10 Types of Calcites

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Calcites are a type of calcium carbonate mineral that can be found in different colors and shapes. Calcite is a valuable stone, and it has a long history of use. It’s often used to amplify and purify energy and balance the mind and comes in many varieties. In this post, we explore everything you need to know about calcites including the various types of calcites, their healing properties, and everything else that you need to know about these beautiful crystals.

What exactly are Calcites?

Calcite crystals are the most abundant type of mineral to be found on earth. They can be found all around us in many different shades. The most common variety of calcite is white, and it occurs in a range of colors (white, brown, red, orange, blue, green, and yellow). Calcite implies a strong spirit and energy.

The Latin and Greek words for lime are “calx” and “chalix,” respectively, giving rise to the word Calcite. Mexico contains substantial Calcite deposits. However, Calcite crystals have been discovered in the United States, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Iceland, Belgium, and Great Britain.

Calcite Meaning

Calcite is a stone that’s full of energy, ever ready to light your fire. For those nights when you need an energizing pick me up and are feeling sluggish in the day-to-day life, Calcite can swoop into action with its invigorating flow!

Calcite has the ability to amplify and cleanse energy, as well as clear any imbalance in your chakras. Calcium Carbonate’s calming properties make it useful when you need aid with concentration or meditation. It also removes sick or dormant energies inside the body, speeding up your personal growth and development while helping you know which information in life deserves more attention.

The meaning of Calcite comes from the ancient Greek word Chalix and Latin word Calx-which basically translates to lime. Rather than referring to color, it has a link with its makeup being crystallized limestone. 

Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral that has a sacred sheen and, if you’ve ever admired the intricacies of stalactites and stalagmites, you may notice how similar they look.

Different Type Of Calcites

There are many different colors of calcite, each with its own set of characteristics and applications. Certain calcites resonate with particular chakras and enhance specific sorts of energy depending on the hue. Let’s dive deep into some of the most popular calcites:

Blue Calcite

On every continent, calcites may be found, but Blue Calcite is only found in a few areas on the planet. Despite this fact, it’s most prevalent and can often be seen in big heaps. Mexico is where the majority of specimens come from. The most intense hue of blue is from South Africa. Blue Calcite is a stone of stability and harmony. It can help you find your inner peace, while also soothing emotional turmoil with its calming energies!

Blue calcite’s powerful healing properties make it an excellent addition for anyone who’s looking to stay on track emotionally, physically, or spiritually. For those who want to understand and express their dreams more easily, Blue Calcite can offer a secret doorway into the inner world. The stones help unlock parts of your mind that have been hidden away for years as they strengthen our communication with ourselves with higher realms.

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite is a stone of transformation and renewal, particularly for those who feel disconnected from themselves or the world. It can help to balance any feelings of fearfulness by releasing them through its energizing properties that cleanse not only our lower chakras but also clear out any negative thoughts blocking us from being creative! This stone will assist you in replacing old habits, behaviors, and ways of thinking with new ones.

The vibrations produced by the gemstone will aid in clearing negative energies from your body. It will also work on the space you live in, the things you use, and the people with whom you spend time. Orange Calcite is also a powerful stone that can help extend your awareness into the spiritual world, allowing you to explore different dimensions. It’s used in rituals designed for more growth and meditation on higher levels of consciousness which can lead towards enlightenment or deep insight.

Green Calcite

Green-Calcite is a carbonate mineral that forms as a result of deposition. The green in the stone comes from chlorite that was trapped during crystallization. It features a relaxing and lovely light green hue, and the stone is translucent, making it seem like washed sea glass. Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Africa, and Canada are among the locations where large caches of Green-Calcite may be found.

Green-Calcite will accompany you on your personal exploration. It reminds us that our flaws make us uniquely who we are, and it teaches how to embrace them turning these into strengths for life’s challenges ahead! When used regularly Green Calciestone has been proven time after time as a stone full of vitality that can help balance the body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Honey Calcite

Honey calcite, also known as Golden or Amber Calcite, is a calcium carbonate mineral that forms in the shape of masses and rhombohedra. Honey calcite is a potent energy cleanser that will boost the energies of stones placed near it. If you put a stone in a room, it will cleanse the air of all negativity while also increasing your physical energy. Honey Calcite is a powerful trifecta of personal will and creation, resonating with the Root, Solar, and Third-Eye chakras.

The golden warmth of this stone can be felt on first contact, allowing the user to connect to Mother Earth’s energies. The mental, emotional, and physical connection is excellent for executing high-effort activities and projects. We are more likely to go all out when our personal will is anchored. Getting started is the most difficult part of doing anything, and Honey Calcite encourages us to get up and go.

Yellow Calcite

Calcite, also known as transparent calcite or white calcite, is a calcium carbonate mineral that varies from translucent to clear in color and has a hue ranging from pale yellow to intense lemon yellow.The energies of this stone will allow you to learn more quickly and teach effectively. It also connects one with their spirit guides, enhancing meditation as well as linking them into the most wonderful spiritual guidance. The gentle healing properties of yellow calcites increase physical energy in an excellent manner while boosting strength & vitality; it heals sorrow/grief & even lifts depression!

Yellow Calcite is a stone that will help you believe in yourself and see the opportunities coming your way! A wonderful gem, yellow calcites are great for boosting self-confidence. They’ll clear any mind to enhance intellectual function while stilling thoughts so they can be analyzed with ease. The calming vibration of these crystals has an interesting effect–it encourages people who wear them to take time out from their fast-paced lives by meditating or sitting down quietly without distractions.

Pink Calcites

Calcite is a mineral that has many different forms and one of them is a beautiful pink gem. There are small inclusions of Manganese, ranging from a light white-pink to an extremely vivid almost violet, responsible for the pink hue. It glows a brilliant pink under UV light and is extremely comfy thanks to its fluorescence properties. The Pink Calcite spiritual properties help you develop deep, unwavering compassion for both yourself and others. This stone connects to the loving energy of Quan Yin and helps us cultivate unconditional love that can be shared with anyone.

Pink Calcite also aids in the development of deep, genuine care for oneself. It can assist you in overcoming self-criticism and self-blame. If you believe that you are your own worst critic, never do anything “correctly,” or don’t meet your own standards – Pink Calcite can aid in the release and improve self-belief. It also teaches you to be more kind and gentle with yourself, allowing you to become your own best friend.

Caribbean Calcite

The unique crystal formation of Caribbean Blue Calcite, a relatively new mix mineral that was only discovered in 2019. It’s primarily made up of light ocean blue crystals, with small brown and white Aragonite nodules throughout to create impressive coloration. The stone’s crevices can even have druzy coatings inside them! The Caribbean Calcite is a crystal of spiritual awakening, change, and emotional comprehension. Caribbean Calcite aids in the access of our inner vision and connection to our higher selves by providing a sense of purpose, a genuine self-identity, and a beginning journey of ultimate self-discovery.

This stone is a powerful aid in enhancing our psychic abilities and clairvoyant gifts. Caribbean Calcite enables us to tap into our intuition as we acquire understanding, knowledge, and inspiration. It’s a beneficial stone for making new beginnings and personal development. It not only works on the third eye, crown chakra but also stimulates your intuition to be more in touch with what’s going around you as well!

Red Calcite

Red Calcite is a vital stone that will increase energy as well as teach you the value of living life. It’s highly grounding and protective; it also safeguards emotional boundaries while preventing listlessness or confusion from taking over too much! Red Calcites are known to balance hormones, which makes this one powerful crystal for women.

Red Calcite is the ultimate crystal for those who are seeking revitalization, purification, and soothing. It will open your base chakra to bring vitality into every aspect of life! Red calcite stimulates all five senses which means that you’ll have a better appreciation when it comes to not just our physical existence but also spiritual levels as well. Red Calcite is a powerful vitality stone that promotes energy and enthusiasm for life. It is grounding and shields against the detrimental effects of ‘spaciness’ and excessive energy overextension.

White Calcite 

White Calcite is a common calcium carbonate mineral that forms in the shape of masses and cubic formations (as a result of the crystal structure’s layering). It may be found in a variety of tones including pearly/chalky white, pale white, and even light grey. White Calcite is a crystal that enhances and cleanses energy from the environment. White Calcite promotes motivation and acceleration of growth and development.

White Calcite raises one’s level of awareness, connects to higher spiritual realms, and stimulates psychic abilities. White Calcite transmutes and magnifies energy, absorbing it and returning it to the sender. White Calcite is a stone of beginnings, purifying the auric field and chakras. White Calcite is a stone that opens the mind to new possibilities and enables one’s vision. It gives access not just in this realm, but also beyond it for those with enough talent. Place White Calciites onto your third eye for an experience of both seeing clearly within yourself as well as traveling through time or space during deep meditation sessions.

Cobalto Calcite

Cobaltoan Calcite, also known as Cobalt Calcite and Aphrodite Stone, is a little-known variety of Calcite that contains traces of Cobalt. The color of the stone is usually determined by the amount of Cobalt present. It may also be found in tiny druzy clusters over the matrix and can even be carved and polished in some parts of Europe.

The Cobalto Calcite has a burst of energy. This is a stone that soothes the monkey mind and may short-circuit disaster thinking in its tracks. Cobalto does not have to be weighted down with divine love and infinite wisdom. Cobaltoan Calcite is a love talisman that may help one find their suppressed feelings. This stone helps pull out all the suppressed feelings we hold so dear to us, and then leaves us feeling refreshed after it’s done doing its thing! 

What Is Calcites Used For?

Calcite is a stone of balance, harmony, and peace. It can help you achieve a spiritual connection with the universe through grounding yourself with this gem that has so many healing properties! From clearing blockages to activating your chakras or just being an amazing all-around healing stone, calcite is one of the best choices for those in need of some healing.

Physical Healing Properties

Calcite is a great stone for the body. It helps to keep organs in good working order and detoxes them from toxins, which can lead to an increased sense of well-being throughout your day. Calcite, unsurprisingly, aids calcium uptake and can aid in the breakdown of calcification, which can contribute to arthritis. Calcite is a mineral that promotes bone and skeletal system health. It also aids with excellent blood flow and promotes a robust immunological system, as well as keeping people growing in strength and spirit.

Calcite also nourishes and purifies the kidneys, pancreas, and spleen. Calcium mineralization in bones is dissolved. It improves calcium absorption throughout the body, especially during bone growth. It helps with digestive tract and skin issues as well as blood clotting and tissue healing. Calcite crystal water can be used on the skin to treat ulcers, warts, and other ailments.

Emotional Healing Properties

Calcite is a powerful stone, it can help you to overcome any obstacles on your path. It increases self-trust and faith in others while also creating emotional intelligence which combats laziness by giving hope for the future! Calcite stones are known as stabilizers that help release stress from our minds so we might feel serene at all times no matter what life dishes out. It’s a very stabilizing stone that encourages you to reconnect with your inner thoughts and figure out what matters most to you right now.

This is where Calcite shines when it comes to emotional healing and mental clarity. The gleaming stone focuses on emotional intelligence, which teaches you how to sort through your highs and lows, feel your feelings without getting caught in a rigid mentality. Calcite is all about boosting your motivation levels so you can get things done, with its brilliant energy. It makes your mind more acute, but it also keeps you calm and focused.

Spiritual Healing Properties

It is a spiritual stone that aids in the development of your higher consciousness and psychic abilities. It promotes spiritual growth and allows the soul to recover its memory. Being an earthy, spiritual stone means that Calcite is ready to clear out any negative energy and junk cluttering up your mind. This mineral has a way of showing us the path forward by making sure we’re spiritually cleansed first.

Calcite, as its name suggests, has two refractive properties: it is both a white and clear stone at the same time. It emits polarized prismatic energy that generates a rainbow of energy to cleanse and activate all chakras. Calcite is a mystical stone that aids in the development of higher consciousness and psychic ability.

Calcite Zodiac Sign

Calcite is a great match for those born under the banner of Cancer. The crab sign comes with its own set of challenges, but Calcite e helps them to adapt and process feelings without getting caught up in all that isn’t serving you at this moment.

How to Cleanse Calcite

Keeping your Calcite clean and charged with positive thoughts is the most effective method to achieve its full potential. While there seems like an endless supply of energy, like all crystals it will only work when washed from time to time so that old negative vibes can leave for good!

For restoring Calcite to its original function, all that’s required is a little warm water and a gentle cloth. If you want to charge up your Calcite’s inner battery to make sure it’s at 100 percent, leave it in the sun to brighten up all those wonderful vibrations.

Calcites are a type of calcium carbonate mineral that can be found in different colors and shapes. They have historically been used to amplify energy, balance the mind, and purify water among other things. Find your perfect Calcite today and unlock its healing powers!

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