13 Best Crystals For Sagittarius

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Sagittarius is the 9th astrological sign of the zodiac. On the Gregorian calendar, Sagittarius spans from November 23 to December 21, during which the sun transits this sign. Sagittarius has the symbol of the archer and the element of fire. Jupiter is the ruling planet.

The Sagittarius birthstone is Turquoise—a blue gemstone with meanings of communication, clarity, and balance.

The Friendly Adventurer

Represented by a centaur named Chiron holding a bow and arrow, ready to shoot, Sagittarius is just as dynamic and energetic as its symbol. This attitude of readiness towards challenges is what flows through Sagittarian blood. They are spontaneous and spirited, and they thrive on activities that test their physical and mental abilities.

Brave as they are, Sagittarians are also wise and quick-witted. So along with muscle, they have brains too. This is the dual nature of the archer, and Sagittarians embody it well.

Sagittarians are always found with a gleam of passion and an endless stream of creativity. That does not make it hard to see that the transformational energy of fire powers them. They are warm, loyal, and compassionate. On top of that, they brim with excellent humor. All of these attributes put them at the heart of their family and friends.

Despite their strong emotional bonds with people around them, Sagittarians are wholly self-sufficient. Crowd-following is not their thing—these individualistic beings are never afraid to blaze their own path. This need to explore and grow on their own comes from their ruling planet, Jupiter. Hence, Sagittarians love to travel and embrace new ideas and perspectives. Their adventurous side often makes them risk-takers.

Where there are strengths, a few weaknesses in chemistry are bound to follow. These weaknesses are almost complementary to the incredible traits. Hence, like all other astrological signs, Sagittarius also comes with some.

While Sagittarians are impressive team players, their independent nature can sometimes get in the way of a consensus. At times like these, they are quite likely to rebel. Another Sagittarian struggle is that they can be over idealistic. Saying no is almost impossible for them, and they end up in unwanted situations that take a toll on them. This tendency of their often makes them a target for exploitation. Lastly, Sagittarians can make careless and impulsive decisions that they later regret. But, if you’re searching for physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, these are the best crystals for Sagittarius.

Best Crystals For Sagittarius

Sagittarius crystals are tuned by nature to match Sagittarians and their needs. These stones with mystical healing properties help them stay grounded and spread out their energy evenly. Each stone carries healing, balance, and harmony to aid the natives of this fire sign through their life journey.


The main birthstone for Sagittarius-born people is Turquoise. This beautiful blue stone embodies the flowing ocean, which balances the Sagittarian fire element. It soothes their anxieties and helps them cope in troubled times.  

This is because there is an inherent balance in the properties of this glimmering stone. It also harnesses both male and female sides equally.

Its gentle healing energies open up the throat chakra, helping Sagittarians to communicate clearly. Heartfelt emotions can flow through and bring them closer to their loved ones and overcome misunderstandings.

Moreover, Turquoise is the gemstone of spiritual attunement that inspires them to follow their soul mission. Also, it amplifies the intuition and other psychic gifts of Sagittarius natives. They can become more open to the messages and blessings of the universe.

Blue Topaz

Another healing crystal for Sagittarians is this powerful December birthstone—Blue Topaz. The blue of this gemstone represents raw energy, strength, and resilience along with nurturing energies. It aids in resolving conflicts and remaining calm and level-headed in challenging situations.

This deep blue stone inspires inner wisdom and spirituality. It leads to clear thinking and rationality. Since Sagittarians are prone to impulsive decisions, the Blue Topaz helps them be in control and take rational steps. Not only that, but this stone also attracts good fortune, love, and better communication.

If Sagittarians feel disoriented, the Blue Topaz is the crystal to get back in touch with themselves. It helps them tap into their core and feel in harmony with their truths. Self-expression is vital for Sagittarians, and this stone inspires them to be more comfortable with it.


Another Saggitarius crystal is Ruby. Ruby carries the flaming red flame of life. It imbues the warm sensation of love and joy in life while keeping out the frost. While Sagittarians are tremendously passionate and warm on their own, they can sometimes find themselves disconnected from everything. Here, Ruby reenergizes them and bring them back their vitality.

This energizing stone also helps Sagittarians reacquire their confidence when they feel like they have lost it. Furthermore, Sagittarians can often get too idealistic and face many problems. Ruby encourages realistic thinking and helps keep them keep a foot on the ground.


Zircon is an excellent Sagittarius crystal of stability for people with the sign of Sagittarius. It comes in multiple colors, and each of them brings Sagittarians closer to life.

Sagittarians can often feel the need to stay determined on one course because they are tempted to follow their spontaneous desires. The beautiful Zircon provides them with that and gives them the power to change their dreams into reality.

Zircon creates an atmosphere of serenity and peace. As mentioned, it is easy for the do-gooder Sagittarians to get caught up in things that are beyond their capacity. Zircon lets them lay back and calm their nerves. It also redirects their energy to every area of their life so that there is no imbalance.

This mystical stone is also a bringer of luck, prosperity, and fortune.


Azurite is a deep blue stone with a heavenly hue that has been used for millennia as a stone of enlightenment by some ancient societies, and it was even regarded as a heavenly stone by some. As such, psychics utilized it to unveil the universe’s most profound mysteries.

Azurite is a stone of intuition, communication with the divine, and access to one’s subconscious mind. It is a potent stone of enlightenment that allows one to expose facts that they may be unaware of.

Azurite is a calming stone that increases one’s decisiveness and eliminates confusion. Azurite is the perfect stone for Sagittarians who may feel like they’re shooting an arrow in the dark at times.

Lapis Lazuli

This magical-looking stone with its deep blue hues is as hypnotic in its powers as it is to behold. It holds off psychic attacks and radiates soothing vibrations for this dynamic fire sign.

When Sagittarians are struggling to figure their life purpose and long-term plans, Lapis Lazuli gives them mental clarity and empowers their senses. This stone increases self-awareness as well, which is necessary for them to pinpoint their talents and abilities.


Beryl is a soothing and soft stone and one of the best healing crystals for Sagittarius. Beryl is one of the most relaxing stones available. Sagittarians, who are sometimes subject to the God of Jupiter’s chaotic and whirlwind energy, will benefit from its calm nature. Beryl is one of those stones that opens up pathways in the body, ensuring that every chakra is open from top to bottom!

It’s a birthstone for Sagittarians who become off-kilter and blocked, and it can assist them in regaining stability even when this hectic sign is on the verge of burnout.

Black Onyx

Sagittarius is the sign of freedom, adventure, and optimism. Black Onyx gives structure and balance to Sagittarius. It provides them with the energy and strength they require when things become difficult, as well as assists them in facing their fears and removing their masks.

Picasso Jasper

Picasso Jade is a form of jade that has a distinctive color pattern, including blacks, rusty browns, golden yellows, whites, and tones of grays.

For the Sagittarius zodiac sign, Picasso Jasper aids in the reconnection of their intuition. When you’re going through any life transitions, Picasso Jasper is your go-to for developing creative and unique thinking energies. Exactly the forces that will lead you to discover your flow and produce riches

Picasso stone, which is associated with the Root Chakra and the Sacral Chakra, is used to induce energy of grounding and protection. Sagittarians may sometimes feel as though they are not moving forward in achieving their objectives but can become frustrated by this. Picasso stone is ideal for providing a sensation of calm and confidence when navigating through life.


Citrine is a Sagittarius crystal that promotes wealth, enthusiasm, and creativity. It complements the Sagittarius sun sign’s optimistic and cheerful vibe, providing them with energy and vitality. Sagittarius may use it to decide which adventures to pursue, go with the flow while working toward their goals, and ultimately achieve their aims.

Citrine is bursting with sweetness and is eager to assist you in increasing your level of joy. Citrine has a sunny disposition and a thirst for life. Winter is the zodiac sign associated with this beautiful quartz. It brightens up the darkness and is high in Vitamin D for one’s soul, Citrine helps to defend the optimistic energy of Sagittarius.


Sodalite is a soothing dark blue stone with flecks of white on its surface. Banding Sodalite, a type of feldspathoid, with other minerals gives it the coloration.The first chakra has a geometric shape and is linked with the Throat Chakra. It resonates with both the Throat and Third Eye Chakras.

Sodalite, like most dark blue stones, promotes clarity of mind, making it ideal for the Sagittarius personality that is driven to learn more about the world, people, and locations they visit. It’s been called a stone of reason because it improves logical thinking, memory recall, and intuition.

Sagittarians who like to commit to a number of things at once might utilize Sodalite crystal to concentrate their attention on the most essential objectives first.


Black Obsidian is a form of volcanic glass that forms near the end of a volcanic eruption from molten lava. Black Obsidian is a stone of vision and protection, allowing you to see clearly. It connects you to your intuition and soothes your mind by aligning with the Root Chakra.

If you’ve forgotten who you are, Obsidian removes any emotional stumbling blocks blocking your path to self-discovery. Sagittarius is linked to all types of Obsidian, so feel free to mix and match with other Sagittarius healing crystals.

Obsidian encourages you to assume control of your life by providing a clear route. It aids in the identification of what prevents you from progressing and how to let go of things that are no longer beneficial to you.


Labradorite is a wonderful stone for Sagittarius, as it calms the mind while also stimulating the imagination, which is ideal for the busy mind of Sagittarius. It also aids them in overcoming barriers when they are attempting to change things.

Labradorite is a gemstone that aids in physical and spiritual protection, as well as self-discovery and enhanced intuition. Labradorite also encourages Sagittarius’ active and daring nature while suppressing impulsive and reckless behavior at the same time.

How to Use the Stones

Before working with Sagittarius crystals for healing and manifesting, there comes the work of cleansing and energizing them. This process clears the crystals of negative energies it might have absorbed before you acquired it. The next step is programming the crystal with your intention. It is like directing the powers of crystal towards a specific goal instead of using it for vague purposes.

Now, your crystals are ready to bless you with their profound healing powers. For any Sagittarius native, having the mystical healing vibrations of Sagittarius crystals encompassing their aura is a treat. You can form a personal connection with them and harness their energies.

You can meditate with them according to the practice that works best for you. Then you can open your blocked chakras and enjoy the harmonious flow of energy. Furthermore, daily affirmations in your routine will better help you manifest your goals and dreams. Lastly, you can wear crystal jewelry to keep in contact with your crystals throughout the day. This way, you can benefit from the healing energies and look chic at the same time.

Final Thoughts on Sagittarius Crystals

Although the Sagittarius zodiac sign has big dreams and great aspirations, sometimes even they need a relaxing atmosphere. Their overpromising nature hardly lets them have their peace even if they claim to be perfectly fine about it. These intelligent and deeply curious beings are always on the hunt for the next adventure. While they are passionate and spirited, they need to make sure their actions won’t lead to burnout. Sagittarius crystals take care of all these things. They promote balance, tranquility, and rationality in their life. So the next time they get ready for an adventure, the protective energies of these crystals will keep them safe and sound. 

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