help diffuse tense situations, especially in times when things can get out of hand – you may want to give a Libra a call next time you’re stuck in a pickle. 

Since the sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, Libras are notorious for being passionate lovers who go all-in with their relationships. You’ll notice Libras be very attentive and sensitive partners that make sure they take care of their loved ones in good times and bad. 

Most of these air signs are natural-born leaders that can easily charm people with their charisma and win a room over. Although, they’re often people-pleasers that might make some clouded judgments trying to win people over. 

Perfectionists at heart, Libras may lose hope quickly if things don’t go the way they have planned. Although, they’re focused on their future endeavors rather than sulking in the past for too long.

Birthstones for Libra

Like every other zodiac sign, Libras also have some gorgeous gemstones proven to be their good luck charm. Each stone is distinctive in its properties and helps Libra along its journey at different stages.

Libra birthstones are notorious for being calming and healing, which is essential for these air signs’ fast-paced lives. These healing stones are perfectly aligned to match the energy of a Libra and bring the harmony and peace to their life that they so badly crave. 


Opal is the milky holographic birthstone for the air signs born in October, although it’s a trendy stone for jewelry in general, given its unique and elegant coloring.

Given that an Opal is the primary birthstone of a Libra, it works wonders in enhancing the qualities of this sign. An opal is excellent to keep around because it’s believed to be a good luck charm for the wearers.

Similar to the calm yet luminous moon that engulfs us at night, igniting the way and guiding us, opal is a beacon of hope and solidarity for Libra. These air signs may get lost along the way trying to make others happy, but an Opal can help them find their path back to fulfilling their destiny. 


Representing the calm yet flowing rich blue waters, an Aquamarine helps a Libra flow the way they want to without a care in the world. 

The color blue is great for the throat chakra, which symbolizes the voice and power to speak up – it’s only fitting given the philanthropic notion instilled deep within Libras. An aquamarine proves to be an anchor for this sign, helping them go after their dreams and face their fears head-on. 


Ametrine is a great stone for balance, making it ideal for Libras. It aids in the bringing of serenity to their judgments, allowing them to relax about them.

They learn to trust their intuition and use creativity in their decisions with the aid of this Libra stone. It also aids them in achieving balance in their self-sacrifice and boosting their energy so that they don’t become overworked pleasing others.

Rose Quartz

Rosy pink in color rose quartz may look soft and gentle at first, although this stone packs a punch with its healing properties. Associated with the heart chakra, this stone is fitting for helping Libra make personal decisions for friends or family. 

Rose quartz will help garner and distribute the love that lives within the pure-hearted Libras, not just for others but also for themselves. This stone is excellent for all the Libras going through a low point in their lives – it’ll cheer them up and reignite the flame of passion that lives deep within them.

Allowing the air sign to remove the focus of others and onto themselves, this stone is the perfect self-love charm. 

Lapis Lazuli

A bluestone mimicking the deep depths of the mighty oceans with streaks of thunder running through its surface, Lapis Lazuli is known to be a stone of wisdom and intuition. 

Lapis works in perfect harmony with the balance-loving Libras to navigate them onto a path of success and knowledge. This stone will aid in polishing the grand ideas of this sign while enabling them to channel their mind power in ways like never before. 

Another great contender for clearing out the throat chakra, this stone makes Libras speak their hearts out – and everyone better be there to listen. 


Burning bright with an almost artificial luminance, this bright lime yellow stone looks no less than a secret chemical manufactured at nature’s lab. 

Peridot is the perfect amalgamation of love and serenity, which are two things a Libra so eagerly craves. Given how the planet of love rules this air sign, it’s only fitting that birthstones help further these emotions. 

Often a Libra can get too involved in situations close to home trying to bring justice to everyone, which at times may backfire. Though by keeping this stone near, it helps unclog their judgment and help them make better decisions. 


A warm ray of sunshine on a cloudy winter morning, citrine is a symbol of all things happiness, positivity, and warmth. When all else fails, a Citrine will serve as a compass of wisdom for a Libra, guiding them to their true purpose in life. 

Again, focusing on the theme of love and harmony, this birthstone is a great option to bring Libra’s inner wishes to light while keeping negativity at bay. 

Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire is an excellent stone for September. It is associated with wisdom, honesty, and equilibrium.

As a Libra, you may have difficulty with self-discipline on occasion. Blue sapphire can help you to focus on a task or habit without delaying, allowing you to get closer to your objectives. It’s also a fantastic gem for enhancing your personal and professional relationships. Blue sapphire is beneficial to Libras in that it promotes loyalty and faithfulness.


Labradorite brings stability and forward-thinking to Libras.

It helps them release anxiety, calm their minds, provide some spontaneity into life with its happiness (and hope) – all the while awakening intuition! The intuition gets awakened by labradorites as well but most importantly they protect you from negative energies or influences because of their strong vibrational shield.

Blue Tigers Eye

‘The Blue Tiger’s Eye’ brings serenity to relationships, which is close to the heart of Libra.

It promotes the dynamic balance of masculine and feminine energies, allowing Libra signs to understand themselves better and be more assertive at the same time. The Libra stone fosters confidence, intellectual strength, and concentration in Libras, allowing them to keep their composure when things get tough.


The bloodstone is a fantastic crystal for the sign of Libra since it has strong grounding abilities.

Libras, as an air sign, may appear uninterested or unreliable on occasion, but this isn’t always an accurate reflection of their personality.Bloodstone can help you stay present and grounded. It’s a wonderful crystal for Libras, as it helps them reconnect themselves to Earth in order to enjoy what’s going on around them more fully.

How To Use Libra Birthstones For Healing

Healing crystals are an excellent method to enhance your Libran qualities. They can also assist in the reduction of unfavorable features. Here are some ideas for utilizing them


When you meditate, place healing crystals in alignment with Libra. Crystals may help you to keep your calm and improve your decision-making process, among other things.

Libras are naturally inclined to the natural world, so a foot meditation with a crystal is an excellent method to practice being present.

Birthstone Jewlelry

The best way to absorb all of that powerful healing energy is to wear birthstone jewelry, which is literally pressed onto your skin through stones.

Wearing crystals in jewelry is a wonderful approach to keep their energies within your auric field all day long. Wear a rose quartz pendant over your heart if you want to boost your self-esteem.

Blue lace agate, blue sapphire, and lapis lazuli are excellent necklaces for improving communication abilities or wisdom. Alternatively, you could wear your favourite Libra healing stones in a pouch.

How To Choose The Best Crystal For YOU

There are several questions you may ask in order to discover the fundamental nature of the healing stone you require. Keep an open mind while doing so and be honest with yourself. When picking a crystal, keep the following things in mind:

  • What type of energy do you wish you had right now?
  • What’s the most beautiful stone on this list that called out to you more than the others?
  • Do you want to connect with your intuition and intuitive abilities, or would you like to have something that can be used in chakra work?

Charging Your Birthstones the Right Way

The proximity between your skin and the stone is ideal for maximizing the positives from the chosen crystals. Although, you want to ensure that the crystal is freed from any lingering negative energy, simply by running it underwater for a few seconds or dipping it into saltwater. 

It’s important to note that these birthstones aren’t just for eye candy or décor pieces; they may be used in meditation too. Holding these stones close while you do yoga or meditate using crystal healing is a great way to get started with unlocking their powers. 

Final Thoughts

Librans love with all their heart, which can sometimes set them up for an equally great failure too. But no matter how tough times may get, this vital sign bounces back and rises from the ashes each time. 

In the journey of life, using the guidance of these birthstones can make Libra’s life easier and ease them into making the tough decisions their justice-loving mind may need to make.

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