Blue Onyx

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Blue Onyx is known as the stone of courage and truth, bringing inner peace to those who wear or carry it. It has been used for centuries in jewelry and other adornments because it can provide a calming effect for people with obsessive behaviors. The unique coloring of blue onyx also makes it an attractive gemstone choice for many people. Read on to learn about all of the advantages and healing qualities of this beautiful blue stone.

Blue Onyx Meaning

Blue Onyx is a blue-hued form of onyx discovered in Brazil, Uruguay, the United States of America, and India. It has strong inner strength energy and emotional healing capabilities to handle stress.

The name “Blue Onyx” refers to stones that have been colored in a variety of blue. It’s also known as the Stone of Sobriety because it was found in a cave used by ancient Greek drinkers to recover from hangovers. It has the ability to enhance mental capacity and has the significance of boosting one’s mental strength and controlling stress and anxiety.

A variety of chalcedony, onyx is one of the most popular stones in jewelry. It has a frank appearance because it contains bands or zones that alternate between different colors- usually black but sometimes white and colorless ones as well.

Blue Onyx Healing Properties

The powerful energy of Blue Onyx can help you overcome life challenges with endurance and inner strength. Plus, it supplies the wearer protection from the negativity that eliminates any source in their lives for bad vibes. This crystal inspires positivity so they are able to see things more clearly while also being protected against all kinds of negative energies!

Blue Onyx Emotional Healing Properties

Blue Onyx is a stone of inner strength, centering, and self-control. It eases the heavy feelings we experience during challenging phases in our lives to help us through with more ease. The blue coloration provides you guidance for how best to control your emotions when they get too intense or out of hand; it also helps awareness about what thoughts are running rampant that might cause stress levels to rise.

The Blue Onyx enhances the wearer’s abilities to make decisions think clearly and act efficiently. This stone aids in the achievement of balance between the mind, body, and soul in order to face challenging situations with clarity and calmness. 

Blue Onyx is a powerful protective stone that radiates empowering energy to protect you from anxiety and bad energies. Tuning into the vibration of this blue crystal will make your experience with negative thoughts disappear, as it guides those who face challenges positively towards eliminating any source for confusion or stress peacefully.

Blue Onyx Physical Healing Properties

The blue onyx stone is used to combat problems or illnesses that affect the blood and feet, as well as offer assistance in treating glaucoma, cell damage, ulcers, and epilepsy

Blue Onyx is a wonderful stone for boosting energy when you need it. It may also be used to enhance your physical strength and vitality. The crystal helps to cure nail disorders while also promoting the health of your skin and hair.

Blue Onyx boosts your financial strength and ability to stay focused, as well as your capacity to achieve financial objectives. This is the ideal stone for entrepreneurs, who may use it to gain confidence and endurance in order to keep their businesses running. It encourages firmness in business.

Onyx can assist with headaches and is used to restore the eyes and optic nerves. Onyx activates the base chakra, helping you ground and connect to the Earth’s electromagnetic energy.

Blue Onyx Spiritual Healing Properties

The energy of Isis is channeled through this stone. It opens, heals, cleanses, and activates the third eye chakra, mental body, and mind grid. It aids in the entrance of your higher self, soul fragment recovery, and ascension. It promotes spiritual enlightenment by removing blockages to the mental body’s healing process.

It is also useful for opening up new lines of communication with the deceased, as well as allowing contact with spirit guides, angels and the Goddess. The blue onyx stone aids psychic communication with animals and contact with dolphins and whales. This stone puts your thoughts at ease.

Onyx is useful for creating a protective barrier when performing spiritual counseling, tarot card readings, channeling, automatic writing, and other psychic phenomena. Onyx increases telepathic connections with your own higher consciousness and aids you in accessing the Akashic Records.

Blue Onyx is a stone that promises to heal grief and promote psychic contact. It can also help in understanding the cycle of birth, death, rebirth for all living beings on earth. This sacred gemstone has various properties which make it most sought after by fortune tellers who rely heavily upon its power during their rituals

Blue Onyx Chakra

Blue Onyx’s whitish-blue hue resonates with your throat chakra. This makes it a powerful tool for healing the negative energies within this vital part of you and showing that there are ways in which we can speak more eloquently from our personal truths rather than just saying what’s expected or necessary at any given time.

If the throat chakra is misaligned, you might be hyperactive, dogmatic, or fanatical about your political or religious beliefs. You may also resist change and take a long time to respond to things and reasonable demands on your time.

You will improve your clairaudience skills and manifest wealth when you use this stone to potentiate your throat chakra. This stone helps you express yourself and live your truth by encouraging and directing your creative abilities when placed on the throat chakra. It will aid in both speaking and living one’s truth.

More Reasons To Use Blue Onyx

For Relationships

Blue Onyx stones will help you become more open about your feelings. The healing energies of this stone encourage a constructive way in which to express what’s on one’s mind and heart, removing struggles for honesty with words while also promoting sensitivity towards the other person involved in order to create deeper connections between each partner.

This bluestone will be of assistance whenever you have difficulties with your connections (we all do). It will aid you in this testing journey by allowing you to think about the issues and try to find the most loving and peaceful answers.

The Blue Onyx’s greatest advantages are that it will help you communicate more confidently, speak freely what you think/feel, and lead you to break free from emotional difficulties with power, love, and calmness.

For Wealth

Meet the inner strength of your future self with Blue Onyx. This crystal is going to supply you with an unstoppable determination that will help make all challenges a breeze, including those unexpected surprises along the way!

This crystal will cleanse your energy so that you can make better judgments and avoid making bad ones. It will also open new doors of opportunities for you, allowing you to improve your financial position.

If you really pay attention to this onyx meaning, you’ll discover that you have a lot of self-assurance when it comes to following through with your money-making ideas, but also that you don’t have too much pride or arrogance to alienate others in doing so!

You could be shocked at how many events seem to happen for you as you advance under this new energy. This stone can help you develop your intuition in brand-new ways, allowing you to take action that makes no sense now – but trust your instincts and watch the big bucks come!

How To Use Blue Onyx For Healing

The amazing thing about gems is that they come in an array of shapes and sizes, allowing you to reap the benefits of their natural healing power in a variety of ways.


To balance and heal your throat chakra, use it during meditation. Focusing on the throat chakra will enable you to perceive that you are releasing fears, concerns, and tension. As a connection source, hold the stone while meditating plus follow these tips:

  • Sit in a comfortable, quiet place with the blue onyx stone you have been using for mediation sessions
  • Make sure that your back is straight and not slouching
  • Pay attention to how it feels when holding this particular crystal
  • Notice what happens mentally or emotionally
  • Close your eyes if they are starting to flutter
  • Try taking deep breaths
  • Focus solely on breathing
  • Stay present
  • Every time you feel yourself losing focus gently guide yourself back into being fully here
  • Focus on your throat chakra and feel the potent healing energy of Blue Onyx is now manifesting into a new emotional field.
  • Imagine that you are consciously letting go of any stress or doubt for good as if they were little clouds merging with thin air.
  • Touch the Blue Onyx stone and experience its warmth. Welcome the power of this crystal. Make contact with feelings of emotional fortitude, perseverance, and self-control.
  • When you’re ready to end your meditation session, gently open your eyes, thank yourself, beam a smile on your face, and carry on with enthusiasm and passion.

Keep It On You

When you keep a piece of Blue Onyx in your pocket or purse, it will help to align yourself with higher powers and focus on what’s important. This stone also increases personal strength as well as giving courage for dealing with both good and bad things throughout life that shape us into better people.

Blue Onyx Jewelry

Blue Onyx is a lovely crystal that may be utilized in jewelry, such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and other types of jewelry.

Wearing Blue Onyx jewelry will boost your self-assurance and willpower. It will make you feel at ease in your surroundings, allowing you to be yourself. By engaging your body through jewelry, the stone will work its healing properties, and the color will complement your beauty while also enhancing it. For optimum absorption, direct contact allows for energies to be transmitted without obstructions.

Journaling and Affirmations

You can use the stone to assist you in manifesting self-control, joy, and emotional healing while journaling. You will purify your mind of negative ideas as you communicate your feelings. Use the crystal to allow you to channel your thoughts into reality through writing by using it therapeutically.

Affirmations are one of the most effective methods to strengthen and amplify the energy of the Blue Onyx stone. You can definitely create a strong energy flow of strength, perseverance, self-assurance, and limitless optimism when you combine the power of this powerful blue crystal with its energy.

You may hold this stone in your hand and repeat the following positive affirmations that are associated with the energy radiated by this blue light-emitting stone.

Crystal Combinations

Blue Onyx is also referred to as the Stone of Sobriety. When utilized with Amethyst, it will assist you in letting go of your unhealthy attachments to people, things, or places.

This combination will also aid in the absorption and attraction of energies you require from the universe. It will help you resist or attract other people’s harmful energy. Onyx and Carnelian stones may be mixed to generate a powerful stone that will enhance their properties.

You can use it with Zincite, Anyolite, Cinnabar or Chrysanthemum Stone. Blue Onyx will also enhance your psychic visions and aid in meditation to lead you closer to the spiritual world while grounding yourself for this journey! You’ll find that if combined with Fire Agate (or other solar plexus stones) its protective properties increase even further making it a good choice when facing difficult situations such as an illness. 

How To Cleanse and Recharge Blue Onyx

Its ability to generate its own energy will be hampered by the saturation of energies provided by your body in Blue Onyx. As a result, you’ll need to cleanse the stone on a regular basis, especially if you utilize it to acquire new vibrations and energy frequently.


Place the stone in direct sunshine for a few minutes, but don’t expose it to too much light.


Place your Blue Onyx in a glass or bowl with water. You may also submerge it for a few minutes under running water.


Place a moonstone on a location or surface with the greatest amount of moonlight for it to absorb the lunation’s vital energies. Make sure there is no dew on it.

Other Crystals

Quartz is a good conductor of energy and can help to balance out the energies in surrounding stones. Simply put, Quartz is a great amplifier of energy. The Blue Onyx may be placed in such a manner that it comes into touch with the Clear Quartz. The energies and vibrations within the Blue Onyx will be purified by the Clear Quartz.

Smoke Or Fire

The negative energy from the crystal may be released by burning it over a fire for a short time, such as while using a candle. You may also burn sage, sandalwood, cedar, or palo santo to smudge it. Negative energy is said to be removed in this manner.

The most crucial part of the procedure is the healing stone’s cleaning. To recharge the stone with the required energy or power, it must be cleansed. Cleaning your crystal on a regular basis will ensure that it delivers you with the benefits and healing you desire. Choose a cleaning method that is convenient for you to implement in your everyday life.

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