Blue Aragonite Crystals

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If you’re looking for a way to get more peace, happiness, and love into your life then blue aragonite crystals may be the answer! These stones are called “stones of the heart,” and they help to balance emotions and heal emotional wounds. It’s not only an emotional healer, but it also provides physical and spiritual healing. These beautiful crystals may be used in a variety of ways, and we’ll show you how to get the most out of them in this post.

What is Blue Aragonite?

In the orthorhombic system, octahedral Blue Aragonite is a complex and delicate form that develops from acicular crystals.It can be created through physical and biological processes such as precipitation from both freshwater or marine environments to give it its different hues- typically turquoise blue but sometimes light greenish.

The Spanish town of Aragon is where the translucent stone known as Blue Aragonite was discovered. It may also be found in Germany, Scotland, Namibia, England, Italy, France, and the United States.

Blue Aragonite Meaning

Blue Aragonite is a third eye, throat, and heart chakra stone. It has the comforting vibes of an optimistic joy that will bring relief to your mind as well as other people’s emotions; helping you empathize with their feelings more easily than ever before! 

A piece of Blue Aragonite is the perfect way to soothe your emotional body. With its transformative and chakra balancing properties, it can help one release what has been held inside for too long by calming them down in various ways that are hard (or impossible)to put into words. Holding onto one brings about this sense relief with no regrets- allowing openness towards hidden emotions over time so they are faced head-on!

Blue Aragonite Properties

The variety of colors for Aragonite include brown, white, pink, reddish-brown Aragonite Star Clusters, and blue. The pale blue stone is translucent in a number of shades of blue, ranging from almost white to deeper blue stones.

It’s glossy and has a brittle tenacity. It can be clear to translucent, with a hardness of 3.5 to 4. Aragonite is commonly offered on the market in raw, tumbled pieces or molded into beads. Occasionally jewelry and extremely high-grade specimens are available, but they sell very quickly due to the stone’s attractiveness.

Blue Aragonite Spiritual Healing Properties

This deep blue crystal is a strong throat chakra stone on all levels as it assists you in communicating with spirit guides. It helps to easily hear and understand the information they may share, especially if those messages come from our own inner voice or otherworldly beings such as angels. This stone can also help us gain insight into spiritual vision; bringing optimism and joy wherever one might need them most.

When you communicate with your spirit guides, Blue Aragonite is a great stone to use. It will help make sure that what they say comes true and also give clarity in communication for when things get difficult or unclear. This wonderful crystal has been known as throat chakra energy since it helps support all types of conversation – especially those from spirits!

Blue Aragonite is also excellent at opening up your psychic abilities and inspiring divine guidance while meditating; it’s also known as “the stone of inspiration.”The beauty about it is how much healing can take place when we heal our own young selves- whether they be related to past lives or something from within this lifetime! Blue Aragonite is utilized in this unique meditation to help you address old difficulties at the throat and along with other stones used at various chakras, it’s a powerful tool for overcoming them.

This stone’s vibration may assist you to develop your intuition and its energy is helpful for those who wish they could become more intuitive. It also has a positive effect on Reiki healing, as the energies come together harmoniously in this crystal.

Blue Aragonite Emotional Healing Properties

One becomes more open with themselves and their “hidden” emotions, slowly over time releasing these weights to the surface. Blue Aragonite is a very special stone that can help one get through emotional transitions by soothing them during times of trauma or grief for example – it soothes instead of hurts. This makes dealing easy enough because you don’t have any anger towards yourself or feel shame about something happening in your life.

You can use Blue Aragonite to strengthen your feelings of empathy and sympathy so that you feel what others are feeling. It will also allow for a more understanding way in how they think, which should lead toward treating everyone with respect no matter who it is or where they come from.

This stone will become your closest companion in moments of adversity since it will “soothe” even the most excruciating emotions and occurrences we go through every day. Working with or carrying this stone on a daily basis may provide one’s aura with strong vibrations, which can be detected by friends and family nearby.

When we vocalize our emotional pain and struggle, Blue Aragonite will help inf acing them. It’s not an aggressive stone that forces you to talk about what is bothering or uncomfortable; instead, this crystal pushes one towards being honest with oneself.

We cling to suffering for a variety of reasons, but most importantly because we won’t even discuss it with those closest to us. Blue Aragonite will gently nudge you to share your feelings and fight for yourself. You may alter the course of any discussion or conflict with something as simple as using distinct words in a different tone.

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Blue Aragonite Physical Healing Properties

Blue Aragonite is not only associated with emotional and spiritual healing but also physical. It’s known to help in all kinds of medical issues, such as injuries and chronic fatigue! It has been shown to improve calcium absorption and alleviate chills and aches in the body.

Blue Aragonite, according to crystal healers, can increase the vibrational energies in the body. This stone may help with ailments including broken bones and nerve damage. It can also aid in the treatment of spasms, jerking, and restlessness.

More Benefits Of Blue Aragonite

  • It will also have a stabilizing effect on your life and improve your intuition, allowing you to make better financial decisions.
  • Healing the inner child meditation may help you deal with these problems that have plagued you for a long time.
  • It’s a great tool for metaphysical practitioners and massage therapists who do soft tissue work since it allows you to communicate more delicately.
  • If you work in the psychic field, such as as a psychic reader or tarot reader, this can help you.
  • It may also assist you in finding the cause of your current issues and resolving them.
  • Blue Aragonite is a soothing and beneficial stone for healers and spiritual instructors since it improves your patience while also aiding emotional healing.

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Crystal Combinations

Consider combining Blue Aragonite with some Star Clusters of Aragonite to improve your communication with the spiritual realm. It will work more quickly and effectively if combined with Moldavite.

To meditate with, we recommend using a heart stone, such as Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, or Green Calcite with Blue Aragonite. When opening the heart space, wearing a heart stone or working with one in conjunction with Blue Aragonite may have significant effects.

These stones, when worn together, can be used to assess one’s emotional health and the weight that we place on our hearts all the time. Using these stones on a regular basis will aid in the removal of all negative sentiments from the heart space. This area and energy may now be utilized for what each of us truly desires most.

Use Blue Aragonite with Fuchsite, Muscovite, Chiastolite, Scapolite, Ulexite, Cassiterite, Variscite, Zebra Stone, Datolite, or Tourmilated Quartz to improve your problem-solving skills.

Blue Aragonite Chakras

Because of our chakras being misaligned, we may frequently find ourselves “out of balance” or “off-center.” Reiki healers are expert in the revitalization and realignment of our chakra system. If you can’t discover a good one, Aragonite is a great choice.

Choose your favorite chakra purification exercise and put your Aragonite stone on the chakra that is out of balance. Relax every part of your body and remove any thoughts that may be lingering in your mind during this time. Take this opportunity to focus on yourself and allow your instincts to guide you as you seek and dissolve any negativity.

Aragonite Birthstones

Capricorns are ruled by the zodiac sign of Capricorn, which is composed of aragonite. Capricorns have a lot going for them, being hardworking, loyal, and unshakable. Because the Aragonite stone belongs to an earthly sign, it makes sense that it would be a perfect fit for them.

Capricorns are driven and Aragonite helps them focus their efforts. It’s not a gem that sniffs at aspirations, but one that flies off into the air and transforms flighty ambitions into something genuine. Aragonite also aids Capricorns in remaining solid, even when they are touchy, and in keeping their sweetness while building confidence.

Types Of Aragonite

Aragonite is a mineral composed of calcium carbonate. It is generally found in white orthorhombic prisms and forms in hot spring deposits or stalactites. It may also be seen lining the shells of mollusks. Aragonite has a Mohs hardness of 3-4.

Aragonite has always been a fascinating stone. Its branching clusters and star-inspired forms exude earthy vitality. Aragonite may be overlooked in comparison to other gems, but it has the potential to become a long-standing legend in your collection. We’ve spent hours investigating the deeper meaning of Aragonite and believe that this warming, strengthening stone is a must-have for everyone who has fallen down.

Sputnik Aragonite

The most well-known Aragonite on the market is Moroccan “sputnik.” They are golden brown to color, although they can also appear colorless. Other common colors of Aragonite include white, green, red, violet, yellow, and blue.

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