Black Spinel Crystals

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Black spinel crystal is a type of spinel that has been found in multiple locations around the world. It can be black, brown, green, or red and it is often used as an ornament or gemstone. Despite its beautiful properties and availability, many people are unaware of what this mineral actually does to protect them from negativity. In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about the healing properties of black spinel crystals!

What is Black Spinel?

Black spinel is a gemstone that many people don’t know about because of its rarity and the fact it’s easily mistaken for diamonds. The black stones have an opaque appearance, similar to how red spines look when compared with rubies, they both sparkle brilliantly but can be hard to distinguish from one another unless you get up close.

These crystals were discovered in the shape of an octahedron, which is what gives it its name “Spinel.” This stone has been around for centuries and comes from Latin words meaning to have spinal cords or bones. It’s been found in several hues, including the more well-known red ones. It might also be colored black, blue, green, violet, yellow, purple, brown, orange and a few uncommon hues.

Black Spinel Meaning

Black Spinel is the gemstone of balance. This stone has been used for centuries to solve problems and bring harmony back into one’s life, as it will attune with their feelings on how they are feeling at present. It can cleanse any negative energy from a person so that everything may run smoothly once again!

The meaning behind this amazing stone can be translated as “to clear out” which essentially means it clears away what’s blocking our progress or help you to identify and solve the root causes.

Black Spinel Properties

Spinel is a glass formed from aluminum oxide that may be mistaken for sapphire or ruby due to its resemblance to those gems and its brightness, especially because it comes in an assortment of hues including reds, purples, blues, oranges, yellows, browns, and blacks.

The black spinel, which has been mined for centuries and even dubbed the “black prince’s ruby” because it was featured as a main focal point in England’s state crown, is quite beautiful. Because it may be set in so many ways and comes in such vibrant hues and sizes, spinel is very popular among jewelry makers.

Spinel is found in octahedral crystals and appears as lovely, perfectly formed octohedrons. Some stones have visible etching on their surface, as well as parallel-layered growth.

The gemstones are usually tiny, bright, sharp, and translucent to transparent in color. They can be crimson or brownish-red. They are generally cut into facets or polished into a brilliant sheen. The stones vary widely in shape and size depending on the formation in which they reside; for example, clusters and twinned crystals.

Spinel is rare and usually found in Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Africa, India, Thailand, Australia, Russia, and a few places in the United States.

Black Spinel Healing Properties

The Black Spinel stone has strong energy. It is highly regarded by healers all over the world. It is said that black Spinel can cure all sorts of physical, emotional, and spiritual problems at their root causes. The gem’s name, Black Spinel, alludes to its function of resolving issues and bringing the situation back to normal. It will tune into its owner’s sentiments and address the core reason for the problem.

Black Spinel Emotional Healing Properties

The energy of blue stones is very good; it may stimulate creativity and innovation. This may encourage creative thinking, which in turn leads to new directions for your life! The vibration of these crystals is known as an attractor for fresh ideas-new areas of interest–and developing talents you never knew existed before.

Black Spinel is not just a pretty rock. It can clear negative energies from the ground, and it does so in an unprecedented way to help you move on with your life once these heavy burdens have been removed! It penetrates not just on the surface but all the way to the heart of things.

Spiritual Healing Properties

Use these gems for boosting inspiration while performing meditation, to assist you in coming up with new creative solutions and pathways forward in life.

If you are interested in exploring the world of psychic readings or if you are wondering whether astrology is real, I will shed some light on it. This encounter with beings from other realms may help you obtain insights into your purpose and offer advice on how to choose courses of action that move you closer to achieving what your soul intended before its arrival.

The strong effect of these stones to ground you firmly to the ground is well known. If you have been affected by working with high crystal energy stones, this may be quite beneficial.

Physical Healing Properties

Use Black Spinel to detoxify the body physically. It may heal the total body, although it is frequently beneficial for the bladder, intestines, and female reproductive system. Use Black Spinel to help with ailments of the leg as well as lymphatic system-related problems.

These stones may help to reinvigorate you if your body is feeling extremely tired. They have a vibration that improves physical energy, assisting in the removal of debilitating exhaustion or fatigue so one can more easily recuperate when suffering illnesses such as depression.

This stone is also well-known for its capacity to assist with detoxification of the intestines, as well as the organs in the lower abdomen. The activation of the third and fourth chakras aids in the transmission of energy. As mentioned earlier, It helps to heal problems within the stomach and procreative organs of the body, such as the prostate and lymphatic system.

More Benefits of Black Spinel


The gemstone will bring out your ability to do what’s impossible for you. Black Spinel is perfect if it seems like there are too many limitations in place, or if someone has been treated unfairly or feels powerless. Wear black spinel jewelry as an empowering reminder that you will achieve the things you desire no matter what obstacle is in front of you!

Emotional Management

Black Spinel is capable of reverting back to its original positive condition. The gemstone can help you relax after a long day. Throughout the day, we experience a variety of emotions, including joy, anger, sadness, and amusement.

It works well when both sentiments are in balance. When unpleasant emotions such as rage and sadness get out of hand, it becomes difficult. Try Black Spinel if you’re feeling stressed on a daily basis.

The gemstone exudes a quiet yet elegant air. Rather than a hard-working enthusiast, Black Spinel is similar to an intellectual scientist. The gemstone aids you in addressing difficulties in a suitable manner. The stone will be your major supporter if you have a good rapport with Black Spinel.

Brings Inspiration

The term “Black Spinel” is also associated with inspiration. The gemstone aids in the development of your sensitivity. Black Spinel allows you to discover new ideas and possibilities within yourself. It may also aid those who wish to generate innovative ideas and concepts.


Black Spinel can help to re-establish healthy relationships with loved ones that have become estranged. They bring optimism and hope when you’re working on reconciling differences, or they may be used as healing stones for those who need assistance releasing anger from family issues like resentment.

These stones may help you release stored energy if you’re caught up in a scenario where past emotions are keeping you trapped. It can also assist with issues from the past that are preventing you from progressing in your life. During these times, individuals may feel regret and be unable to let go of deep sadness. These circumstances might also create profound bitterness or irritation towards others who need to be addressed.

How To Use Black Spinel For Healing

Keep On You

Black Spinel may help you to get rid of your sadness by keeping one on your body. Their energy might assist you in releasing feelings of rage or animosity that are caused by old family issues, allowing you to be happy.

Black Spinel Rings & Necklaces

It’s ideal to wear black spinel pendants especially if you believe you require protection. They’re also excellent for psychically protecting us and providing help with grounding since they are strong psychic protection stones as well as powerful aids in that regard.

Black Spinel is usually fairly simple to acquire as jewelry since it is on the zodiac birthstones list. They’re commonly created into pendants or rings, which is an easy way to wear them daily.

How To Cleanse and Care Black Spinel

The hardness of the black spinel is rated at 8 on the Mohs scale, making it both durable and resilient. This makes it difficult to scratch and chip, making it a sensible option for jewelry that you intend to wear on a daily basis. To preserve and clean your black spinel jewelry, simply follow these directions:

  1. Prepare a gentle brush, as well as warm soapy water
  2. Make sure to clean all gaps throughout the pieces with a soft brush.
  3. All residue should be removed by rinsing.
  4. Use a gentle cloth to wipe the jewelry or crystal clean.

To maintain their color, wrap and store your spinel jewelry with a light cloth; remember to put it at room temperature since exposure to high heat may cause the color to fade. Last but not least, keep it apart from other things in order to avoid damage from contact.

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