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The Crystal Celestite is one of the most popular quartz gems out there. It’s known for its ability to bring balance and harmony into anybody’s life who wears it. But what else do we know about this gem? Let’s find out more in this post!

Celestite Crystal Meaning?

Celestite, a mineral composed of strontium sulfate (SrSO4), can be found in geodes as crystals or fibers within sedimentary rock. It also occurs worldwide and is known for the pale blue color found in Madagascar and Sicily regions. This crystal can be found in sedimentary rocks, most often pale blue or white although it may have other colors such as pink, green, brown-grey, and colorless. Celestite has meanings for mental clarity and higher purpose which are associated with this stone.

History of Celestite

Celestite was first discovered in 1799 by A.G. Werner and named for the Latin term “coelestis,” which means “heavenly or celestial.”

Celestite is an important mineral in the scientific community because it contains strontium. Strontium was used by Protozoa creatures called Acantharea to create their skeletons, which gave them a star-like appearance due to its crystal fiber composition. These cells did not fossilize but instead crystallized into Celestite cultures that can still be found today.

How are Celestite formed?

Geodes formed around calcium sulfate rocks are known to be replaced by strontium. This is because celestite or Strontian-sulphuric, the colorless crystals found inside geodes, has a high solubility in water and will dissolve any surrounding minerals that contain calcium ions when it comes into contact with them. When this happens, cavities form which then fills up with these ionized forms of stroncium sulphates over time making beautiful crystalline rock formations!

In simpler terms

Celestite is most often found in sedimentary rocks such as dolomites and limestone, although it can also form from the precipitation of microcrystalline hydrothermal water or groundwater. Celestite is formed by precipitation within voids of the host rock where it usually deposits because strontium sulfate is mostly insoluble.

Where can you find Celestite crystals?

The mysterious stone Celestite has a starry past. With origins in the far-flung places of Libya, Egypt, Madagascar, and even Canada, Mexico, and Germany – this geode crystal composed of Strontium Sulfate appears to have fallen from space itself before making its way down on Earth! This is also the element that was used with metal back when fireworks were first created – resulting in magnificent blue sparks lighting up our skies at nighttime.

Healing Properties of Celestite crystals

Celestite is a beautiful and peaceful stone known for its calming effects on the mind. It has multiple uses in healing, including chakra cleansing and grounding, so it can be used to help with mental health issues like anxiety or depression. Celestite’s hazy blue glow makes you feel as though you have been lifted to another plane of being where everything feels calm–it serves as both an energy cleanser/grounding agent that works well when paired together because they balance each other out!

Physical Healing Properties

Celestite is an effective way to cleanse your aura, clear out the clutter in your mind, and let that sweet inner peace into every cell. This gentle stone is known for its spiritual powers but it also has some knock-on effects on physical health! Celestites touch can help flush toxins from the body while healing stress-related disorders like acne breakouts or digestion issues.

Emotional Healing Properties

The crystal, Celestite helps you to find your inner peace. It works on dysfunctional relationships by clearing the mind of anger and resentment. When there are no emotions controlling our actions, we can communicate better with others because it makes way for clarity in eyesight as well as a sense of calm that is bound to breeze into one’s life.

Mental Healing Properties

Those who often feel overwhelmed or on edge can use Celestite to calm the storms that rage within. Instead of a positive whitewash, it invites you to process your feelings piece by piece so you can understand your higher purpose and let inner strength outweigh the shadowy places filled with fear inside yourself.

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How to use Celestie for healing

Celestite is best used as a focal point of meditation, prayer, or mindfulness. This stone does very well when it comes to visual pieces in private space for things like meditation practices and spiritual rituals.

Home & Office

When decorating your home, you can use Celestite to help improve communication. It creates a calming and uplifting atmosphere that helps people communicate better with each other. If there’s anything that needs improvement within relationships or if any disagreements are happening between roommates living together, Celestite will be the best tool for helping to solve problems. We recommend placing this crystal near family members or altars or places where there is often communication.


Whether you want a piece of Celestite jewelry to keep close for its healing properties or if you just appreciate the celestial beauty, it’s bound to have irresistible energy that will flow straight into your heart. Maybe even better than being near this heavenly jewel is wearing it as an accessory as those high vibrations from Celestine are known to absorb through direct contact with skin and heal chakras where they need help

I’d recommend using celestite jewelry if you want totems that remind you of being mindful throughout the day: earrings are great because they’re not prone to get damaged easily; plus necklaces look good too so long as they don’t have any rings on them which can get scratched up during daily activities.

Celestite Metaphysical Properties

Celestite balances the third eye chakra (Anja) and helps with intuition, perception, imagination, and good dream recall. Balanced third eye (Anja) benefits include understanding wisdom as well as higher consciousness – both of which help people to be mindful. This is primarily due to its ability to regulate serotonin levels through the pituitary gland.

Celestite Zodiac Signs

Celestite is a crystal that Libra should add to their collection. It complements the focus on emotional clarity and sincerity in Libra’s chakra or heart center. Celestite can help you understand your emotions better with its associations of empathy and imagination.

Celestite helps Gemini communicate more effectively by encouraging them to have greater self-knowledge that they can apply when speaking. With this crystal, accompanied by meditation practice, great communicators are able to guide others through their knowledge of themselves and what’s best for everyone involved in the conversation.

Taurus’ overly hot-tempered astrological sign may also be comforted by turning to the soothing and pleasant qualities of Celestite. Taureans are hardheaded, but the mild touch of Celestite can wash in to soothe and relax them.

Aries may also find comfort in Celestite, which aids them in determining when it is time to take a pause and sit still rather than chasing after everything they desire.

What does Celestite pair well with?

When you are looking for other stones to pair with Celestite, consider Amethyst. Its affinity is the Crown Chakra and it pairs well with calmness and clarity as Celestite does. Clear Quartz also works great because they both value calmness and clarity which can help one see things more clearly than before.

Other blue crystals that work will also include Aquamarine, Blue Lace Agate, Chalcedony, or Selenite Moonstone Rose Quartz . These soft feminine stones encourage higher thinking in this world while encouraging gentleness at the same time.

How to cleanse your Celestite

To keep their highly potent and powerful degrees of healing, all gemstones will benefit from being cleansed and charged. As one of the softer crystals, Celestite takes a certain level of gentle care to keep it in top spirits. The popularity of the cleansing mineral Celestite is due to its antimicrobial and astringent properties. It may be washed with water or left immersed in salt if you don’t want to use water. If you can avoid using harder stones like Hematite Tourmaline, which may scratch the surface of your celestite.

To recharge your Celestite, place it in the moonlight or possibly direct sunshine. Keep in mind that placing Celestite in strong sunlight for lengthy periods of time may cause the color to fade or change.

Some more facts about Celestite

Celestite is a mineral that has many varieties, and it’s even found in one of the world’s largest geodes. Some Celestites are double-terminated crystals which means they measure two ends instead of just one as other minerals do. The biggest known geode containing this kind of crystal was discovered over 100 years ago by workers who were drilling for water near Lake Erie, Ohio (United States). It measures 35 feet across at its widest point!

Celestite is also highly flammable and bright red when burned. One of its most common uses in fireworks is because it displays bold colors, making some crystals over 2 feet long weighing more than 300 pounds!


How do I calm my energy?

Celestite is a great crystal for couples! People suffering from panic attacks often find relief in Celestite. This helps to slow our contemporary chaos, and it encourages us all to appreciate little things in general. If your partner is soaking up precious energy you’ll be very happy with Celestine’s contribution of peace and calm into the marriage too! It promotes communication by improving joint vibrations, putting both partners on the same page together while talking out any problems that may arise between them.

Can I use Celestite to use to contact guardian angels?

Celestite is a lovely blue crystal with high vibrations and gentle uplifting energies. It has highly metaphysical properties that will assist in developing psychic thinking like magic in the realm of deception and predicting, improve mental awareness, clear your mind from clutter to sharpen you for spiritual healing by connecting yourself with your guardian angels.

Is Celestine good for meditation?

A stone with relaxing properties, celestine makes an excellent meditation aid. Incorporate it into your daily routine to feel the difference; its higher vibrational energy will lift you up and lighten your mind everywhere you go. You can make a little crystal appear before the third eye when meditating or lying down for bedtime.

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