Angelite Crystals

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Angelite is a crystal that has been used for centuries to heal both the body and spirit. They are one of the most sought-after crystals by people who are interested in natural healing methods but aren’t sure where to start. This blog will give you all the information you need about Angelite crystals, including their properties, how they can assist with healing on physical and emotional levels, and what sets them apart from other stones.

What is Angelite?

Angelite is a form of gypsum that forms when celestite has been compressed for millions of years. It’s is a rare and ancient stone that was first discovered in 1989. Anhydrite, this mineral only found on the earth’s surface can associate with other crystals like Halites or Calcites. It mainly crystallizes as masses of various shapes but rarely does it form into any shape at all! 

Angelite Meaning

Angelite is as soft and flowing in energy, like a stream or waterfall. It will transform back into Gypsum when placed underwater – reminding us of our connection with ethereal energies and change that drifts dreamily through this world without limit! Angelite is a name for a variety of minerals that lacks water within. The stone has been given this name because it is a member of a class of stones that have no water or hydration inside them. Angelites are also good for those on a spiritual journey into deeper shades of awakening because they help you feel connected not only deep inside yourself physically via their calming effects – but also mentally through surrendering oneself fully towards higher purpose/spirit guides.

Angelite Properties

Known as the Angel Stone, this gemstone occurs in a variety of colors. The most famous is its blue ice-like appearance that ranges from light lilac to navy blues. Inclusions within Angelite crystals can give it unique effects such as yellow flecks and brown spots on white centers with hints at rust or red coloration throughout various stones depending upon their history.

Angelite Healing Properties

The meaning of the Angelite crystals is all about connecting to your higher self and discovering your spiritual sense of purpose. It’s a stone that calls into power dreams, intuition, gentle self-expression; with each facet filled by angelite’s shimmering healing properties which can heal both body and mind–even soul!

Angelite Spiritual Healing Properties

The Angelite stone is a great way to open your mind and connect with the spirit world. As you work this stone over time, it will become more powerful in assisting psychic abilities such as dream interpretation or assessing energy.

The Angelite stone is a must-have for anyone who wants to connect with God and achieve their deepest desires. The metaphysical space where this crystal seems to shine, it’s here as an in-depth cleanser of negative energy that can help you tap into those stashed away psychic abilities while opening up the mind or heart along with gifts such as telepathic communication, connections with spirit guides & guardian angels.

Angelite is a powerful stone that can also assist you in activating your own unique psychic abilities. The best way for people who are trying to do so, or have already activated them but need some help with lucid dreaming attempts would be using Angelite alongside other high vibrational stones like amethyst crystals and labradorites. During this period, you will be able to control your dreams better since each little message has a hidden meaning. You will naturally notice these signals and their significance rather than someone who doesn’t recall their dreams.

Angelite Emotional/ Mental Healing Properties

Angelite is a stone of balance and tranquility. Simply holding this calming crystal will give you the feeling that your body is afloat on tranquil water, while its gentle vibrations work their way through your mind into every cell for an invigorating experience! Angelite has been known to help alleviate overwhelming emotions one may be experiencing in life.

This stone has a high frequency and is beneficial for emotional healing. Emotions such as anger, anxiety, and bitterness can be harmful to our health if we allow them to build up. This gemstone is capable of eliminating negative emotions and replacing them with good, soothing feelings.

If you want to bring more light into your life, then Angelite is the stone for you. For those who find their heart and head clogged with anxiety or anger that can turn toxic when out of balance, this mineral will clear away all chaos so they are able live peacefully.

Physical Healing Properties

Angelite has been used for centuries as a crystal of protection and healing. It’s no surprise that it can help us with our physical bodies too since the mind is deeply connected to every aspect of life. This crystal is capable of regulating a person’s thyroid gland. It also helps to eliminate any throat infections that may be affecting the immune system. It aids in the growth of new blood vessels and has several health-promoting advantages for the heart.

Angelite may assist with blood vessel regeneration and maintaining a healthy heart. It can also aid with weight reduction, headaches, and the body’s ability to rid itself of illnesses.

Angelite Chakras

Angelite begins at the throat and works its way up, starting with the throat chakra. The Throat Chakra is our home for truth, as it pertains to how we communicate our sense of self with others. Our Third Eye Chakra is where we store our deep intuitive knowledge and ensure that we can connect with ourselves first and then others. The Crown Chakra is the mechanism by which we tune in to a higher truth. It’s our doorway to the heavenly realm and the channel through which we explore other dimensional places.

Angelite Birthstones

With its water-like flow and color scheme just like an ice cold summer lake at dawn, Angelite makes the perfect gemstone for those born under the banner of Aquarius. The airy sign of this zodiac symbolizes intelligence as well as originality that always seems to serve them well.

Angelite can help them stay in touch and not just on a superficial level. This stone provides its soothing qualities, peaceful energy, and higher plain thinking to link Aquarians to their greater aim and keep them focused on subtle pleasures and spiritual wellbeing.

How To Use Angelite For Healing

Place In Your Home or Office

Place the Angelite crystal in your home and allow it to take up residence. Because of its incredible powers, just by placing a piece somewhere, you will invite healing into yourself or those around you – calmness for everyone! 

Under Your Pillow

If you put the Angelite crystal beneath your pillow, it will help you to have lucid dreaming and will swiftly transport you to the spirit realm.


The more ways you can wear your crystals, the better. Wearing a crystal in different types of jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces is an excellent idea because it will allow healing light to penetrate deeply into your being. Remember never to allow any part to get wet or else this could cause damage so just make sure that no water touches them directly when wearing around for extended periods!

Keep it on you

Carry this stone with you all day and you’ll be reminded to remain open and receptive to spiritual guidance at any time of the day.

How To Care For Angelite Crystals

The stone is delicate, so it should never come into contact with rough or sharp objects. The more bangs and knocks there are on the gemstone, the greater chance that cracks may appear in this beautiful but brittle material! Try not to wear your Angelite crystals while bathing due to its vulnerability when wet; take extra care if you intend to perspire heavily – any moisture could cause cracks within the crystal.

The Angelite stone has a special ability that allows it to absorb water incredibly easily. Remember this when caring for the crystal because any liquid near or on top of your Angelite could damage its integrity in some way. This could result in cracks and breaks throughout different parts if these stones are exposed to water.

How To Cleanse Angelite Crystals

Every crystal is recognized for accumulating negative vibrations, which is why it’s critical to have a de-charge session once in a while to remove any lingering vibes.

Angelite is a gentle stone, so you should avoid using any harsh chemicals on it. Waft some sage smoke over your Angelite in a smudging ceremony or leave it in a bowl of spring water for a few minutes to cleanse it.

If you want to charge your Angelite, placing it beneath the full moon for the night or keeping it close with crystal clusters is an excellent method to restore it to its full brightness once again.

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