Caribbean Calcite

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Caribbean calcite crystals are a combination of a very light ocean Blue Calcite and light brown and white Aragonite that was recently discovered in Pakistan. They’re found near areas where freshwater meets saltwater, such as rivers or streams which flow into the ocean. There are many different colors of Caribbean calcite, ranging from white to pink to red and green. The beautiful coloration can be attributed to minerals like iron oxide, manganese dioxide, and hydroxide combined with calcium carbonate during its formation process. Let’s discuss more this tropical crystal!

Caribbean Calcite Meaning

Caribbean Calcite is known as a stone of spiritual awakening and transformation. It can be used in meditation to help access one’s inner vision, connect them with their higher self or “soul,” gain clarity about your true purpose on earth as well as the sense that everything will make sense once this life ends; all leading up towards ultimate self-discovery!

Caribbean Calcite is one of the most relaxing stones for the emotional body. It reduces the effect of psychic input, allowing those who are energetically sensitive to relax and shield themselves from the bombardment of other people’s thoughts and emotions.

Caribbean Calcite Healing Properties

The Caribbean Blue Calcite is a mind activator and helps one channel their own unique psychic abilities that aid in elevating consciousness. We’re still learning more about this stone each day, but it’s sure to be an interesting addition when exploring the world of meditation!

Caribbean Calcite Spiritual Healing Properties

This stone may improve our psychic skills and clairvoyant abilities. Caribbean Calcite aids in the growth of insight, knowledge, and inspiration by allowing us to access our intuition. It is a beneficial stone for individuals going through new beginnings and personal development.

A crystal that amplifies psychic abilities, Caribbean Blue Calcite can help you uncover the possibilities of a new world. When working with this stone to strengthen your intuition and open up those gates for exploration don’t be afraid – embrace it! Awaken your sixth sense by exploring what lies beyond in these realms we call life!

The Caribbean Calcite provides a protective ‘cocoon’ of soothing spiritual blue light that wraps itself around the auric field of those who carry or hold it. This field allows one to easily float out of the body into either the dream or astral realms.

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Caribbean Calcite Emotional Healing Properties

Caribbean Calcite is a soothing stone that encourages us to be in the present moment. It relieves tension and anxiety while also promoting restful sleep and lucid dreaming.

If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or under pressure then Caribbean Blue Calcite will help to reduce your stress levels. Place the stone within arm’s reach and allow it to make you feel rejuvenated as its gentle energy washes away negative thoughts such as work-related pressures.

People with low self-esteem sometimes find themselves trapped in a cycle of doubt and confidence, never finding their inner star. This crystal gives you the power to let go and when combined with positive affirmations can help anyone overcome the stress and anxiety of everyday life.

Blue Calcite is also a stone of understanding. It can help you understand how your thoughts and words impact the reality around you, even when unspoken. This crystal assists one in refocusing their mind on positive ideas for improved work with affirmations to clear throat chakra hesitation while sharing spiritual knowledge or information that may be too difficult at times.

Caribbean Calcite Metaphysical Properties

Caribbean Calcite is a powerful stone that can help you manifest your heart’s desire. It has properties of both blue and aragonite, allowing it to stimulate the mind while still stabilizing thoughts and emotions in an individual who utilizes its energies for manifestation purposes; this includes bringing love or compassion into one’s life as well clearing any thought jamming inhibiting access from inner truth.

Calcite is also a stone that promotes creativity. It allows for a conscious exploration of the unconscious regions, where many of one’s most innovative ideas originate. Blue Calcite also improves dream recall and comprehension, as well as your capacity to remember and integrate them.

Carrizoite is a crystal that can clear blocks in the third eye and enhance one’s intuitive and psychic senses. It may assist with mental vision and clairvoyance. It can help people be more sensitive to others’ thoughts, as well as improve telepathy and psychic communication over long distances. Blue Calcite is a stone of inspiration and can give you those aha moments you’re looking for.

The throat chakra is activated by ‘Blue Calcite,’ which encourages one to express the insights gained through interior journeys in words, music or art.

Caribbean Calcite Chakras

Caribbean Calcite activates, opens, and heals the Crown and Third Eye Chakras. It is connected to the constant motivation of Taurus and the pleasant attractiveness of Libra.

The right gem for anybody who wants to get in touch with their inner truth.It allows you to communicate with your inner wisdom.. Caribbean Calcite provides direction and focus. It can help you release energy blockages while also helping you raise your awareness.

Blue Calcite is a cleanser that helps to clear the energies, while Aragonite stabilizes. When combined you can really feel the power of these two crystals harnessing your chakras’ energy and it’s great for being in charge!

Your mind and spirit become more open and receptive. The energy of the Earth helps you to be grounded spiritually in the lower chakras. Increasing your all-around balance and awareness through raising the vibrations of your body.

What is Carribean Calcite Made Of?

Caribbean Calcite is a blend of Blue Calcite and Aragonite that distributes the characteristics and energies of both.

Blue Calcite

When it comes to soothing and relaxing the emotional body, Blue Calcite is an extremely powerful stone. This stone has been shown to soothe emotions while also providing mental and etheric protection. When it comes to one’s aura, Blue Calcite is highly protective, and its transmutational energies are quite strong.

It absorbs all energy that comes to you while carrying or wearing Blue Calcite. It transforms undesirable vibrations into high-positive energy and filters out the bad vibes.

Blue Calcites’ soothing and relaxing effects are attributed to its vivid blue rays. It’s mental calming properties allow the user to think about emotional situations with a calmer head. As a result, Blue Calcite improves the communication link between your thoughts and emotions by allowing you to consider emotional issues more objectively.


Aragonite, often known as Golfball or Sputnik Aragonite, is a calcium carbonate mineral that forms naturally in nature (the other two being Calcite and Vaterite). It’s generally found in the form of tiny prismatic crystals, masses, stalactites, and spherical radiating aggregates.

Aragonite is a great starting stone for someone just getting started. Its strong energies aid in the activation and alignment of our entire chakra column to help us attain inner calm, clarity, and change.

You can anticipate Aragonite to give strong yet ambiguous energy that may be used to overpower one’s aura, regardless of the color. These vibrations may encourage you to make positive changes in your everyday life. Confidence, self-healing, and personal improvement will all be aided as a result of this push.

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