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The fiery persona and an extrovert nature fueled with warmth, vivid and oozing confidence literally translates the dominant characteristic of the ‘Loyal Leo.’ Ranking fifth on the zodiac sign, Leo, is a midsummer odyssey that lasts from July 23rd – August 22nd. Leo-s mostly stand out for their leadership abilities, and this sun-governed sign exudes a status of royalty. As fierce as their spirit animal, Lion, the Leo individuals command your attention.

With such strong traits and a magnetic pull, you might wonder, do Leos really need healing crystals? The answer is, yes! 

Despite having the ability to lead the pack, energetic attitude and self-assurance – like any other star sign, Leo, also have their fair share of negative traits and emotions they need to deal with. Plus, the external world has its own set of pressures and influences that can require internal healing, and some crystals can bring a positive change from within.

The primary birthstone for the strong Leo is Peridot – a vibrant green stone that signifies healing and focus. In this article, besides the Peridot stone, you will find a whole range of healing crystals to positively influence the various areas of a Leo native’s life. 

However, to avail the maximum benefit of Leo-approved crystals, you must explore the traits and behaviors of this particular star sign.

The Free-Spirited & Dynamic Leo

Let’s indulge in the world of fiery, bold, and optimistic Leos; what their behaviors are – including negative and positive traits.

Positive Traits of a Leo

Just like their spirit animal, a Leo male or female is a braveheart with a courageous personality. Fire, as the zodiac sign’s element, these fierce individuals aren’t the most complicated beings. They demand attention and respect with their determination and confident aura. 

However, Leos aren’t true rebels, and their energy is more grounded and goal-oriented. In this sense, they are traditionalists, yet they have an air of magnetism and resilience about them. The fire to achieve excellence and driving ambition in this zodiac sign comes from self-awareness and self-assurance. 

Negative Traits in a Leo

Like any other zodiac sign, Leos aren’t immune to a few negative emotions. Undoubtedly, confidence and ambition are dominant traits of this star sign, but the drive to achieve notoriety and an intense craving for attention can also breed competitiveness in Leos. Furthermore, the self-centeredness towards achieving their goals in Leo individuals can be incredibly blinding. 

Additionally, as Leos too closely identifies with Lions as their spirit animal, the presence of fire element in their zodiac sign can lead to feelings of superiority, misplaced pride, and egoistic tendencies. 

The Healing & Meditative Crystals for Leo

Healing crystals feature psychic energies that could bring positive emotions to the forefront, induce healing from negative emotions, fuel optimism, and achieve balanced wellness. And there are definitely a few crystals suitable for Leos to bring a sense of mental and physical balance to achieve their best self.

Peridot – The Heart Healer

Peridot – the gorgeous and luminescent shade of green, is the significant Leo birthstone that is known for its heart healing properties. With its roots in ancient Egyptian civilizations, this glimmering crystal has playful and radiant energy that enhances spiritual growth and healing.

While Leos are known for their compassion, big heart, and death-defying loyalty, they are also prone to possessiveness. Letting go is the hardest part of being a Leo; however, the Peridot crystal can keep the negative emotions at bay and purify your heart chakras for transcendental openness and healthy relationships.

Tiger’s Eye – The Intuitive Companion

Commonly known as “the stone of the mind,” this particular crystal will keep Leo’s mental state in its optimized state. The opaque shade of brown, yellow, and red striations on Tiger’s Eye is a captivating display. If you are dealing with mental distractions off-lately and not feeling the creative energy that is representative of a Leo, this stone will bring back the focus and stability to your life. 

Furthermore, Tiger’s Eye signifies vitality and zeal, and they are particularly known to revitalize the losing mojo in Leo’s life. This stone can also turn around Leo’s lost charm from warding off sleeplessness, anxiety, and stress to bringing back creativity and success.

Ruby – The Supreme Leo Crystal

Ruby is the perfect crystal to enhance all the positive traits that Leos already possess. A Leo’s heated ego, impatience, and prudish temperament may overshadow their flamboyance, kindness, and regality. 

Here is when a Leo can benefit significantly from a Ruby. It is a strong crystal that rekindles confidence, courage, and passion, which brings an optimistic harmony within Leos. Additionally, this stone is also beneficial for maintaining the sexual energy for this zodiac sign.

Black Onyx – The True Anchor

For the sun-governed Leo, pride is an essential trait, and a bruised or boastful ego only pulls them towards the darkness and negative thoughts. Black Onyx is a unique and traditional birthstone for the Leos that keeps them grounded and humble yet assertive. 

The energetic aura of a Leo individual requires a balance and this root chakra stone is perfect for enhancing concentration and repelling any negative energy within and around you. This crystal effectively centers your thoughts, feelings, and energy in a calm zone. Hence, you can think of this stone as a powerful aura cleanser. 

Carnelian – The Ideal Leo Crystal

Leadership, bravery, courage, and creativity are the cornerstones of a dynamic Leo personality. On the other hand, the warm-hued orange and crystal Carnelian is the potent stimulant for all the Leo-specific traits. 

If you have been feeling dullness and monotony leading to a lack of creativity as a Leo, this particular stone will improve your productivity and self-expression. 

The loyal Leos are always on the move for achieving their goals and ambition. Therefore, the lack of control and creativity may really torment them, resulting in negative thoughts. That’s where the healing powers of Carnelian kick in! This bewitching crystal steers the negative emotions towards optimistic thoughts to unlock your true potential. 


The blue of the sea and sky is mirrored in larimar, which is also known as the Dolphin Stone. According to legend, the Larimar combines Atlantis’ ancient knowledge with the therapeutic power of dolphins to heal both body and soul.

It increases the flow of energy to the Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras. It promotes stronger manifestation and communion with the gods. Working with Larimar stone allows for the release of negative emotions as well as the resolution of deep emotional issues.

It increases the many points of view on issues, so if you’re a Leo who feels jealous and competitive, Larimar can assist you to approach situations with compassion and bring to mind your genuine self as well as how you want to project yourself to the world.

The gentle blue hue of Larimar promotes calmness. So for a Leo leader who is attempting to lead others, it teaches excessive passion to be peaceful so that those around you may clearly understand your genuine goals. The mild blue hues of Larimar symbolize peace and clarity, which aim to exude therapeutic vibrations.


Amethyst is a stone that can assist Leo in balancing their active energy while still maintaining their passion and ambition. It awakens Leos’ spiritual side, which is frequently undervalued by them as they go full steam ahead in life. They are better able to make informed judgments that bring them where they want to be without tension or struggle because they have a stronger intuition.


This gemstone is strongly linked to the sun. In Greek, “pyr” means “fire,” so think of pyromancy. Its golden color reveals that it activates the solar plexus chakra, adding confidence, perseverance, and wealth.

It’s often mistaken as gold by miners, and it got the moniker “fool’s gold.” The only real fool is the one who disregards this beautiful crystal, however. It has properties that rival those of some of the finest! It helps people realize their hidden talents by breaking down their fear of failure little by little.

Leos are usually self-assured, but that does not mean they are immune to doubt. Pyrite encourages them to realize their goals and be successful and happy, whatever those terms might imply. Learn more about how pyrite can help you protect your energy here.


The name Sunstone suggests that it has a strong connection to the Sun. It is available in a variety of hues, including red, gold, orange, peach/pink, and brown. When exposed to light, it creates an iridescent shine in the semi-opaque feldspar variety. It is one of the Zodiac birthstones for Leo, owing to its strong connection to the sun, as it is also linked with Cancer and Taurus.

Metaphysically, it exudes strong yet kind energy, somewhat like the rays of the sun on a bright summer day. It is widely utilized as a stone for leaders since it improves mental acuity, physical strength, personal power, and generosity. Leo’s natural goodwill is also amplified by this stone – its use promotes leaders who are driven to achieve more in life and business.

The stone’s chakral connection is dependent on the stone’s color, but it is generally a stone of self-empowerment and discovery. It also has the ability to cleanse all chakras, allowing for free flow of solar energy from the sun’s rays.


Citrine is a special crystal that can help Leo’s warmth and generosity emerge. With their ruling planet being the sun, this stone enhances Leos’s positive qualities of energy-giving joy to thrive in life while attracting abundance with its assistance for new opportunities. It removes fears from judgment so they feel comfortable expressing themselves.

Citrine is a magical cleanser since it can recycle old energy. This is a behavior that spreads to those who interact with it. Citrine converts negative ideas or emotions into something beneficial if they exist within someone.

Citrine is one of the most popular gemstones in the world. If you’re looking for a metaphysical stone that could bring good fortune, citrine is an excellent choice. It’s arguably even more effective than pyrite at attracting resources. One of the greatest stones for accomplishment and prosperity, it’s hands down one of the finest stones for success


Garnet is a precious stone that is typically red, brown, green, or orange in color. Garnet is a grounding stone and a Heart crystal in general. It is to bring balance and calmness to the emotions. It has been used as a talisman for protection since ancient times.

Garnet is a strong grounding stone that works wonderfully for keeping a lion’s paws on the ground. This crystal reaffirms commitment in a committed relationship, strengthening the connection between partners to no end. It promotes loyalty, faith, and fidelity.

Garnet has been used as a talisman for millennia. It prevents poisonous ideas from developing and growing in the mind. The seeds of innovation are planted in its place. Artistic Leos are frequently given garnets, which is a wonderful stone for assisting people to display their abilities.

Wearing the Loving Energy Bracelet, or purchasing one as a present for your Leo lover, is a good idea. It’s their birthday season!

How to Use Your Leo Crystals 

To begin your journey with Leo crystals, cleanse them first. This is to remove any negative energies absorbed by the crystals before they found their way to you. Once cleansed, you are ready to make a personal connection with your crystals through meditation. 

Let their energies seep through you. During this process, you can set your intention within the crystal. For example, if you desire financial abundance, that is where you will direct the crystal’s energies. Moreover, affirmations are a great way to program your crystal and harness its healing energies. 

Other than performing meditation to align your chakras, you can also wear crystal jewelry. This way you can be in contact with the divine energies throughout the day. 


With a magnetic personality, Leos are confident, warm, and generous lovers. But no one is prone to negative emotions and feelings. And in Leo’s case, pride, arrogance, and possessiveness can be a real downer to their energy and psychic balance. However, by incorporating healing crystals in their lives, the Leo individuals can turn their life around for the better.

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