Aries Birthstones

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Being a fire sign, you can expect Aries to be a passionate and fiery person who is not afraid to take charge. This star sign is born from March 21st to April 19th, making it the first astrological sign in the zodiac. The ram symbolizes Aries, while the ruling planet is Mars – the planet of desire, love, and passion.

Zest for the Best

It’s only fitting that Aries love being on top of their game at all times, given that they are indeed the first zodiac sign. They love to be number one in whatever goals they pursue, but it’s no mystery that they put in the required hard work and energy. 

Like their symbol, the ram, Aries likes to dive in headfirst in whatever they set their mind towards. Being a fire sign, there’s a burning desire deep within an Aries to do their best, and you’ll find them to exude a sense of self and confidence that makes them even more desirable. 

Similarly, when it comes to modality, this ram is a cardinal sign, meaning they’re great leaders that lead by example rather than the precedents left by their peers. They love to set their own goals, and you’ll usually see them trusting their instincts when it comes to challenging decision-making skills. Although it doesn’t hurt that Aries does have a killer sixth sense. 

Given their passionate nature, they can sometimes rush into making choices and usually think of the consequences after the deed is done. But their passion is also the most notable quality that helps them see their dreams through. 

All this talk about fire and passion, so it’s safe to say the same energy trickles into an Aries romantic life too. They’re sensitive lovers that show their love through grand gestures of affection. An Aries will make it known that you’re their partner; no matter where you are, their love will shine through. 

They are hot-tempered people, though, although their anger leaves as quickly as it comes so that we won’t worry too much about it. 

Birthstones for Aries

Having a larger-than-life personality comes with its drawbacks. Sometimes Aries’s aspirations and energy can take their toll and cause them to burn out. That’s where the role of these magnificent birthstones step in – to heal and nurture. 


Number one sign of the zodiac, represented by the mighty ram, ruled by mars, flag bearers of the spring season, and the first of the fire signs – an Aries does it all. Such a vital sign won’t settle for anything less than a diamond, precisely their primary birthstone. 

A diamond is the most robust material on the face of our planet, which is the perfect symbol for the strength and endurance of an Aries. Like how a diamond forms from the rough makings of carbon, an Aries grows and evolves into its best version.

No matter how tough the going gets, the diamond serves as a beacon of resilience for Aries. It helps to stimulate their love, desire, and passion, helping them achieve the best possible version of their true self. 


A warm embrace of the golden sun on a winter morning or the first rays of morning light at dawn, that’s exactly what we think of when we see the gorgeous Topaz stone. It’s easy for one to get lost within the layers of buttery warmth that emits from the sunny surface of a Topaz, serving as the perfect symbol for happiness and light in an Aries life. 

The Topaz reflects how Aries brings the sunny spring season and the bloom of floral bliss. Topaz is the ideal symbol of rebirth and harmony for Aries, especially significant if they’re looking for a fresh start or beginning something new. 

The golden glow transmitted from this stone works wonders for the love life of Aries, too, helping them channel their desire and love the right way. 


Like most other green gemstones, Jade is associated with the heart chakra – the most intimate and delicate part of the human body. These lush forest green stones symbolize wisdom, which Aries can be desperate for at times. 

Being a fire sign can be tricky sometimes; Aries doesn’t stop to think before making decisions which can sometimes not go in the favor. To counteract the adverse effects of their impulsive behavior, Jade can help clear out the heart chakra to make way for critical thinking. 

Clearing out the heart is also crucial for Aries to find their way in love and relationships and help them see beyond their tunnel vision.


Controlling a ram can sometimes be challenging, given how fast they are to butt into things headfirst. An Amethyst is a perfect anecdote to help Aries sit back, relax, and stop them from jumping into things headfirst. 

This vibrant stone will bring the same color and vibrancy to an Aries life and stop them before making a detrimental decision. The color red may charge a bull, but a ram is calmed by this purple stone, bringing the balance and calm that they so badly needed into their lives.


Aquamarine is a stone of deep blue sea and flowing mood. It’s one the strongest communication stones in this pack, ever ready to entice Aries into speaking their truth with cool hues that don’t cause emotional ripples for those you love. The compassionate energy invites people who need help or healing from emotional pain to come out on top while they’re swimming through life feeling strong! 

Apache Tears

The Apache Tears are a type of spiritual grounding stone that can help you reconnect with the natural world and ground yourself. Those who frequently work with higher-vibration stones may become ungrounded, which is a great stone to counteract any negative side effects.

Although they appear to be two different types of rock, these odd-shaped stones are actually a form of Black Obsidian. When you believe you require psychic protection, utilize them as a powerful Aries birthstone. This gem protects the aura and absorbs negative energy. It’s one of a group of highly protective stones for spiritual practitioners.

Red Jasper

Red jasper is a stone associated with the root chakra, which has extremely beneficial grounding qualities. This groundwork involves realigning your seven chakras and fostering a sense of harmony between the physical body, intellect, and spirit.

Red Jasper’s fiery hue matches the element from which Aries is linked, making it an ideal planetary stone complement. Red Jasper is here to provide its tranquil edge and complex harmony to keep those rams on track as we now know that Aries people can be restless and quick.

Jasper is a happy grounding stone that knows how to clear out any base chakra obstacles. As a result, you’ll experience a renewed sense of vitality, profound joy, and all of the cosmos’ whirls of creativity.


The last Aries gemstone is Bloodstone, which has unique metaphysical characteristics. It is a great blood purifier, as the name implies. Furthermore, it is praised for its ability to enhance your intuition and improve your perceptive abilities.

The Bloodstone, which is soaked in physical power and exquisite wellbeing, is an excellent zodiac stone for Aries people. This was the stone that fighters would carry into battle since it greatly enhanced their physical strength and kept them well-protected even after the world had fallen to fire and ruin.Aries is eager to advance and conquer, while Bloodstone ensures that they stay on this direct course without losing their footing.


The combination of Aventurine and diamond is essential for attaining that brilliant equilibrium of empathy and compassion, as well as an immediate action. While the Aries sign is all about straight and direct action, their sense of compassion can sometimes be a little low. Aventurine works to raise the bar in order to ensure that all Aries have the tools and capability to nurture deep meaningful relationships.

This appealing problem-solving stone has helpful and optimistic energy, making it an ideal tool for when your spirits are down.


The Ruby gemstone is another sunstone that stays close and radiant in its relationship to Mars, the planet of warriors. As previously said, Aries people tend to focus their attention internally a lot while putting all of their energy into self-serving actions, but it would be beneficial for everyone (and them in particular) not to just consider themselves as number one on this earth.

We all want to be the best in the world, and the Aries sign should extend their gaze just a little further to spot those in relationships with them a bit more.

Unlocking the Birthstone

For Aries to truly connect with their birthstone, they need to touch, feel, and meditate with the stone’s energy. It’s essential to keep the stone near their body and vision to help them take full advantage of the birthstone. 

These stones work in perfect harmony with meditation and manifestation, so it’s equally important to know what you want and expect from your stone. 

But before taking any steps, it’s crucial to cleanse the birthstone, ideally running it under flowing water or even dipping it into saltwater. Now it’s ready to start working wonders for an Aries. 

Birthstones work in partnership with the mind; once Aries put their mind to their goals, their birthstones will automatically start nudging them towards the right direction.


Birthstones can have a long-lasting and beneficial effect on their zodiac sign, accentuating their positive traits and counteracting the negatives. There’s a reason why each sigh is given their specific list of appropriate stones – because they work so well together. 

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