Can Amethyst Go In Water?

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The short answer is yes, amethyst crystal can go in the water. Amethyst is a type of quartz that comes from Brazil and other places in South America. Amethyst crystals are often used in jewelry because they’re considered to be lucky and protective. They also have healing properties for many different ailments–including mental well-being!

Amethyst is not as fragile as other varieties of Quartz. It is fine to put Amethyst in water because it has a Mohs hardness of 7, which is the same as all other forms of Quartz crystals. After placing your Amethyst in water, leave it to air dry or pet dry it by hand.

Why put Amethyst in water?

It’s crucial to clean and charge any new crystals because, depending on where you bought them, many people might have handled them before you and left their energy—whether good or bad—on them.

Cleansing stones is an important aspect of any crystal practice or ceremony. It’s critical for healing and manifestation to finish the process with a clean slate that is receptive to your wishes and energy. Cleansing gems release their full power and potential, enabling you to reap the benefits of your crystal effort faster and more effectively!

Cleansing Amethyst is necessary to release the negative vibrations stored by this stone and charge it with high vibrational neutral frequencies in order to reap the therapeutic, healing, and peaceful properties of its stress-reducing effects.

Best Way To Cleanse and Charge Your Amethyst

Amethyst water purification is the most often used and simplest technique, especially given amethyst’s Mohs hardness of 7. It works quite well, with no risk of change, owing to its hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. The goal of this purification method is to move the energies absorbed by the stone to the water. Simply submerge your crystal in a bowl of water and follow the instructions below:

Avoid Cleaning With Other Crystals

This step is crucial since you don’t want your amethyst to taint the purity of the cleaning procedure by mixing other crystals because different types have a distinct energy and need a personal cleansing session.

Do not Place in Direct Sunlight

Another important reminder when cleaning your quartz is to keep the water basin out of direct sunlight. Because the strong rays of the sun can alter and fade the distinct purple hues of Amethyst, placing it in direct sunlight may be harmful. Your Amethyst crystal will gradually lose its radiated healing abilities if it is subjected to excessive light.

Do Not Reuse Healing Water

It’s also important to avoid using water that has previously been used to purify another stone since negative energy can be retained by the cleansed stones. When purifying your crystals, use fresh water every time, and change it when you want to cleanse another crystal.

After the crystal has been purified, empty the energetic water from your house. Finally, clean the stone with a soft cloth.

Can Amethyst Go In Salt Water?

When cleaning Amethyst, some people prefer to use ocean water rather than regular tap or filtered water. The salt components in the oceans can damage the crystal over time, so it’s important that you only give your crystals a quick dip and don’t leave them soaking for too long before rinsing off with clean drinking water from top-down (to get rid of any residue)

Saltwater may be especially harmful, and that’s because when you clean Amethyst in salt water, the salt particles don’t easily move away, instead of remaining on the stone’s surface, causing a damaging reaction in the crystal that makes it appear shiny, fragile, and breakable.

It’s not advised to leave Amethyst in saltwater for a long time since the crystal can be damaged. If your Amethyst has been exposed to saltwater, make sure to fully wash it with fresh water to avoid any form of depletion.

Can Amethyst crystals be worn in the shower?

Amethyst is a powerful and protective stone that can be worn in the shower. However, it’s important not to use products with harsh chemicals or alcohol as these may damage your crystals and slow down their healing process. Try using natural or organic products to avoid damaging the crystals when bathing.

Bath bombs, for example, are wonderful to use during a bath session enhanced with Amethyst. Make sure to read the ingredients of the item before putting it in your Amethyst bath.

When either taking a bath or shower, Amethyst is an excellent stone to keep close. A bath or shower session is the ideal time to make full use of the distinct features of an Amethyst. Adding stones like Amethysts to your tub is also a wonderful way to enhance your self-care regimen and exude luxury and wellbeing.

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More Ways To Recharge and Cleanse Amethyst

Moon Water

Under the (full) moon, night-time water is energetically charged. Water that is energetically charged during the night under the (full) moon is known as lunar water. It’s a wonderful approach to combine both the Moon water’s and Amethyst’s abilities by putting one or more tiny pieces of Amethyst in the water.

Moon water, as the moon is recognized to have a significant impact on water, is the ideal combination when it comes to various types of purification purposes while also focusing on increasing the creation of good intentions and energy.

Adding an Amethyst to the combination enhances the energetic benefits of Moon water. It’s a fantastic stone to utilize while performing spiritual activities because Amethyst is both waterproof and known to assist balance energies, improve communication, provide mental clarity, and enhance spiritual awareness.

Moon Light

Your crystals will be cleansed of any negative energy if they are exposed to the moon’s rays. Place them on the ground or on your lawn (wherever possible), as this will allow the bad energy to return to Earth and be recycled again. To ensure that their cleansing energy isn’t destroyed by the sun’s light, remove them no later than an hour after sunrise!

The Full Moon is the culmination of the lunar cycle, which comes to a head with a torrent of raw lunar power. It’s perfect for getting rid of anything that isn’t working for you because it has strong purifying capabilities.

Rain Water

Some people claim that exposing your amethyst to rain is an effective method of purifying it. The most powerfully charged water comes straight from the ground, or directly from the sky.

Smudging crystals is a safe and effective way to remove any remaining energy from them. This ancient practice is used to purify items as well as the environment around you. Douse the crystals in smoke using a smudge stick (Palo Santo, Sage, or Rosemary) of your choosing.

Because of its strong energy, rainwater alone is excellent for cleaning your amethyst. I believe that the negative ions that rise into the air after a storm play a significant role in this process as well. You might leave your amethyst out in the rain or collect rainfall in a container and pour it over the stone when the moment is right for you.


Place your crystals over the smoke plumes and light the smudge stick so they may get full exposure. If your space needs purification, smudging might also help cleanse the air around you. This is an ideal technique for porous stones since the smoke is light and will not damage the stones’ structural integrity.


The four classical elements are well-known, but medieval scientists and alchemists conceived of the fifth element to nature: space. This is sometimes known as ether. It’s the energetic core, or vitality force, that surrounds and animates everything alive. It’s the space that binds all things together.

Auras are a form of ether that surrounds each living thing. It contains the person’s or object’s programming, belief systems, and overall vibrations, which it is projecting out to its surroundings.

The best tuning forks for amethyst are:

  • A tuning fork that is tuned to a frequency of 440 Hz is known as the crystal tuner. It works on all crystals and stones, although it’s best utilized on quartz crystals like amethyst.
  • A 440 Hz tuning fork: I discovered that employing this crystal puts me in perfect sync with my amethyst. It not only cleanses the stone’s energy, but it also repairs any energetic disharmony between myself and my amethyst.

Using these two together cleanses the amethyst and repairs the energetic connection between you, resulting in greater alignment when used for its intended purpose.

When Should You Cleanse Your Amethyst?

When You First Get It

After you get a new crystal, you should energetically cleanse it immediately. It was most likely carried by plane where it was exposed to significant amounts of radiation. Or it was taken long distances in a vehicle without finding a stable location to the ground – causing it to be ungrounded. Because it is exposed to significant quantities of other people’s energy.

After A Month

If you wear amethyst on your body frequently, you should wash it once a month, roughly every completed lunar cycle. It can resync with your energy in a regular and timely manner this way, and keep up with your development cycles. It will remove any programming it acquired from you during the previous month (both beneficial or harmful), and restart with new perspectives.

Once a Season If It’s In Your Home

If you have an amethyst in your house that isn’t being used frequently but is taking up space in your living area, cleanse it once a year – or four times a year if it’s not in touch with you much. It’s also beneficial to cleanse a crystal between cycles so it can stay in sync with where you are at each

You may also adjust the cleansing to match the seasons, for example, cleanse it with sunlight in the summer, snow in the winter, rain in the fall, and salt or rice in the spring.

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