Green Calcite

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Feel like you need some healing? If you’re looking for some new crystals to add to your collection, try green calcite. This article will tell you everything you need to know about these powerful healing stones including their meaning, properties, charkas, and more!

Green Calcite Meaning

Green-Calcite will be with you in your journey of self-discovery. It embodies the beauty, strength, and love that exists within each person’s uniqueness just as they are – flaws included!

Green Calcite is a powerful amplifier and energy cleanser that frees blocked energies and lifts negative influences to allow you to develop as an individual. It eliminates pent-up tension in the heart, clearing the way for love in your life!

When you use this stone on a regular basis, not only will your physical health improve but also your state of mind. Green-Calcite is known for balancing the body with mind and spirit; filling people up with vitality as well as enthusiasm!

Green Calcite Properties

Green-Calcite is a type of mineral that forms from sediments. The green color comes from trapped chlorites, and it has an opaque appearance much like sea glass found on beaches around the world. Large deposits can be found all across Australia, Mexico, Brazil Africa, and Canada to name just a few places where this beautiful stone exists naturally!

Green calcite is a type of popular calcite crystal. The word calcite comes from the Greek term “chalix” for “lime.” It has a wide range of colors, including red, green, orange, yellow, blue, pink, translucent white, black, and white. It’s a very common mineral on Earth, with many different forms and occurrences.

Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral that has a hardness of 3. Green Calcite occurs in large crystals rather than granules, and is plentiful in Mexico.

Green Calcite Healing Properties

The calming and soothing energies of green-calcite will help you release any stagnant energy in your home or workplace. This crystal has the power to transform a negative environment into something positive, whether it be for work or your home.

Green Calcite Physical Healing Properties

Green-Calcite’s therapeutic energy can help to reduce blood pressure. It also helps in the recovery process after a heart attack, acting as an important purifier for your body while getting rid or even preventing infections all together! This amazing crystal will stimulate tissue regeneration which is perfect for those who are active.

It’s been used for centuries to treat arthritis. This stone can also aid in the treatment of bacterial infections, inflammations, joint aches, burns, and even nervous tick bites . Green-Calcite can help to maintain and strengthen the immune system, as well as alleviate intestinal or skin issues.

The physical healing properties in this stone can also assist your spleen, pancreas, and kidneys in their normal functions.

Green Calcite Emotional Healing Properties

As we clear out old, stagnant habits and beliefs that no longer serve us, Green Calcite facilitates the release of these things so you can experience personal growth. It also renews your sense of purpose in life through healing which motivates setting high goals for yourself! The stone’s abundance properties make it an excellent choice as well because prosperity follows those who believe they are worthy!

Green Calcite will help you deal with your emotional grief in a healthy way. It does this by acting like an empathic balm that eases the pain and makes one feel strong again, as if they were on their feet once more despite any hardship life may throw at them!

The healing energies of Green-Calcite restore balance when things seem bleak; restoring hope to those who have lost it all – divorcees or those going through a breakup or financial hardships.

This stone will strengthen your connection to the heart and release anything that’s not good for emotional well-being. Green Calcite reminds you there’s a reason for everything, even if things seem bad now – they might turn out great later on when seen from a different perspective!

Green Calcite Spiritual Healing Properties

This crystal is the perfect choice for those looking to heal physically emotionally or spiritually. It will stimulate your spiritual growth by encouraging you to think differently, which can then lead to making changes that are required to enhance your spiritual journey.

Green Calcite stones are associated with one’s higher heart chakra, which is responsible for the emotions of love and compassion. Their high energy vibration is known to help elicit feelings of forgiveness due to their resonance within the higher heart chakra.

The energy of this chakra is vital in strengthening a solid connection to the higher emotions linked with love, as well as fostering selfless spiritual love for others and oneself.

When working with the Heart Chakra, use Green Calcite to provide emotional equilibrium and a deeper understanding of Divine Love. Green Calcite is excellent for body layouts since it may be placed directly on the Heart Chakra to enhance the connection between nadis (energy pathways) and chakras.

Green Calcite may help with the manifestation process. Green Calcite will also provide energy of trust, allowing you to receive what has been created. It’s an excellent stone for people who grow and tend to gardens, plants, and herbs.

Green Calcite Metaphysical Properties

Calcite is a highly purifying stone on both a physical and spiritual level, which means it’s ready to remove the negative energy and garbage that has been hidden in your mental closet on a psychological level.

Calcite is a spiritual stone that recognizes that in order to be prepared and ready for higher levels of thinking and discovering your purpose, your mind must first be cleansed and clear. Calcite may assist us in reconnecting to our deepest soul and even help us develop latent psychic talents.

How To Use Green Calcite For Healing

Green Calcite & Nature

Green Calcite has a very unique connection with nature, so we urge you to meditate outside with the stone! Dusk and dawn are the preferred times of day. Clear your mind while sitting comfortably or lying down; close your eyes as well if that’s more comfortable.

While holding a chunk of Green Calcite or placing it in front of you, clear your mind and close your eyes. Envision the green rays of revitalizing energies bathing your aura as you take deep breaths.

Take this opportunity to think about both your self and your heart space. Carry a piece of Green Calcite with you all the time, and perform this procedure as often as possible in addition to it.


The green calcite stone is a great tool to help heal from trauma. Meditating with it can be your best friend when dealing with past issues and will bring light into the dark corners that hold you down, but also push yourself forward in life despite it all! 

It’s critical for us not to be defined by our concerns. We will never overcome our difficulties if we go back to our problems and make them an excuse. When the moment arrives to take action, it’s crucial to embrace change and welcome these fresh starts!

Every morning for seven days, surround a slice of Green-Calcite with five green-lighted candles to attract more money and wealth.

Other Ways To Use Green Calcite

  • It can rejuvenate your body and provide you with a more robust sense of security when worn on your body or held in your hands.
  • To maintain the energies of Green-Calcite close to your vibrational fields, carry a tiny piece with you in your pocket or handbag.
  • You may keep it in your wallet, in a jar of coins or lose money, or behind the counter at your business to increase wealth and abundance energies.
  • You may also hang it over your bed as a way of beckoning peaceful dreams and deep relaxation.
  • Green-Calcite is an excellent stone to put in your child’s room since it will stimulate growth and development on all four levels of existence: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
  • Place it in your living room, TV room, home office, or bedroom so that the stone may absorb all of your stress and anxiety.

Green Calcite Zodiac Signs

Calcite is a wonderful fit for those who were born under the sign of the Cancer zodiac. The crab sign is quite adorable and may be more sensitive than other members of their generation.

Calcite assists them in adapting to events as well as avoiding being trapped in the web of emotions. Of course, to go past that point, you’ll need to feel all of your emotions, but Calcite lets you take a deep breath and think about them without allowing yourself to dwell on ideas that aren’t beneficial.

It allows you to go about your day without feeling as though you’re going to burst with joy instead of a bruised peach.

How To Cleanse Green Calcite

The best way to get the most out of its upbeat amperage moods is to keep your Calcite cleansed and charged, and overflowing with brilliant ideas. While it appears to have an endless amount of energy, as all crystals, it will perform at its peak if washed on occasion so it can discharge all those bad vibrations that have been built up.

All that is required for restoring Calcite to its original performance is a little warm water and a soft cloth. If you want to charge up your Orange Calcite so that the internal battery reaches 100 percent, leave it in the sun to radiate all those lovely vibes. Calcite crystals also like to reside in clusters, so this may be another method to keep them charged.

Types of Calcite

Calcite is a crystal that can help you clean out the emotional closet, make space for higher learning and creativity. It’s also curious about tapping into deeper levels of spirituality without making its users feel heavy or serious but rather leans on joy instead! Here are the most popular types of calcites:

White Calcite

The third eye, or the crown chakra in Sanskrit, is represented by clear or white calcite. It’s a purifying and regenerating stone that aids in making transitions, removing blockages, and beginning new endeavors.

The purest of all quartz, White Calcite promotes cleansing the energy and bringing pure thoughts to the mind. It is a wonderful crown chakra healer that wants to link you with the cosmos.

Blue Calcite

Blue calcite is particularly useful for cleaning and purifying the third eye and throat chakras. It has relaxing energy that aids in mental clarity and calmness. It also promotes communication and self-expression.

The wonderful blue calcite is used for healing and recuperation from a long illness. It relieves pain on all levels, according to some practitioners, lowers blood pressure, and dissolves blockages in the Throat chakra, which can be causing you discomfort.

Yellow Calcite

Yellow Calcite is a fantastic solar plexus chakra stone when it comes to assisting you in life’s transitional phases. It increases self-esteem and optimism, allowing you to shine.

Orange Calcite

Orange calcite is a highly beneficial crystal that can help you develop more confidence. It activates the sacral chakra, which is concerned with creativity and sexuality. It aids in the equilibrium of one’s energy, self-confidence, and individuality.

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