Blue Obsidian

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A beautiful blue stone that has been used for centuries by Native Americans to communicate with the spirit world. Blue obsidian is a form of volcanic glass which occurs in shades from dark blue to pale sky-blue, and occasionally white or black. This blog post will cover all you need to know about this mystical gemstone!

Blue Obsidian Healing Properties

Despite being of blue-ray energy, this is a fantastic grounding stone. This is because it retains many of the qualities that ordinary black obsidian has, making it very easy for the crystal to provide grounding.

This crystal may help you to attain levels of transcendence that were previously unavailable. It’s an incredibly psychic stone and one of few which can have effects on divination, as well as for the greater good in your development into a true psychic. Obsidian is a wonderful grounding, protection, and transmutation stone. During meditation, obsidian stimulates the ability to envision.

While you sleep, keep blue obsidian near your head. This will allow the stone to have plenty of time to work its way into your mind and perform deep thinking that you’ll find in books.

Blue Obsidian Physical Properties

Blue obsidian’s healing properties make it ideal for maintaining a healthy digestive system. The gut, like the mind, maybe the origin of numerous physical and mental problems.

Blue Obsidian Chakra

The throat chakra is activated when you wear Blue Obsidian around your neck. When it’s used at the throat chakra, it promotes and enhances all types of communication and linguistic abilities.

The throat chakra is our communication center; it’s how we communicate and create clarity and meaning. Maintaining this area in energy equilibrium is critical, therefore working with blue obsidian may result in significant improvements.

Who is Blue Obsidian Good For?

The stone will help you to think more clearly and speak more articulately. You’ll be better at asking for what you need since your energy body will be encouraging you as these transformations take place.

Blue Obsidian may be used to treat a variety of ear, eye, nose, and throat disorders. Blue Obsidian can aid and support speech therapy. Blue Obsidian has been used to cure mental cloudiness and psychosis.

Also if you’ve been smothered or repressed for a long time, blue obsidian can assist you in reclaiming your voice once and for all.

Types of Blue Obsidian

Raw Blue Obsidian 

Although blue obsidian is quite hard, it can be polished and carved into a variety of shapes. It may resemble a thick, broken glass chunk or a portion of the deep blue sea that has solidified if it is left raw. It’s quite an amazing sight, but there isn’t much one can do with blue obsidian in rough form.

Raw forms of Blue Obsidian can have sharp angles and unpleasant touchpoints. They are not suitable for physical interaction with the body, and must be polished or tumbled before this kind of work is possible.

The mesmerizing and attractive property of obsidian is that it may be polished into a variety of artistic shapes. Obsidian may also be cut, carved, polished, or faceted to create beautiful ornamental pieces.

Natural Blue Obsidian 

Natural blue obsidian is a difficult material to come by. It’s definitely out there, but obtaining a piece might be costly or require a lot of luck.

This mineral’s physical form is frequently referred to as translucent blue obsidian, as the glass typically appears translucent after it has fully set.

Natural blue obsidian stone is not considered to be a genuine mineral despite being produced by nature. It is recognized as an accidental occurrence and a type of glass that does not receive the mineral nod in today’s society.

Cobalt Blue Obsidian 

In the 1950s, scientists in Russia discovered that they could create blue quartz by growing crystals in laboratories and exposing them to cobalt. The same has been researched with obsidian rock, which has resulted in the mass production of this crystal.

Cobalt blue obsidian, also known as lab-grown cobalt blue obsidian, is the most widely produced manmade variety of blue obsidian. Many laboratories all around the world are currently experimenting with ways to cultivate cobalt blue obsidian. The achievement of these gems has led to the creation of other bright hues of obsidian, including bright red, yellow, and so on.

Aqua Blue Obsidian 

Blue obsidian is sometimes known as “aqua blue obsidian” by merchants. This is usually done to distinguish between cobalt-containing manmade blue obsidian and natural blue obsidian, which has been discovered beneath the Earth’s surface

The color cobalt blue is extremely distinctive, and it cannot be mistaken for lava’s natural blue. Due to the milky hue within some deposits’ glass, especially those from Greece, obsidian blue pearl may also be described as ‘blue aqua obsidian.’

Electric Blue Obsidian 

Electric blue obsidian is a term that refers to several of these stones’ manufactured variants. Electric energy is present in dark blue obsidian, so it’s an appropriate description. Swedish blue obsidian and cobalt blue obsidian are very electric as well.

In general, anyone who refers to their obsidian as “electric blue” has acquired it from a manufactured source. Natural blue obsidian is considerably brighter and gentler in hue than man-made.

Tumbled Blue Obsidian 

It’s typical for these stones to be tumbled before being sold because of their naturally sharp quality.

Glass tumbling stones are created by pouring molten glass into a machine that tumbles it back and forth to smooth out even the sharpest of pieces. This evens out even the sharpest of glass, turning them into tumbling stones that can roll down a hill if required.

Tumbled blue obsidian is superior for physical therapy work since it is more pleasant on the body. Surprisingly, these stones also tend to cost somewhat less than raw formations due to their rapid size and weight reduction.

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What is the cost of Blue Obsidian? (Blue Obsidian Value)

New purchasers are frequently shocked by the blue obsidian pricing, which draws them to the stones’ properties and inclines them to add it to their collection

This is a special, unusual stone. Because the planet does not have an overabundance of it to dig for the masses, having a little really is akin to owning a piece of natural history.

A palm-sized or smaller piece of natural blue obsidian will set you back anywhere from $30 to $70, depending on the quality.

How much does man-made Blue Obsidian cost?

Artificial forms of blue obsidian, such as glass and porcelain, might be more affordable. A decent-sized piece of cobalt blue obsidian or Siberian blue obsidian costs around $30. Keep an eye out for low-priced blue obsidian; you could get ripped off with a replica stone, such as dyed onyx or stained.

How to cleanse Blue Obsidian?

On account of the fact that it is essentially glass, many individuals believe obsidian to be a self-cleansing stone, even though it is not.

This is incorrect: just like other therapeutic crystals, blue obsidian requires your assistance in staying clean and recharged. We’ll show you how to do so, but we recommend that you apply one or more of these procedures at least once a month.

All types of obsidian can crack when exposed to high temperatures. Water that is too hot or cold might harm the stone, so be cautious!

Some ways you can recharge and cleanse your blue obsidian are:

  • Place blue obsidian on a bed of Himalayan salt and leave it for as long as possible.
  • Fill a dishpan with water and add one cup of salt. Place the blue obsidian in the pan, then leave it to cleanse for up to 24 hours.
  • Leave your blue obsidian out on the night of the full moon and collect it the next morning.
  • Bury blue obsidian in your garden and leave it for up to 48 hours.
  • While establishing the goal for purification, pray or meditate over blue obsidian.
  • Set the intention for cleaning through your mind’s eye by burning the herbs over your blue obsidian.

How to use Blue Obsidian


These balls are small crystals, and if you have one it will be snugly fitted into your palm so that all its power can flow through to heal whatever ails you! Authentic variants aren’t easy to come by- they’re usually only found at high prices because of their rarity.

There are a lot of fraudulent blue obsidian spheres on the market, especially from China. One of the most common and easy to mass-produce is a blue crystal ball made of glass.


Blue obsidian is a stone that can be worn to help balance the energy in your throat chakra. This will allow you to communicate more clearly and easily, with no difficulty in getting what was meant or being understood correctly by others around you.

There are several places that sell obsidian. It is also available through specialty jewelers online.


A crystal pendant is a perfect way to get all of your dangling obsidian needs without worrying about chafing or tangling. They’re also suitable for hanging around other items in places where you may be constantly interacting with them, like when driving or sleeping at night-time.


If you want to get the most out of blue obsidian, wear it as near to your wrist as possible. The wrists are the body’s most direct route to circulation, and when crystals are held up against this physical area, wonderful things occur throughout the rest of the body.


Tumbled beads of blue obsidian are one of the most affordable varieties. These might be offcuts or old, discarded pieces of obsidian that have been tumbled and formed into beads, providing anybody with a wonderful chance to create healing jewelry on their own.

If the psychic qualities were what enticed you to this particular stone, consider making some obsidian bead earrings and wearing them as close to your head as possible. The third eye and crown chakras are especially conducive for energetic work with earrings.

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