Best Places To Buy Crystals In Toronto

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Where can you buy healing crystals in Toronto? This is a question that many people are asking. Luckily for you, this blog post has the answer! We have done research to find out where some of the top places are to buy healing crystals in Toronto. We also include information about what types of crystals they sell and how much they cost. It doesn’t matter if you want amethyst, agate or another type of crystal; we’ve got it all covered here!

The Rock Store

The Rock Store is a crystal haven and Healing Centre that offers up some serious healing for the soul. Set in downtown Toronto, it’s easy to get lost among all of their beautiful crystals. With services like Reiki treatments or yoga classes with certification programs on Astrology & Tarot as well; there’s something for every spiritual curious person.

They write “our hope us that our visitors will depart happier and more centered, we provide a feeling of being filled with all of the beauty and energy of our location.”

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“The Rock Store is so magical. Beautifully decorated, peaceful atmosphere and friendly staff. And it smells divine! Great variety of books and oracle cards. I could spend hours there. Do yourself a favor and go check it out 🙂 you’ll be transformed”

Happy Soul

The goal of Happy Souls as described on their website is to help people all around the world discover their talents and pursue their goals using crystals and spiritual methods for intuition. Happy Soul was started with love, by Diane Kewley in the summer of 2016 on Nikola Tesla’s 150th birthday when she left her accounting career to become an entrepreneur.

That vision in her heart of starting a store was supported by her love for spirituality, which she shared with the world and allowed her to inspire those who visited to improve the planet.

Crystal Collections

Their catalog has now expanded to include over 297 different types of crystals from numerous sources throughout the world. Plus they only partner with suppliers who help stay ethical and moral while delivering customers with the finest spiritual resources.


If you’ve never been here you are missing out on an amazing experience on so many levels. The selection of crystals and protective crystal and meditation products and the expertise and open hearted kindness of each member of the staff, regarding energy healing and clearing, is deeply appreciated. They are so open to hearing your story as you maneuver through your journey. Their online shop is just right as well! Thanks everyone. Love and light to you all. 💛

Geologic Gallery

The mission at Geolgic Gallery is to offer a unique opportunity for visitors to appreciate nature’s design by creatively displaying our high-quality mineral specimens, genuine fossils, spiritual things, local artist jewelry, and fine art.

They aim to lift people’s spirits while sharing our love of the environment by offering gorgeous, natural, ancient, and healing treasures for individuals who wish to adorn themselves or their home, garden, office, or sacred space with a Present from the Earth.

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I love this store! I made a rather large order and did pick up, which was covid friendly and contactless. I received my items and loved all of them, great size and amazing prices. These are the best prices for the size and quality I have encountered. I wanted to exchange a few items and Kavan went above and beyond for me, if you’re thinking about getting crystals and such from here do it. Everything is gorgeous I’m very satisfied with my purchase!


Ana is a Reiki Master for people and animals, a Crystal Master Healer, a Tarot card reader, and a Psychic Medium who has completed the courses for all five titles. She utilizes clairaudience and clairvoyance mental mediumship. Crystals can help you add a unique flavor to your Reiki and/or meditation session by providing an alternative approach.

The goal is to help and guide you into ultimate peace, equilibrium, and connection with the divine. To enhance the law of attraction for manifestation purposes.

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I can not say enough good things about Ana’s Studio, or Ana as a person. I don’t have the space, and you would not read it all. I have the honour of knowing this beautiful woman for 5+ years. The changes and transformation for the better, that I have experienced since meeting Ana have been Fantastic!!! Ana is an amazing, compassionate, honest woman. If you done believe me, walk in to her studio 🙏🙏💖💖✌🏻

My Blissful Lotus

In Little India, a one-of-a-kind experience full of things for yourself, your family, or your friends. Keeping your health in mind, they are a one-of-a-kind Metaphysical and Crystal store.

They offer Crystal Healing goods, Jewellery, Aromatherapy, Minerals, Home Decor, Buddha Figurines, Yoga Inspired Clothing, Smudging and Incense items, Reiki treatments, and jewelry-making classes. Bringing peace to your mind, body, and spirit. Established in 2014.

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I have just found this fantastic shop with the MOST WONDERFUL owner/operator!
She is thoughtful, helpful, and friendly – in short a jewel herself.
And, knows her stuff too! She lives by what she offers.
I highly recommend, if you are nearby, but special a trip there will definitely be worthwhile.

Alternative Thinking

Empowering your wellness with thoughtfully sourced offerings to cultivate health, nutrition, wisdom, beauty, and spirit. Alternative Thinking is a one-stop shop for alternative thinkers, healers, creatives, and evolutionaries. Key product categories include books, health food, crystals, and a range of lifestyle items.

Alter8ing the art of exchange with a holistic retail experience and product line to promote alternative thinking, healing, and global evolution. Check out their crystal and metaphysical services below!

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This is a beautiful store with amazing calming energy. They have a very large variety of herbs, candles, books, crystals and jewelry and other items. Their crystal prices are some of the most affordable that I have seen in Toronto – and their selection is large. The staff is incredibly friendly and approachable, and are happy to help. The environment is wonderful, and they have a gorgeous amethyst cauldron you can view! All in all, one of my favorite metaphysical supply stores in Toronto. Keep up the amazing work Alternative Thinking!!

Kobra Crystals

For over a decade, Kobra Crystals has supplied minerals and crystals to metaphysical stores in Canada and abroad. They take pleasure in providing high-quality service and variety. They have a diverse range of goods from tumbled stones and pendulums to amethyst geodes and polished points, as well as everything else in between. If they don’t have the mineral you’re looking for, they can get it for you through their extensive network of contacts all over the world.

Selecting gemstones online can be difficult. As a result, they travel to Prince Edward Island on a regular basis so store owners can examine and feel the stones and choose just those they believe are perfect for their customers or themselves!

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If you’re looking for crystals, gemstones, geodes, etc., this is the store for you. There is a wide variety of gemstones to choose from, all shapes and sizes. This is a wholesale store and you will need to call before you visit the store. The owner is very knowledgeable and helpful.

Stormy Stones

Stormy Stones is a lover of crystals and enjoys educating and discussing them. They sell everything crystal, from cleaning supplies to crystals to tarot cards, so you can find anything for everyone in their store.

Crystal Collection


Amazing products and the service is phenomenal!

Earth’s Treasures

Tara Gwilliam a young woman from Toronto is the owner of this metaphysical business. She developed an interest in going to other cities because of my love for gems and minerals. During the summer of 2018, it rapidly became a pastime that she was enthusiastic about and wanted to share her expertise and gems with others.

She now does weekly live Instagram sales and educational events. Every crystal for sale at Earth Treasures has been hand-picked for its unique shape, size, purity, or simply beautiful appearance.

Crystal Collections


Tara and Josh… My first crystals were purchased from these two amazing souls. Whether in person or during their Instagram Lives, these 2 are two of the most kind hearted and amazing people. Very knowledgeable and super helpful, and if Tara’s laugh doesn’t infect you with happiness I don’t know what will. 100% recommend. Check them out.

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