7 Best Crystals For Pregnancy

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Motherhood is a beautiful experience, but it can also be challenging. That’s why I always recommend that mothers use crystals to help them through the process. Crystals have been used for centuries as a way of healing and easing pain, so they are an excellent addition to any pregnant woman’s arsenal of tools. In this blog post, we will discuss 7 types of crystals that will make pregnancy easier and motherhood more enjoyable.

How Do Crystals For Pregnancy Work?

Crystals are supposed to help our energy field by positively interacting with it in order to provide comfort, protection, balance, and healing. They can be a tranquil yet effective instrument during the magical journey of conceiving a new being into the world.

It may be a comfort to have a crystal in hand or pressed against the body, especially during times of significant transition. The power of our ancestors and all the wise women that have gone before us is invoked by the ancient practice of keeping crystals at hand throughout pregnancy, whether in your first trimester or fourth.

Remember to go to all of your medical appointments and follow your doctor’s instructions during your pregnancy. These seven crystals, used in conjunction with one another as a comprehensive holistic therapy to enhance your mood, vitality, and home’s atmosphere.

Best Crystals For Pregnancy

Motherhood and pregnancy are a time of great change. It’s important to find crystals that connect with you so they can empower your journey in these tumultuous times, like grounding or protection stones for instance which help us feel protected as we enter into motherhood fully surrendered yet also strong. Choose stones that you feel drawn to or that match your goal, here are some popular choices to consider while pregnant:

Moonstone for Fertility and Pregnacy

When you’re ready to conceive and pregnant, moonstone is one of the most beneficial crystals. It’s fueled by energy from the Moon, which embodies female cycles and yin power. The calming properties help keep the monthly cycle on track as well as giving us moods that remain calm no matter what was happening in our lives.

If you’re looking to get pregnant, moonstone is one of the best crystals. It works with cycles and femininity by calming nerves while also stabilizing them so that conception can happen easily! It is said to restore hormonal equilibrium, assist with fluid retention, and promote the acceptance of new beginnings.

How To Use Moonstone For Fertility and Pregnancy

  • Place a Moonstone egg on your nightstand. During each New and Full Moon, charge it in the moonlight until you’re pregnant. Wear Moonstone accessories every day if you can.
  • Place Moonstone on your Solar Plexus chakra and wear Moonstone jewelry every day to help you feel more emotionally stable throughout pregnancy and conception.

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Carnelian is a passionate stone that glows with all the hues of life. It can keep you grounded while also making your heart feel invincible, giving you the confidence and strength to go into motherhood.

Carnelian is a powerful stone that can strengthen and help the organs heal, boost your stamina to deal with motherhood challenges on any stage of pregnancy. It’s also great for giving you strength during childbirth as it aids in healing from inside out!

Carnelian is a powerful stone that will charge your libido. If you are looking for success in conceiving, then this should be one of the stones used during meditation with other fertility symbols like Tiger’s Eye.

How To Use Carnelian For Pregnancy and Motherhood

  • Place a Carnelian egg (female energy) and a Carnelian wand (male energy) on your nightstand until you are expecting.
  • Wear Carnelian jewelry when you’re feeling scared, unsure or nervous during your pregnancy
  • Place Carnelian stones and jewelry on the Sacral Chakra while resting down. Carry a stone in your pocket at all times to ensure a healthy sacral chakra during pregnancy.

Rose Quartz

The pink mother of all stones, Rose Quartz radiates love and comfort like no other. It’s perfect for anyone who needs to feel connected with themselves or others!

As pregnancy progresses, the balance in your family changes. You are now more vulnerable and dependent on others for support while attached at the hip to another human being–it’s beautiful! But this can be tough on both you as well as any other existing children who might have their own needs. Thankfully Rose Quartz will help keep love strong during these big transitions; it brings closeness between people no matter how hectic things become.

Use Rose Quartz to strengthen your prenatal bond so that your baby-to-be feels your love before meeting you in person.

How To Use Rose Quartz For Pregnancy & Birth

  • Navigating Family Dynamics during Pregnancy: Place a Rose Quartz crystal ball or wand in an area of the home where all family members can view it. This helps to navigate family dynamics during your pregnancy.
  • During pregnancy, embrace your new identity by wearing Rose Quartz jewelry.
  • Place Rose Quartz stones and jewelry on your heart and that of your unborn child’s (your belly!) when resting. Non-pregnant partners may also hold or wear Rose Quartz while speaking to or singing to the unborn child.


Amethyst is one of the most beautiful crystals you could ask for. It has a calming effect on people and can even help to protect them during this time. Forever serene in shades of soft lilac, purple or green-the crystal shimmers not only with rich hues but also promise protection against negative energy.

Amethyst is believed to offer protection, balance, purification, release of tension and the removal of physical and emotional stress. It soothes mood swings, alleviates anxiety, and aids in the release of birth-related phobias. It also promotes peaceful sleep and minimizes pregnancy-related sleeplessness.

Amethyst’s connections with all the other chakras may help you balance them. As a crown chakra stone, Amethyst can also link your crown to the sky. Birth may be an out-of-this-world experience, and Amethyst is a wonderful cosmic charm to have on your side.

How to use Amethyst for Pregnancy or Fertility

Amethyst is ideal for any stage of the motherhood journey, though we especially like it as a birthing tool since it may help to bring peace and calm to the experience while also aiding in spiritual alignment.

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Unakite is a stone of pregnancy and love. Its springtime tones evoke youthfulness, vitality, and amplified emotions in those who wear it-especially, pregnant women! The Heart Chakra will open up to embrace a new life as your heart yearns for what’s coming next.

Unakite is a source of support during pregnancy. It encourages you to maintain your health and wellness while continuing on this often difficult journey.

The smooth stone has long been associated with fertility and is considered a wonder in regulating hormones and the entire reproductive system. Unakite stone also helps you stay connected to your heart center and promotes the free flow of positive feelings.

How To Use Unakite Crystals For Pregancy

  • Wear Unakite jewelry while pregnant to enhance your emotional and physical self-care. Place Unakite stones at the Heart chakra and carry them with you throughout your pregnancy.


The surprising stone that is the color of water, Fluorite can soothe your worries and bring out positivity in all aspects. It’s an excellent detox for those with negative energy as it brings them back to life by absorbing their stressors while clearing doubts from self-doubt or trouble thought patterns when used during the journey of motherhood.

Fluorite is a stone full of positivity and wonder. Not only does it come dressed in shades that soothe, but this mineral helps the body absorb nutrients needed during your pregnancy.

How To Use Flourite Crystals For Pregnancy

This stone can help you clear out the built-up toxins (both bodily and mental) from your system. Fluorite may assist you in releasing peaceful vibes so that dark corners don’t become where your thoughts go when things look their bleakest.


After you give birth, your life will be completely altered! Your psychic talents become more developed as a result of the physical and logistical challenges of caring for a new family member.

Working with Lapis crystals while pregnant can help you sharpen your intuition. A mom or dad may use the Third Eye chakra to find answers about what’s coming next in life. You can never anticipate what will happen when your kid is born, but you may prepare yourself beforehand so that you are prepared to move and act each time life throws you a curveball.

How To Use Lapis Crystals For Pregnancy

During pregnancy, sharpen your parental intuition by placing Lapis stones on your Third Eye chakra while doing layouts and also wear Lapis jewelry as much as you can.


Pregnancy causes a woman to lose her appetite for everything she formerly loved. Or you don’t want anything but ice cream, even though you’ve never cared for it before. Your eating habits are misaligned as a result of hormones being out of balance.

Apatite is a great motivator to stay the track and eat healthily. It will get you back on your feet with some healthy food options, even if they’re not exactly what you usually enjoy! The stone also knows that exercising regularly can save us from future ailments by helping keep our bodies in great shape.

How To Use Apatite For Pregnancy and Fertility

During pregnancy, you should consume nutritious food and exercise. Place an Apatite stone in the kitchen or right in the refrigerator to help you keep track of what you eat and when. To stay motivated, wear Apatite jewelry on a daily basis.

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