Dragon Blood Jasper Crystal

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Dragon Blood Jasper can awaken the warrior within you and help you withstand all of the challenges life throws your way. It can help you heal from any wounds that you may have. If you want to know more about this fascinating crystal, you’re in the right place. Here, we will discuss the emotional, physical, and metaphysical properties for the stone, as well as how to use it, which Zodiac signs it’s best suited for, and which crystals to pair it with. 

What is Dragon Blood Jasper?

Dragon Blood Jasper is actually only Jasper by name. It’s made up of Epidote, which gives it its green color, and Piemontite, which is responsible for its red tint. It combines the properties of both of these stones in one unique combination geared towards having a strong heart. It’s found in Western Australia and South Africa. 

Dragon Blood Jasper Meaning

Dragon Blood Jasper is all about the Heart Chakra. The Piemontite in the crystal can make this chakra stronger, whereas the Epidote can help it heal faster from any wounds, literal or metaphorical. When it comes to its lore, it has ties to dragons, hence the name dragon stone. The legend says that they are traces of the long-lost mythical creatures, and that interacting with this crystal can imbue us with the best attributes of dragons. In the past, it has been used as a protective amulet to protect fighters in battle. 

Dragon Blood Jasper Properties

Blood Jasper is a beautiful stone that exhibits lovely red-black coloration, with white veins running throughout. This is common for all Jasper stones and the name comes from the ancient Greek word for “spotted”, which refers to its striped appearance due to multicolored spots of blood within an opaque background. Ancient Greeks believed these droplets were shed during times when someone was injured or cut; hence why we call them ‘blood jaspers’.

Blood Jasper is a stone that warriors carry to stop their blood from spilling out. But it also promises protection, strength and courage in battle for those who have taken enough knocks themselves—the same qualities which are said to come with dragon’s blood.

Whether it’s assisting with physical ailments and problems, or overcoming a weary and stressed mind that has been through one too many trials, there are several reasons to include this stone in your life.

Emotional Effects of Dragon Blood Jasper

Working with Dragon Blood Jasper over a long period of time can help you develop resiliency. It helps you have the spirit of a warrior in matters of the heart, so you will be undaunted by defeat. With this dragon stone by your side, you’ll keep trying to find love and be vulnerable with the right people, no matter how many times your heart gets broken or you get disappointed. The Epidote in the stone can help you recover from emotional setbacks and replenish your emotional energy. Overall, it promotes willpower and strength. 

Physical Effects of Dragon Blood Jasper

This is a great crystal for people who have issues with the heart or blood. Getting a jewelry piece with this crystal is a great idea if you need to recover from anaemia or blood pressure problems, as well as various heart conditions. It can help you prevent a heart attack or fainting spells. 

The Epidote in this stone is also great for people who are recovering from accidents or wounds. It will help them heal faster and give them a boost of energy. This crystal, especially combined with others, can also be great for people who suffer from anxiety or depression, as it provides some very much-needed vitality and strength. If you have a uterus, it can help you remain strong during your period and not lose too much blood. 

Dragon Blood Jasper Metaphysical Effects

Meditate with Dragon Blood Jasper and you might have a kundalini awakening. This crystal can also help you recover from psychic attacks, hexes directed your way, or parasitic entities: it can give you back your strength and shield you from these negative energies. 

If you’re in therapy because of PTSD or trauma, the stone can help you recall the situation that caused this trauma, but also provide you with the strength to be able to remember the experience in full and take your first steps towards healing. It’s a great offering for Deities from the Norse Pantheon such as Loki or Freyja. 

Dragon Blood Jasper Chakras

The great Dragon’s Blood Jasper opens up the heart chakra to strength and expression. To stand up for what is correct and just. It balances the male and female energies, which balance the intellectual, emotional, physical, and auric energies of the body. This allows you to release your fears by opening your heart chakra.

The root chakra, which is located at the base of the spine, is lit by the Dragon’s Blood. It absorbs positive, nurturing energy from the fiery heart of the Earth as it enters the root chakra with life force. One will feel higher energy levels, enthusiasm, greater physical strength and endurance after stimulating the root chakra.

Dragon Blood Jasper and the Zodiacs

Dragon Blood Jasper represents the Fire element. If you have no Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius in your chart, or if you have very little of these signs, it can encourage you to find some of the best attributes of the Fire element within yourself, which you may have a hard time doing on your own. Dragon Blood Jasper can help you become more assertive, creative, and bolder. 

It’s a great crystal for people with strong Libra or Pisces placements in their charts. It can encourage Libras to become more decisive and Pisces to get out of their victim mentality and become empowered. 

How to Use Dragon Blood Jasper

You can safely cleanse Dragon Blood Jasper by putting it in a bowl with raw rice overnight. Dispose of this rice later and clean the bowl before using it for something else. You can also burn some cleansing herbs like Frankincense or Rosemary and expose the stone to the smoke. 

Charge this dragon stone by sunlight by leaving it out, but don’t leave it out for more than two hours, as it can lose its color. 

You can meditate with Dragon Blood Jasper by holding it in your hands, closing your eyes and trying to visualize its energy and the way it feels on your hands. Talk to it, over time, it will start answering. You can also place it on your Root Chakra at the beginning of your spine, or on your Heart Chakra on your chest, and feel its healing energy. 

Getting some Dragon Blood Jasper jewelry done with this stone is an excellent idea as well. If you pair it with gold, you will heighten its strengthening capabilities and make the crystal act faster. If you pair it with silver, you will heighten the healing capabilities of the Epidote, and see yourself recovering quickly from any wounds, literal or metaphorical. Finally, pairing it with iron will make it particularly protective against psychic attacks and vampirism. 

What Stones Do You Pair It With?

Pair Dragon Blood Jasper with Chrysoprase for an extra dose of courage and to make it more effective when it comes to calming down anxiety. Pair it with Charoite to be emboldened and unstoppable when it comes to getting in alignment with your soul’s purpose. Pair Dragon Blood Jasper with Amazonite to have the courage to use your voice as a weapon to defend the rights of others.

Pair Dragon Blood Jasper and Smoky Quartz to clear your way of anything that isn’t serving you and clearing your mind of any self-limiting beliefs. Finally, pair it with Morganite to become a warrior that fights in the name of universal love and compassion. 

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