Crystals For Headaches

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Headaches are the worst. They can make everything in your life feel like it is falling apart, and they can cause you to miss out on time with your family, friends, or even work. Migraines are one of the most debilitating types of headaches that people face. If you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk staring at a computer screen all day long without any breaks, then these headaches might be happening more often than not for you! Luckily there are some crystals that can help ease this pain and get rid of those pesky migraines once and for all!

Can Crystals Help Relieve Headaches?

Crystals are recognized for being able to remove negative energy, purify auras, clean out chakras, and help the body heal because of their glittering high frequencies.

The practice of crystal healing has been around for at least 6000 years, and it is thought to have originated with the Sumerians of Mesopotamia. Crystal healing is still rife with mystical beliefs today. However, there is a scientific theory that crystals can provide therapeutic benefits based on the Vibrations Theory, which states that all objects vibrate at their own unique frequency. Specific minerals, according to the idea, vibrate at frequencies that can interact with human body frequencies and aid in healing.

Crystals interact on an energetic level with your body. The best crystals for headaches and migraines will target energy imbalances between the head energy and Solar Plexus, as well as clearing energy blockages and purifying the aura.They can also assist you in working with your emotional health to reduce stress and energy levels while ensuring that you get adequate rest. Let’s take a look at the best crystals for headaches and migraines to help you live painfree!

Best Crystals For Headaches


Selenite is a powerful crystal for treating headaches. It can be used in many different ways, but curing a headache isn’t one that not too many people are aware off — until now! The healing properties quickly unblock stagnant or stuck energies and promote positive flow-of energy around your body. You can place Selenite crystals directly on your forehead and down around the perimeter of your head to relieve any pain in that area. It also relieves exhaustion, which is often what causes headaches! 

How To Use Selenite Crystals For Headaches

Imagine the Selenite crystal absorbing all of your worries, concerns, and negative thoughts throughout the day. This exercise takes only a few minutes, but it’s quite effective in ridding you of unwanted energies. Selenite crystals can also be used to remove negative energy from your environment.

Place Selenite crystals in strategic locations throughout your home to provide a healthy living environment and allow you to unwind. You don’t allow negative energies to build up in your body if you have a proper release of bad energy.


Amethyst is a wonderful stone for headaches because of its healing energy, which heals a wide range of illnesses including severe headaches and migraines. It’s one of the most effective headache treatments available. Vibrations from Amethyst crystals reduce tension and stress levels while also relaxing your nerves. It protects the chakra cores from destabilizing and removing any painful obstructions in your chakras.

How To Use Amethyst Crystals For Headaches

You’ll notice that the tension and aches melt away almost immediately when you lie down and rest a piece of Amethyst crystal on your forehead for 10 minutes. You can gradually extend the amount of time you keep the crystal on your forehead as you practice more often.

Wearing gemstones during your sleep can assist to alleviate headaches if done frequently, especially if you are prone to experiencing them. To keep the energy of this stone close to you at all times, wear Amethyst earrings.


Blue Lace Agate’s soothing, gentle blue hue is a good indicator of the energy it emanates. This stone is cooling and relaxing, making it an excellent alternative for individuals suffering from tension headaches that make focusing and operating difficult. Blue Lace Agate can rescue a weary mind, tired eyes, and a tension headache from being caused by staring at the screen for too long and return you to your best possible health.

How To Use Agate Crystals For Headaches

Blue Lace Agate is believed to counteract negative energy and some claim that it can even muffle the impact of EMFs, which might cause tension headaches. If you’re getting a headache from staring at your computer all day, wearing or carrying Blue Lace Agate may help calm your weary thoughts while restoring your vitality and focus.


Quartz is a highly effective healing stone for physical problems. It’s an excellent crystal for headaches. Its strong vibrational frequency may resonate with your internal condition, purifying your thoughts and alleviating pain instantly.

The Master Healer goes to great lengths to ensure that you are in a state of perfect balance and harmony. The clear and brilliant gem will bring peace and balance to each of the seven chakras, allowing energy to flow freely. In addition, it pays close attention to your crown chakra, helping you connect with higher realms.

How To Use Quartz Crystals For Headaches

When you need to eliminate negative energy from your space, use Clear Quartz. Negative energy can cause the body to become rundown and headaches to seep through, but when you have Clear Quartz on hand, you may keep protected and stay in the light.

Lapis Lazuli

The gemstone lapis lazuli is a migraine-relieving stone. It has a unique vibrational frequency that allows the user to clear any bad chakra blockages. You may finally unwind knowing that all of the stagnant chakras have been discharged. Lapis Lazuli can also assist you in attaining spiritual awareness and inner calm. It’s the keystone to stress reduction, and its enchanting hue soothes what’s disturbed.

How To Use Lapis Lazuli Crystals For Headaches

For just 15 minutes, putting a Lapis Lazuli crystal on your forehead will make you feel rejuvenated and calm. Your headache discomfort will be relieved or at least diminished.

Wear Lapis Lazuli earrings to prevent stress from manifesting on your body and to keep headaches at bay. Place a Lapis Lazuli crystal on your forehead the next time a headache threatens to ruin your day.


Citrine is a happy stone that may help your energy levels improve. Sometimes tiredness, low spirits, and listlessness can take away our energy, causing headaches and exhaustion.Citrine is a type of vitamin D that functions as both a crystal form and an antioxidant.This crystal is effective in treating headaches brought on by muscular tension in the neck and upper back. The forehead and brow can be strained as a result of tight muscles there.

How To Use Citrine Crystals For Headaches

Wearing Citrine as a necklace is one of the most effective ways to utilize it; the closeness to the back and neck will assist with stress. Wearing Citrine on your head is also helpful if you can’t seem to snap yourself out of a funk. It may assist clear your thoughts and bathe you in sunny clarity.


Emerald has the ability to alleviate stress and worry from your mind. It’s one of the most effective healing stones for migraines. Stress and anxiety are known to induce migraine, therefore using emerald as a preventative measure is beneficial since it has nerve relaxing properties.

How To Use Emerald Crystals For Headaches

Emerald is more of a maintainer than a healer. It works best at keeping us calm over time. As a result, it’s advisable to have it on you at all times. Wear earrings made of Emerald to relieve migraines; alternatively, carry around an Emerald tumbled stone all day.

Green Aventurine

A Green Aventurine is a wonderful gemstone to have on hand for when your eyes need some cooling and soothing. This genuinely stabilizing stone is adept at reducing stress and getting you back on track (in a beneficial way). It’s good at removing mental roadblocks and has anti-inflammatory effects that can help with pain and inflammation around the eyes.

How To Use Green Aventurine For Headaches

It safeguards you against migraines triggered by your body’s allergic responses. Aventurine promotes a healthy circadian rhythm and sleepiness while you use it for nighttime meditation.


Carnelian, being a very active stone, excels at clearing lower chakras so you can shine. We may not be able to live in our best possible state of health when our energy is blocked. Carnelian has amazing detox effects and can help deliver oxygen to the body’s various locations. This can decrease the likelihood of suffering from a headache while nursing.

How To Use Carnelian Crystals For Headaches

When you have a headache that makes you feel sluggish, foggy, or as if your body is struggling, turn to Carnelian for its brilliant red energy to clear out and uplift you.


The majority of headaches and migraines are caused by the crown chakra, which is this gemstone’s primary focus. Magnesite specifically targets the crown chakra, rapidly and effectively eliminating all ailments, including headaches and migraines. This is why Magnesite is such an excellent migraine stone.

How To Use Magnesite Crystals For Headaches

Take a bath with this quartz for headaches. Its cleansing properties will undoubtedly get rid of any discomfort.


Ametrine is a member of the Quartz family and balances feminine and masculine energies to help you relax and feel more refreshed. As a result, while Ametrine isn’t usually used to cure headaches, it may help to clear the mind and discover the source of the stress that is generating them.

We hope we’ve helped you find the right crystal for your needs. If you are experiencing chronic headaches, it may be because of how much time you spend sitting at a desk staring at a computer screen all day long without any breaks. Luckily there are some crystals that can ease this pain and get rid of those pesky migraines once and for all!

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