Black Labradorite Crystal

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Labradorite is one of the most powerful stones for healing. It’s strong enough to help you heal your physical ailments but can also help with emotional and spiritual healing as well. Black labradorite is even more potent than regular labradorite because it has a higher iron content that gives it its dark coloration. In this blog post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about black labradorite including its origin, healing properties, benefits, chakras, and more!

What is Black Labradorite?

Black Labradorite is a protective and grounding stone that can cleanse your body to help you feel connected with the earth. It’s also helpful for seeing visions in past lives, as it enhances our psychic abilities while helping us understand what those messages are trying to tell us.

Origin of Black Labradorite

Labradorite/Larvikite is a feldspar. The name comes from the region of Norway called the Larvik Fjord, where this kind of igneous rock occurs.

But it is also said that The mineral name Labradorite is derived from a place in Labrador, Canada. It’s composed of feldspar. It was named after the location where it was first discovered, which is Labrador, Canada.

While the exact origin is unsure, It is distinct from other labradorites in that it appears to be black with white flecks. It has varying shades of grey and black, as well as light-colored iridescent inclusions.

Labradorite is found in a variety of locations around the world, including countries like Mexico, Madagascar, Finland, Greenland, Italy, Russia, Scandinavia, Australia, China among others.

Black Labradorite Healing Properties


The labradorite crystal can empower and enhance your psychic abilities. You will gain confidence in yourself to take action, express what you feel more freely without worrying about how others react or think of it, as well as follow that intuition when going out into the world!

A Black labradorite stone can negate and cancel harmful spells that have lost their force. It deflects negative energy and enhances our confidence in our own intellect (by stimulating creativity), engaging with other people through deep discussions regarding life’s most important issues!

Black Labradorite is a gemstone that has the ability to predict your future. This comes from the fact many people see lights in black crystals and believe it’s foretelling what they will be like or how successful their lives can potentially become, which may also translate into being able to tell fortunes with this stone as well!

Labradorite is an excellent stone to have with you, not only will it protect against bad luck but also bring good fortune and success in your life. If looking for a crystal that’s guaranteed to make things happen then labradorite would be the perfect option!


Black Labradorite is also used to balance energy in your body. It can help ease anxiety and worry, so you’ll feel less stressed out! Additionally, it’s good for restoring confidence when lost through self-doubt or fear of failure.

Labradorite is also called the stone of hope at times. It can be used to find clues in dark times, and it prevents you from losing your heart too soon when things get tough. Labradorites also give us courage for our dreams by not letting go until we’ve tried every single option available on this earth!

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Black Labradorite is a powerful gemstone that helps us to see ourselves through the eyes of our higher self, teaches patience, and grant peace when completion or closure to a goal requires it. It also supports logical decision-making; not based on emotions alone.

Labradorite is also said to temper the negative side of our personality, traits, and actions that rob us from feeling like we can be ourselves. It helps reduce anti-social behavior in children as well adults if they are easily led into trouble by others or have something bad happen at an early age which may affect them for life. 

Labradorite is a stone that can help you find the real self in your public persona. In order for society to function, we must maintain an appearance of manners and propriety; however, if this becomes too much then it will lead us to lose ourselves completely. Labradorites help one embrace their true intention when they need or want something done and allow you to act honestly and genuinely.


Labradorite is a powerful stone that can be used to help combat various ailments. It’s most often prescribed for disorders like eye or brain problems, respiratory issues such as colds and bronchitis, gout/rheumatism symptoms among others 

Labradorite has also been said to help in treating lung cancer thanks largely due to its ability to remove all types of toxins from the body while promoting cellular regeneration giving you more energy throughout your day!

Black Labradorite Chakra

Black Labradorite is a stone of truth. It stimulates the throat chakra and encourages one to speak their mind, which can be useful when navigating through tough times or changing environments because it makes you strong enough not just to talk about what’s on your heart but also to stand up for yourself without feeling guilty. 

This chakra can also be linked to the third eye and crown. It is said that it has a changing color which represents your inner self; its link being established through two important Chakras: Third Eye (the mind’s eye) acts as a gate or door for meditation into higher dimensions while also playing an integral role in spiritual enlightenment.

The Crown Chakra, or Sahasrara, is the seventh of the seven chakras. It is the top of the “Chakra Ladder.” It can bring us into contact with God’s source and the universe.

Difference Between Black Labradorite & Labradorite

Generally, black labradorite is more expensive than regular labradorite. Gray type Labradorite is widely known. Black Labradors, on the other hand- are priceless and have few numbers because their brilliance inside becomes more visible than that of regular labradorites. 

Because it is a unique stone, the competition to obtain it grows. To obtain it, go to specialty stores with patience. Bracelet and necklace types are popular. You can gain strength by selecting a design that is easy to put on.

Labradorite is a type of crystal that has healing properties and can be used for many purposes. It also works well with Zodiac signs, like those in Leo who are known to have strong personalities as well as Scorpio Sagittarius because they all share one thing- ambition.

How To Use Black Labradorite

At Home

Black Labradorite is a powerful stone that can help you to feel at peace in your own home. Staying there peacefully and with powerful energy coming from the stones, labradorites tend not only to transfer good vibes but also remove negative ones! The best place for this crystal? Southeast or southwest side of any area where people spend time when they come to visit – it’ll lessen anxiety levels across an entire household while enhancing their positive energies too.

At Work

Labradorite is a powerful stone that can help you to stay focused at work and draw out the best in others. Wear it as jewelry, or on your desk for maximum benefits! By wearing labradorite throughout the day (even indoors), its energy will bring joyfulness into our lives while we’re getting ready emotionally/spiritually- which inspires us physically too; this helps create an environment where challenges become opportunities.

Mediation and Black Labradorite

The power of Labradorite lies in its ability to open up inner nature. This stone is linked with the third eye chakra, which can help you access your spiritual mind and enter into consciousness for healing or creative thinking opportunities.

If you’re not sure whether or not this technique can help change your life, attempt to meditate and converse with your inner self to invite the doorway of clairvoyance. You may simply wait for how the energy affects you and gives you a sense of calmness in your heart and mind.

How to care and cleanse Black Labradorite

Labradorite is a beautiful stone with unique properties. It can be wrapped in cloth and stored for safekeeping, but avoid exposure to sunlight as this will cause the color display of labradors within it to change over time or if you notice some staining on your hands after touching one then try running them under warm water which may clean up some dirt particles from getting into its nooks and crannies.

There are many ways to clean your Labradorite, but it is important not to expose the stone for long periods of time or soak in too much water. By running a quick bath with saltwater you can remove any dirt and grime while preserving its beautiful colors!

You can use the rainwater to clean your labradorite if you want. All-natural ingredients are recommended because they have more energy for stones like this one, which will be able to regain their power after being worn down.

Cleaning labradorite with a lotus flower spray is also fine since it contains substances that are designed to preserve stones as they were prior and still have an impact. By following these steps and using those procedures to cleanse the stone, it may be able to restore its energies and abilities that were lost or destroyed as a consequence of being used.

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