Elestial Morion Quartz Crystal

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Elestial Morion Quartz is a type of crystal that has the energy to bring balance and healing. They are called elestial because they have both emotional and spiritual healing properties. These crystals are often used in meditation for its calming effects, as well as in ceremonies for their ability to invoke peace. If you want to learn how Morion quartz crystals can help heal your body, mind, or soul, read on!

What Are Elestial Morion Quartz?

Smoky Quartz is a variety of Morion Quartz. The term “Morion” comes from the German, Polish, and Portuguese words for smoky quartz (Smoky Quartz). It was named after the Latin word mōrion, which Pliny the Elder (23 -79 CE) mistook for mormorion, a dark crystal.

Smoky Quartz is a widely known name that originated only in 1837. The term “smoky quartz” is often used to designate any Quartz with a color ranging from light grey to deep brown, in general. The word Morion Quartz refers exclusively to the darkest blacks, whereas Smoky Quartz refers to all Quarts, from grey to rich brown.

Morion Quartz is a black variety of quartz that results from natural radiation induced by nearby uranium deposits. Morion itself is not radioactive, and it is safe to carry. True morion quartz is exceedingly rare, and often black quartz produced in industrial workshops by irradiating quartz is sold as motion.

When compared to natural morion quartz, altered quartz crystals have a significantly different feel. When exposed to light, natural morion quartz still has some translucence, but altered quartz does not.

What Are Elestial Quartz?

Elestial formations are stunning in their intricacy, and they are intricate in their simplicity. The majority of elestial are black; however, this form can be found in a variety of quartz. Elestials are recognized for their complex layering and etched surfaces.

Elestials are crystal-like species that form in water. They have the ability to crystallize in a variety of conditions, which explains their fantastic shapes. Many names exist for them, such as jacare quartz, skeletal quartz, and crocodile quartz. According to some experts, elestial may develop into interlocking plates and intricate formations which resemble crocodile skin, hence the name. Skeletal elestial are often decorated with clay inclusions, which look like the layers of an onion.

Where Can You Find Morion Quartz

The Morion Quartz from this region of South Africa has a protective, millennia-old vibe. These gorgeous crystals are essential for crystal healers and provide a wonderful way to absorb bad energy from your surroundings.

How Can You Use Morion Quartz For Healing

Elestials are highly emotional crystals that develop in water. Elestials are grand healers and instructors who operate on a variety of levels. They remove toxins, dissolve barriers, and establish energy flow by working their way through the many layers of your body. They can also be useful for spiritual and emotional healing.

Elestial Morion Quartz Spiritual Healing Properties

The name Elestial has a direct connection to the Angelic realm and translates as “Crystal of Angels.” Running your hands over the crystal’s etching may help you access knowledge stored in Elestials. After a while, your hands start to move on their own, and you’re reading the crystal in much the same way as a blind person reads Braille. It’s essential to rid your thoughts of preconceptions and have no expectations during this time.

Morion Quartz is also a stone that assures us that we are stronger and more resilient than we realize. It gives us support during difficult times and improves our stress resilience. When working with high-vibration energies, it can also aid in keeping us grounded. It is particularly beneficial for Shamans and holistic therapists who wish to control stronger energies and bring them down into our physical bodies. Morion Quartz has strong defensive and purifying qualities, as well as reminding us to be discerning and cautious about whom we choose as spiritual teachers and allies.

Morion Quartz is attuned to the Root and Solar Plexus Chakras, as well as certain astrological signs of Sagittarius, Capricorn. It is linked to the element of Earth and vibrates at frequencies of 2 and 8.

Elestial Morion Quartz Emotional/ Mental Healing Properties

They assist you in shadow work, allowing you to confront the dark aspects of yourself and dissolve self-imposed roadblocks. They reconnect you with yourself, assisting you in being truthful in your thoughts and actions. When overwhelmed, they are quite soothing, as well as comforting during times of grief.

They can also relieve nausea, dizziness, and shortness of breath caused by anxiety attacks. They’re a wonderful way to cleanse the energy crystal at work or in your healing area. They’d be ideal for keeping negativity or unwanted energies out of your workspace or healing space.

The soothing and calming energy of Morion Quartz is particularly beneficial during periods of high stress. It promotes the development of solutions to problems rather than monologue about our current emotional state. Anyone who is depressed may benefit from Morion Quartz’s gentleness.

It allows us to get closer to the world around us and to appreciate how fortunate we are to be alive right now. It gradually but surely disintegrates negative energies and restrictions that cause us suffering. Morion Quartz teaches us how to live in harmony with ourselves and the present moment.

The ability of Morion Quartz to help us look at the world and ourselves rationally and pragmatically is what makes it so helpful. To “call a spade, a spade” without getting caught up in what is or isn’t. It helps us concentrate on problem-solving and appropriate action. It allows us to put aside emotions that do not serve us.

These feelings will not be neglected or forgotten, but rather put to rest for good. Instead of attempting to analyze or understand them, we can simply accept them for what they are and attain peace with them without further processing. Morion Quartz is fantastic for preventing night terrors. It is also a great talisman for businesspeople, as well as assisting us in being more collaborative and team-oriented.

Elestial Morion Quartz Physical Healing Properties

metaphysical healers have used Morion Quartz to treat ailments resulting from chronic stress. It is thought to protect us from radiation and, as a result, many cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy carry it. It’s also been shown to assist with back issues and other ailments caused by electromagnetic radiation. Morion Quartz is said to aid in the treatment of back problems and issues within the hand and feet.


Elestial Morion Quartz is a stone that can help bring balance and healing to your life. We hope that you have learned how to utilize these magical crystals for healing in your life.

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