Elestial Quartz

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The word “elestial” derives its meaning from the Greek word “stellar,” which means “of or pertaining to stars.” Elestial quartz is a type of rock crystal that has been subjected to high temperatures, causing it to develop an electric charge. This natural process causes the crystals to grow in unusual shapes with distinctive terminations. As these are considered sacred rocks, they are often used for spiritual purposes and healing rituals.

What is Elestial Quartz?

Elestial Quartz is a type of quartz with an unusual pattern that flows through the face and body. They occur in layers with a hexagonal shape, often occurring as though they were being layered upon one another; some may also feature key formations called indents which go deep into its surface. It’s rather rare to find clear Elestials, so you’ll often see them as Smoky Quartz instead.

Elestial quartz can be found all over the world but is most commonly found in Brazil and South Africa. These two locations have some of the highest quality Elestial quartz available on earth!

What makes Elestial Quartz unique?

All crystals are fascinating, but Elestial Quartz stands out. With its multitude of pyramid-like points and unusual cavities or etchings in the crystal, this stone has a unique appeal that sets it apart from other minerals on Earth. 

The Elestial Quartz Crystals are aligned to the higher spiritual realms’ vibrations.. These powerful stones will help you make a stronger connection with those who exist in these frequencies, and they’re also excellent tools for enhancing your own spirituality! As their vibrations continue receiving diverse energies from all around them- Elestials regulate it so that we can receive energy at our desired level.

Elestial Quartz allows you to receive an infusion of love and light at a frequency that is comfortable for your body, without impacting it in ways like other stones can.

Elestial Quartz Uses

These high crystal energy stones are master healers that will assist healing on a deeper level. They have the power to work with you and help dissolve deep karmic issues, at whatever pace is comfortable for your own spiritual growth!

These are a stone for our time because they help us to connect with higher frequencies and open doorways to higher dimensions. They’re also a fantastic stone for assisting with change in your life and enhancing your spiritual connection.

Elestial Quartz Metaphysical Properties

Elestial Quartz is a stone that can be used to open the third eye. It does this by linking our conscious body with our spiritual mind, and it acts as a hyperspeed portal through which we are able to see higher dimensions of existence.

This mineral is an ancient stone with high vibrations that will captivate you the moment your eyes lay on it. The knowledge encased in this crystal can provide insight into our past lives and events which shaped us for good or bad, but only when we learn from these experiences do they become a thing of the past.


  • Elestial Quartz crystals are a powerful way to receive spiritual energy. They have the ability to regulate and attuning those nearby, allowing you to comfortably absorb love at your own personal frequency for growth and healing purposes.
  • A variety of healing properties are associated with these interesting crystals. While one can use them to relieve stress, they will also help you heal from epilepsy and schizophrenia.
  • They are great for bone-related issues, especially following bone surgery since they can aid in healing broken bones.

Where is Elestial Quartz Found?

Elestial Quartz is a quartz crystal that has natural attachments on all of the faces and the body of a layered or etched stone. It’s a silicon dioxide mineral with a hardness of 7. The majority of Elestial Crystals are Smoky Quartz, which originates in Brazil, although some have been discovered in Africa, Madagascar, Romania, and the United States.

Types of Elestial Quartz

Elestials are a quartz formation that has recently been found in greater numbers, perhaps because this is the period when great Spiritual healing and balance need to happen.

There used to be only one type of Elestial called Smoky Quartz but new deposits include many different varieties such as clear amethyst; also known by its color or style it can be beautiful crystal beads with surprising complex patterns on them.

The Elestial variety of quartz is being found in a wide range of gorgeous hues and quartz varieties, including Sky Lake Blue Quartz. This includes Elestial Amethyst, Clear Elestial, Elestial Rose Quartz, and Lodolite Elestial Quartz, among other things.

With a variety of minerals included, Brandberg Quartz and Brandberg Amethyst are now found in this formation, including cathedral quartz. The lovely Mango Quartz is also frequently seen in the Elestial formation.

Elestial crystals are one of the quartz varieties, and they come in a variety of hues including Amethyst Cacoxenite, a Brazilian stone made up of seven minerals. The light brown Smoky Quartz Elestials are the most frequent color, and these are also among the simplest to acquire.

Elestial Quartz comes in a variety of colors, including pink Rose Quartz and various hues of Amethyst Crystal, such as Chevron Amethyst Elestial Quartz.

How To Identify Elestial Quartz

Although the terms elestial quartz and skeletal elestial quartz are sometimes used interchangeably, there is a distinction between them. The lovely globe of Elestial quartz has a variety of natural ends, but they aren’t arranged in the same way as a cluster. It reminds me of a flower arrangement.

To identify elestial quartz look for etched macroscopic crystals with internally layered cavities form hexagonal prisms terminated by a mix of positive and negative rhombohedrons, creating six-sided pyramids. Prism faces and/or rhombohedral terminations might be missing, underdeveloped, or abundant, resulting in a variety of crystal shapes.

Skeletal quartz (also known as Elestial Quartz or Jacare Quartz) has distinctive internal and external dissolution-growth characteristics as a result of unstable circumstances during crystallization. The macrocrystalline quartz varieties rock crystal and smoky quartz are the most common places for these skeletal growth patterns to appear.

Elestial quartz crystals with a natural golden citrine hue or a natural purple amethyst color are far less common. Trace iron impurities in the quartz crystal structure produce these unusual natural golden and purple hues in elestial quartz.

Most Popular Elestial Quartz

Smokey Quartz

The Smoky Elestial crystals have a few additional features that other elestials do not have. They are a combination of the energy and properties found in both Quartz, which can help to bring new ideas into manifestation for those who use it creatively or as a healing stone; but also Smokey quartz which helps with sleep problems by preventing nightmares while providing protection from negativity around us at all times.

You can also place smokey elestial quartz crystal on the painful region in your body and allow it to assist with the pain. The Smoky Elestials are also recognized to have a significant resonance at the base or root chakra, as well as the earth star chakra. This generates a strong magnetic attraction that draws high-frequency vibrations down to the planet.

Smokey Elestial Quartz and Meditation

There are many ways to release old karma. Use this crystal in your meditation and journey back into past lives, releasing energy that is trapped on earth or within other dimensions of reality (astral realm). 

The energy of the elestial quartz can also dissolve any form of collective karmic energy that is binding soul groups together and preventing them from progressing. Smoky elestial quartz crystals have the ability to shield you from psychic assault.

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Who should use it?

Those who want a higher vibration, which will help you to make stronger connections with spirit. They can be used in meditation and are powerful stones for that purpose; they allow people who meditate on them open up their channels of communication between themselves and otherworldly beings.

They are known to open the crown chakra and then in turn open a higher level of soul star. Opening these two chakras assists with moving Divine energy throughout your entire system, which can help you activate major changes within yourself as well as stimulate other psychic abilities such as hallucinations or visions that may be coming into existence right now!

It also aids clairaudience, or psychic hearing,  which is the experience of feeling psychical.

How to use it

Regardless of the color of your elestial quartz, they are all wonderful stones for meditation. The best way to utilize your elestial is by holding it in your hand during a session.

  • Begin by holding the crystal in your hand and allow yourself to relax completely, as you slip deeply into a state of focused relaxation.
  • Focusing on an elestial quartz crystal allows its easily felt ridges and layers; run gently over them with fingers while focusing all thought away from this world for just one moment
  • If you notice a reason to pause at any point on the stone, stop and press lightly on the stone with your finger. Allow the insights that the stone provides through the spirit to enter your mind. It’s not unusual to discover that you’re able to connect with angels.
  • As you continue to open yourself up to the energy you’re connecting with, you may begin hearing tunes from the angelic realm. The angelic sounds are frequently accompanied by a powerful charge of love. Allow this delight to fill your heart chakra and permeate your entire being with feelings of ecstasy and pleasure.
  • The angelic connection may assist you in releasing the tension, anxiety, and depression while also assisting you in releasing negativity and stress. It might not occur the first time you use it, but these stones will help you relax.

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Which Crystals Work Best With Elestials

There are many stones that complement elestial quartz so it is helpful to combine this gem with rarer gems like Herderite, Natrolite Diaspore, or Phenacites. These high crystal energy crystals may be smaller specimens that would benefit from the elestial’s higher vibration energies.

The energy of this stone benefits those in spiritual growth. It is best used with other high vibration stones, such asaji amethyst crystals and Moldavite for amplifying the power it holds while grounding any excesses from these powerful energies to the earth’s core. Combine your collection by including Nirvana Quartz Phenacites Herkimer Diamonds or Amethysts Cacoxenite.

It’s also beneficial when combined with other quartz crystals. Rose Quartz, Amethyst Cacoxenite, Smokey Quartz Crystals, Amethyst Crystals, Lemurian Seed Crystals, and Clear Quartz Crystals are among the minerals that work well with it and will assist to raise the energy level.


Elestial quartz is a type of rock crystal that has been subjected to high temperatures, causing it to develop an electric charge. This natural process causes the crystals to grow in unusual shapes with distinctive terminations. As these are considered sacred rocks, they are often used for spiritual purposes and healing rituals mentioned in this post.

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